Sunday, November 6, 2016

And that's why you don't hit men

No doubt there will be much hue and cry about charging the young man if the young woman who attacked him dies of her injuries. But as the video shows, it's a clear-cut case of self-defense.
A 19-year-old woman suffered a fractured skull after being punched in the face near a Rutgers fraternity house over the weekend, and her family is asking for help to identify the man who hit her.

Emily Rand's aunt said her niece underwent surgery at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital on Thursday in an attempt to reduce bleeding in her brain, but that the teenager isn't making progress.

"Not yet," Debbie O'Connor said by phone Friday afternoon. "No improvement at all. She's still heavily sedated."

A video of the incident posted on social media and obtained by NJ Advance Media shows Rand take a swing at a man in the area of Robinson and Hamilton streets before the unidentified man punched her in the face.
We have no sympathy for small men who attack bigger, stronger men and experience the natural consequences. We should not have any sympathy for women who do so either.

Not out of any belief in a nonexistent equality, but out of respect for the eucivic principle of providing negative incentive for violent aggression.


Jew613 said...

Once a person initiates violence, whatever happens even their death is entirely their own fault. The problem is we've allowed women to be violent without repercussions for so long that it's become common. One of the dumbest phrases I've ever heard is never hit a woman, its idiocy like that that has allowed the current generation of entitled witches who pick fights with men to flourish.

Troy Lee Messer said...

Delicious. As a former prosecutor and defense attorney this is my analysis. First, I would want all the facts as this appears to be the end of something more that started earlier. But I am going to assume, arguendo, that this short clip is all of the altercation. As such, she took the first swing. That she hit him first makes it more than an assault but a battery. At that point, the man had no legal obligation to just sit there and be battered. He was justified in defending himself. Assuming she makes it out alive, I would have charged her with misdameanor battery.

Not only did she commit a crime but a tort also. If I had money to throw away, I'd hire an attorney for this man to sue her for a battery. Of course, there might be an issue as to whether his defense was proportional and that might take some legal research. But Man, the look on her face when she was served the complaint would be worth it.

Hey ladies, you wanted equality. Here's your equality good and hard.

The comments are delicious too. It was nice to see that not every man is a pussified white night.

Elocutioner said...

>Women and men are equal!
>OMG, you NEVER hit a woman!

Pick one, misandrists.

zAuthor said...

As a big guy (a head taller than my classmates growing up), the comments at the sight demonstrate a lesson I was taught young: fighting someone smaller than you is a no-win situation.

If you win, you are portrayed as a bully. If you lose, you are portrayed as a wimp (for losing to someone smaller).

It doesn't matter if the other person started it and you were just defending yourself. The large person is ALWAYS expected to restrain themselves against a smaller opponent. This applies if the small person is a man or woman.

Dirtnapninja said...

Lord thunderin' Jesus..that guy has a MEAN hook~

Dark Herald said...

It was the man screaming that I found most scrawling.

Broad assumption here but I am will to bet the voice's owner is a male feminist who had had never seen actual violence in life. And when he did, it shattered his world view completely.

Paranoid babbling about the Patriarchy is one thing, finding out what all of your women's and Gender's studies deconstruction means in the face of clenched fist is another.

Anonymous said...

She was apparently wearing a skanky Halloween costume and got pissed when some guys made remarks about it. Sounds like the sort of entitled feminist brat who goes on Slut Walks.

On the upside, maybe this little episode will cure her of any tendencies to commit domestic violence.

@Otto Lamp

That would explain most of the attacks on Trump this year.

Anonymous said...

Never hit a woman with a closed fist. Far more shattering to her ego to shrug off a punch, grab her arm, and give her a firm backhand with your ring hand.

Anonymous said...

So many women see things like Marvel movies with Scarlett Johansson beating up guys and think they can... they don't realize that when they encounter a "Winter Soldier" to and decide to throw down, all it will take is one blow and they'll be in the hospital. Ugh.

Moneyteam said...

You dont know this man i do , so therefore this shit aint justified he intitiated it first cause he was saying shit he shouldnt of said so she had a reason to slap or hit the shit out of him . Im a guy i fucked with the guy that hit her and my other boy dated her so no one is right or wrong so stfu cause honestly ya opinion dont mean shit . Ya honestly dont know them personally so say what ya want . Society is so fucked up alot of yall just brainwashed to believe whatever . And dickride what others say smh

Moneyteam said...

