Friday, March 3, 2017

Making a difference

A comment by Lisa on Gab:
This article by @voxday changed the way I raised my daughter. He was right then, and I'm glad I listened to him. She's been raised to be a traditional woman with an education.
I have to confess the J-Lo phenomenon was a difficult one for me to understand. Not that she’s an unattractive woman or anything, but let’s face it: She possesses a reverse of what most men would consider to be the ideal bust-to-butt ratio, if decades of Playboy, Maxim and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue are any guide.

It wasn’t until reading an article by the expatriate sage, Fred Reed, that I finally began to understand why Ms. Lopez – or is that Lopez-Anthony now, I’m never quite sure about these things – should present such an appealing image to the young men of America. For, as Fred writes:

The embittered single American women in my town do not understand why, believing that men only want young Mexican bodies. Everything, they assume, must be sex. Yeah. Sure. … In Mexico you don’t marry one of the guys. You don’t marry a child-support bomb waiting to explode without visitation. You don’t marry a hundred pounds of irrational anger looking for an excuse. You marry a woman. The difference … my God, the difference.

Jennifer Lopez is not Mexican, to be sure, but she is nevertheless the symbolic antithesis of the Single White Female. Nor does the fact that she is a career woman with what would appear to be a serious set of relationship issues – it’s a tossup between her and Ms. Spears as to who will catch Liz Taylor first – change the fact that she symbolizes, a priori, something very different than what young American men have been taught to believe is the archetypical single white American female.

The modern American woman prides herself on being strong, intelligent and independent. She insists she is just the same as a man in those few areas where she is not superior. She demands the right to be accepted exactly as she is, while claiming the right to modify everything about any man who is so foolish as to become involved with her. She is a goddess – glorious and pagan – requiring nothing more than a mortal male satellite to reflect the light of her shining splendour.

She holds firmly to these beliefs, even as she drugs herself to the gills with Prozac and sees a therapist twice a week, all the while whining to everyone within earshot that the men around her are too intimidated to ask her out.

A gentle word of advice would perhaps be useful here. The fact that men smile nervously at you and sidle away quietly at the first opportunity does not mean that they are intimidated by you. It is also possible that they have simply concluded you are a lunatic.

I once dated a delightful Asian girl, the daughter of immigrants who barely spoke a word of English. It was instructive to discover how this brought out a disdainful racism in many of the upper-middle-class white girls of my acquaintance, of which I had hitherto been unaware. In this, they echoed the defensive contempt of their ancestors, the Imperial British, whose women forced their husbands to exclude from the ruling social circle those men who had “gone native.”

The great achievement of feminism is twofold. First, it allowed young men to obtain easy sex without the price of marriage or a prostitute. Second, it allowed men over the age of 60 to exit the workforce and be maintained by the labors of their newly employed daughters. When one considers the evidence, one is forced to conclude that Ms. Steinhem and Ms. Friedan were either appallingly stupid or agent provocateurs of the dread Patriarchy.

Even so, I do not despise American women. Quite to the contrary, I very much admire those who possess the courage, the character and the feminine spirit to reject the poisoned propaganda of the self-destructive Sisterhood and be women. It requires far more genuine strength and independence for a young American woman to become a lady today than it does for her to devolve into a faux male – those who manage the feat are princesses for whom a man might well wish to slay a dragon or three.

Instead of regarding her ethnic rivals with ill-concealed fear and loathing, the wise SWF would do well to consider why they should hold such appeal to the modern American SWM. Otherwise … well … there’s always those reruns of “Sex in the City.”


John Rockwell said...

I think feminism selects for women who are simply deaf to the poz. They simply ignore all the pressure to be masculine. And continue to be feminine.

dc.sunsets said...

The herd is the herd. The "masses" are and always will be hiveminded, wedded to whatever tom-fool notion is dominant, and its members cannot be "saved." Nock's "Isaiah's Job" should be required reading for those who doubt this, as it applies to social fads just as much as to politics. Its logic is air tight.

To me, it was self-evident that Good Parenting required raising my kids to NOT be herd animals. Self-control was taught from between two and three onward. Family discussions modeled HOW we thought through things and explained WHY we live(d) as we did. No opportunity to dissect (and often subtly ridicule) the herd-animal behaviors of others was missed. My kids followed their own paths, neither part of the In-Crowd nor social pariahs. They knew their goals early. The Village had little part in forming who they are. They found like-souls (as best exist) to marry, although admittedly two of them had to cast the drift-net of eHarmony to find their needles in the haystack.

I'm watching with approval as my daughters-in-law partner with my sons to raise my grandchildren to follow this path. We can't make others see the light, all we can do is do the right things and let the chips fall where they may.

I sincerely pity those who are predisposed to be Hiveminded. I'm not sure there's a cure for it, and they are likely doomed to raise kids just like themselves. While it is possible to volitionally take a new direction, relatively few people seem likely to choose it.

dc.sunsets said...