Got alot of nerve saying some of the shit yah do cause let me ask this would you say this to her parents or the cops . Lmao nah ya couldnt even probably handle a situation like that right either . So stop judging people cause the shit you people say sickens me.

zAuthor said...

"...he was saying shit he shouldn't of said so she had a reason to...hit the shit out of him"

@Unknown, read what you wrote again.

Because he SAID something mean to her, she had the right to HIT him.

That's not the way it works dude, at least not in a CIVILIZED society. What you just said is you are not civilized.

Escoffier said...

Unknown and Moneyteam I'm just curious is English your first language? And yes principles are principles even when talking to her parents. She thought it would be a good idea to get physical. She learned a hard lesson. I personally hope it won't be a fatal one but she decided to commit battery.

Anonymous said...

Seems as thought the melanin enhanced have found AG judging by a couple of the posts here.

"Is English your first language?" Well, not in their borough.

Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club said...

Unknown and Moneyteam: Rutgers' award-winning debate team and juris doctor candidates.

Witness their (if they are in fact separate persons) use of the unbeatable tactic of proclaiming that, in their opinion, our opinions "dont mean shit", whilst also fiendishly allowing us to "say what ya want". I know when I've been routed rhetorically!

Elocutioner said...

"and my other boy dated her"

Is this picture clear enough yet?

Derrick Bonsell said...

Battery is battery. Self-defense is self-defense. Based on this video and neglecting yet unseen evidence the man's actions were in self-defense, no matter what the impact of his strike.

liberranter said...

On the upside, maybe this little episode will cure her of any tendencies to commit domestic violence.

I doubt it. If she's the typical spoiled, entitled, millennial feminist bitchtardette, then she is almost certainly incapable of either learning from her past mistakes or accepting responsibility for or consequences of her behavior. If she survives her coma, she'll almost certainly double down on the behavior that nearly got her killed the first time. The next time won't be so kind to her.

Anonymous said...

Ah. NJ. She's from South Amboy, that pretty much tells me what I need to know. Also a Middlesex County College student. I could elaborate on the kinds of girls that come from South Amboy and go to MCC, but you don't need to stretch your imagination too far to hear her ghetto-accented white-girl-negress speech, or to know that she's Mudsharked with tons of dark meat of various shades, when she wasn't trying to play princess to some Paisan aspirational mobster from Staten Island.

Anonymous said...

dey niggas, even if dey ain't black.

That's high faulting speech coming from the likes of your average RU frat boy. I wish I could return my degree. Sadly they won't exchange it for the wasted tuition money.

Fenton Wood said...

I don't know what led up to the attack. It sounds like he was harassing her and she got fed up with it. My visceral reaction is that if I had been on the scene, I would have chased the guy down and beaten him. A man who responds to a non-serious attack with a full-force punch, intended to maim or kill, is a thug.

Maybe it's because I grew up in a nice, white suburb. In high school, the jocks occasionally got into fistfights, but it was never serious. I got sucker-punched a few times, but I didn't retaliate by fracturing the other guy's skull.

Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club said...

@Fenris Wulf - Looking at the video, it's far more likely the fall to the street, not the actual punch, caused the fracture.

By the way sumthin', how exactly would one determine that an "attack" is "non-serious", especially in the moment? She threw a punch, no matter how weak it might appear to you, and it was an attack.

Artisanal Toad said...

@Fenris whupped

Maybe it's because I grew up in a nice, white suburb. In high school, the jocks occasionally got into fistfights, but it was never serious. I got sucker-punched a few times, but I didn't retaliate

Right. You didn't get in fights, being a feminized middle-class white boy from the suburbs. Instead, you got sucker-punched a few times, probably as a result of acting like a woman. But I'm guessing you never got sucker-punched, you just got punched. There's a huge difference. Obviously, if you had been there and you'd tried to chase the guy down and beat him you'd have had your ass kicked. Again. Because the first rule in a fight is to win and that means you don't hold back. You don't pull your punches and you retaliate hard to shut it down immediately.

The tragic part is that if the man had been black, she'd have known better than to throw that punch. But, because she's had lots of experience with feminized men like you, she felt safe punching a white man and discovered her error the hard way. This episode was the fault of feminized men like you.

Anonymous said...