Feminism is the Village.
All the PUA, gaming to score crap is the Village.
Universities promising NSA Bacchanalian orgies is the Village.
The encouragement of sex role reversal is the Village.
The denigration of a traditional approach to adult life is the Village.
The celebration of death that is "a woman's right to choose" is the Village.
The denigration of child-rearing as the supreme occupation of a woman is the Village.
Encouraging men to disengage from women is the Village.
Encouraging virtual BDSM marital relationships is the Village.
Imprinting sexual mores via on-line pornography is the Village.
A society of people whose faces are glued to their electronic devices is the Village.

I pity those who let their children be Village Raised. Our Village already has a vast oversupply of the resulting Village Idiots.

cecilhenry said...

Those white British woman very rightly despised 'going native'.

AS that produced Mexico and latin America, instead of North America. Don't be irresponsible about race.

But American woman have to learn what goodness, and being a benefit to a man mean.

Very important: Rotating Polyandry—& its Enforcers This is evil. This theft and parasitism of men is an absolute tyranny.

dc.sunsets said...

I admire all those, men and women both, who figure out for themselves how they should live and then do their best to live that way, rejecting the Village Idiocy that passes for Pop Culture today.

Nock called this people The Remnant. They are the only people who truly matter.

Dexter said...

" I very much admire those who possess the courage, the character and the feminine spirit to reject the poisoned propaganda of the self-destructive Sisterhood and be women."

Taking note, of course, that these days it requires even more courage, character, and masculine spirit for men to reject the poisoned propaganda of equalism and become men.

Rotten said...

I think you were wrong about JLo in 2004.

Her Music career was never fully profitable & her movie career produced no great hits or critical successes. Occam's razor suggests that she was just successful on the casting couch. I think I read someplace that marketing and producing Lopez's music albums created great losses for Sony (Lopez, famously, was sleeping with a Sony records executive). And while Lopez is credited widely for being a fashion icon, the major fashion houses still trot out the same stick figure models today.

Lopez's subsequent career has shown her to be a workaholic career woman, similar to an Aniston. What's that awful show she's on now with fat Ray Liotta?

Still, Vox's point stands the test of time. Femininity matters more than even fashion.

Fenton Wood said...

Playboy et al have been pushing a mannish standard of beauty for decades. Narrow hips and broad shoulders. I much prefer the Frank Frazetta type with generous hips and thighs.

Stan Hai said...

"A hundred pounds of irrational anger looking for an excuse." This sounds like every Latina I've ever met. They don't call them "fiery" for nothing.

liberranter said...

Even so, I do not despise American women. Quite to the contrary, I very much admire those who possess the courage, the character and the feminine spirit to reject the poisoned propaganda of the self-destructive Sisterhood and be women.

The problem is that those are such rare specimens nowadays that they really can't be considered a part of American womanhood. They've evolved, de facto, into a class of their own. That said, it is not only not wrong, but natural to despise what now constitutes "American women," even if at the same time you pity them for their wretchedness and hope that they at some point experience a collective "Come to Jesus" epiphany.

Instead of regarding her ethnic rivals with ill-concealed fear and loathing, the wise SWF would do well to consider why they should hold such appeal to the modern American SWM.

Introspection, from a SWAF? We might as well ask for pine trees to start sprouting twenty-dollar bills.

Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club said...

The first time I heard a girl use the "guys are intimidated by me" (in this case, by her self-described 'intelligence'), I was only a blue-pilled sophomore in high school, but something in my mind rebelled and screamed "They're not 'intimidated', they're turned off by a self-absorbed asshole!"

I only wish I was redpilled enough to say that out loud. Regrets, I've had a few.

Dexter said...

It is highly amusing when local white liberal women see a white guy dating an East Asian or Hispanic girl. The claws really come out: "He's a misogynist who just wants a submissive doormat! He is afraid to date a strong secure intelligent independent woman like me! Another creep with Yellow Fever!"

pdwalker said...

heh. Almost 30 years living in various Asian countries. i'll let you know if i ever find one of these submissive doormats that everyone claims is so common here.

Midnight Avenue J said...

Like this woman?

Timmy3 said...

JLo and Brittany Spears seem to date lower than their status should suggest. This should I assume means they likely don't care about hypergamy althought JLo did date Ben Affleck and marry Marc Anthony who are her equals
Comparatively. Elizabeth Taylor often married much more accomplished men except for her last marriage. I think this doesn't mean much to regular people.

Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club said...

@Timmy3 - J.Lo also dated Puff Daddy. She appears to hypergamous toward publicity, rather than the man's status.

Spears did date well below her station, but like Miley Cyrus and others (Emma Watson, mayhap?) that have been "in the biz" from a young age, one has to factor in all the kiddie diddlers in Hollywood and the effect their vile activities may have had on these vulnerable younguns.

Mr.MantraMan said...

As d.c. wrote no opportunity to dig at the "herd" was missed. It basically worked, one day I come thru the door and the ladies have Maury Povitch's who's your daddy show on and I went a bit off on the topic and they told me to relax they were just being women laughing at lower status women they had no intention of copying.

Also asked them to explain themselves and how they reached their conclusions instead of lecturing ceaselessly.

Anonymous said...

if decades of Playboy, Maxim and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue are any guide

These magazines are run by gays and Jews.

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