Artisanal Toad, the typical white girl from her particular town grows up in a working class neighborhood that gets increasingly black and Hispanic as the years go on. Tough crowds of tough talkers abound, the girls are hardly feminine even if recognizably female, and everything is settled by some sort of physical fight.

Drug use is common. Every second guy is a baby daddy. The girls are skanks. So while feminized nice white guys let her slide, her 'hood told her taking a swing was the way you solve your shit.

Fenton Wood said...

@ Toad. Why don't you go hit yourself in the nuts with a hammer a few times. Then we'll see who's feminized.

I got into a few fistfights when I was younger, but it never got serious. Nobody ever got maimed or killed. That's because we were civilized people. I didn't grow up in a ghetto, like you apparently did.

Maybe someone better-informed could explain the legal aspects. If two people get in a fistfight, and one of them kills the other, is that considered manslaughter?

Unknown said...

He caught her perfectly, anyone would have been knocked unconscious and suffered the same injury, man or woman. If you get hit on the chin like you'll be knocked unconscious and if you fall and hit your head on concrete you will fracture your skull, gender is completely irrelevant.

Ultimately the bottom line is this, She would be sitting home with her family right now and nothing would have ever happened to her is she hadn't made the decision to deliberately try to cause harm to another human being.

Terrific said...

The same white knights that say this guy shouldn't have hit her hard are the same pussy's who tell cops after the fact that they should have fired a warning shot or shot the thug in the leg.

Anything that leaves your assailant capable of responding is life-threatening and NOT required. I may not have hit her with my fist, but she didn't hit me.

Once I was old enough to take her in a fair fight, my older sister suddenly STOPPED hitting me when we argued. She understood she would henceforth always be on the loosing end of any actual fight.

Live and Learn, dear. Or Live and Die.

Unknown said...

Tom K

exactly, she already showed she was violent, who knows how much further she was willing to take it or if she had a weapon.

I don't understand how anyone can expect someone that is being attacked not to defend themselves as fully as they are able out of some sort of expectation that the person attacking them with show restraint and not try to escalate the violence to an even higher level.

KSC said...

As far as the legal stuff: this is one instance where a video probably won't tell us everything. You are allowed to respond to an attack with reasonable force; this doesn't mean if someone assaults you you automatically get to use lethal force. However, much of this depends on intent; how hard he intended to hit her and what damage he was seeking to cause. It's certainly possible to raise genuine self-defense even if you accidentally used too much force.

Artisanal Toad said...


The point is she knew all about physical violence and knew feminized white boys like Fenris would let her slide if she hit them. Which is why she felt safe hitting that guy. If the man had been black she'd have known better and never hit him. But she thought she had a Fenris so she hit him and found out the hard way he wasn't a Fenris when he hit her back.


Your plea for legal assistance regarding the possibility of someone getting killed in a fistfight is the proof you're just a feminized concern troll.

Mooga Booga said...

I wonder what she was thinking.

If she really thought she was tough enough to take that guy, Lord love her. For all we know, she could have been a terror in her own weight class, and and delusions of grandeur are easy to come by, especially under the influence of booze. (I'd bet anything she was also under the influence of action movies featuring heroines who lay out entire crowds.)

None of us really knows our limits before running smack up against them. In some cases, the lesson comes cheap. In hers, it came at a cost. Speaking as one who learned his only after suffering a concussion and some loosened teeth, I hope she has sense enough to take it to heart.

On the other hand, if she was working from the assumption that her target would never swing back because she's a girl (and a blonde, and pretty cute in a butterface kind of way), then fuck her. Nobody owes anyone a free shot.

Uncle Maffoo said...

but that the teenager isn't making progress


The writer must think a 19 year old adult female is the same as a black kid.

Uncle Maffoo

Fenton Wood said...

Yeah, her behavior was stupid. There are plenty of ways to deal with a woman who is irrational or violent. You don't respond to a weak, ineffectual punch by leaving her on the ground in a pool of blood.

Just to be clear, I believe that self-defense is a fundamental right. I'll defend anyone who kills an attacker in self-defense. But I'm not going to defend this guy.

"Toad," I don't need lessons on manliness from a coward who insults people on the Internet. If you don't know who I am, ask somebody.

Gulo Gulo said...

"and my other boy dated her"

Sounds like she was also a coal burner

Anonymous said...

That loud soggy splat her head made when it hit the ground sounded like something out of a movie.

I must be an awful person. But I keep getting Schadenfreude knowing it happened to a coalburning whiggress.

Dexter said...

Unfortunately the natural and usual consequence of a man defending himself against a female attack is that the man promptly gets stomped by a horde of White Knights, and then nobody has any sympathy for him "because he shouldn't have hit the girl".

Dexter said...

"Unknown and Moneyteam I'm just curious is English your first language?"

Depends if you consider Ebonics a form of English or not.

Mooga Booga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Troy Lee Messer said...

The quantum of self defence indeed would be an issue. Had the man pulled out an Uzi and mowed her down, that would be an easy case of the response being overwhelming. But here, there were only fist. Where I practiced (Arizona), in this scenario with two people with no weapon but for their body, the person who through the first punch, or slap, that lands would be guilty of a misdemeanor battery. And the victim would be entitled to claim self defence. She got one punch. He got one punch. And when she stopped being a threat, I.e. when her stupid ass hit the ground, the man stopped. An Arizona jury, at least where where I practiced, would have found that perfectly reasonable.
On a side note. I did juveniles. And I had two 14 year olds have sex. The girl's parents wanted the boy prosecuted for sex with a minor. I said fine but I will charge her too. They were apoplectic. Why? Cuz she had sex with a minor too. They just couldn't fucking grok that females should have to face consequences of their actions.

D. Toolpodicus said...

"You don't respond to a weak, ineffectual punch by leaving her on the ground in a pool of blood."

Don't be such a White Knight. While I sympathize with your visceral reaction to chase that guy down; that's exactly the reaction that gets White Knights like you injured or killed in the Real World™, no matter how skilled or well-armed you may be.

She hit him once, he responded with one punch, which to be honest didn't look that earth-shattering...most likely her injuries are from the fall.

All that had to happen in order to avoid this tragedy was for her to *not assault a stranger* I.e.: keep her hands to herself.

The bad outcome is a prime example of why you don't offer violence to a stranger: the results are unpredictable.

As I drummed into the skills of my children, boy and girl alike: If you don't want to BE touched, DON'T touch. Particularly for my daughter, who is exceptionally big, strong, and fast for a female (and with a temper to match) I had to work with her to internalize this important lesson by the time the boys finally passed her up.

Fenton Wood said...

I can't help responding to the visual aspect. It's just too similar to those "knockout game" videos. As much as I'd like to see feminists and SJW's at the end of a rope, I can't whip up the same hatred for a dumb-ass party girl.

Sorry. Not with you gentlemen on this one.

D. Toolpodicus said...

I get it. It's even worse to see the image of her lying in her hospital bed.

Make no mistake, this is a tragedy. Both for her and for the victim of her battery.

That being said, it was an entirely avoidable tragedy. It's a shame to see a lesson learned at such a steep cost for a kid. Some of the reports I read said that she hit several guys in a group that was making light of her costume, before coming to the last guy, who warned her before she hit him "that he wasn't going to take that lying down"

Reverend TimTom said...

Just saw an ad for this on MTV during the MTV Europe music Awards. It's called "Sweet Vicious". I won't comment on it except to say the ad I saw show guys getting kicked, punched and stabbed by girls and said "Here at Darlington, if you touch a girl without consent, we will f**k you up." Here is a trailer I found for the show on YouTube. No way my kids are going to college.

Artisanal Toad said...

Fenris, with your statements you have presented yourself as a feminized white-knight concern troll and you're still doing it. "Weak, ineffectual punch?" Because she's a woman? We can add ignorant to the other descriptors for your statements.

You claim you don't need lessons in manliness after demonstrating that you're an ignorant, feminized, white-knighting concern troll. Then you claim I'm insulting you while calling me a coward. You wrap it up by implying that I should know who you are, as if that is supposed to mean something.

I stand by my earlier statement: she's in the hospital because of men like you. On one hand she gets away with hitting men like you and on the other hand men like you are willing to white-knight and attack a man who defends himself from her attacks. It's win-win for her because of men like you and that is what put her in the hospital. If you consider that insulting, so be it.

If you're the guy who wrote Loki's Child, I guess your comments here should serve as proof that Vox didn't write it under the pen name Fenris Wulf. If you want to get some respect while talking about your aversion to people laying in pools of blood after stupidly attacking someone, Clifford Wooldridge is the name you should be using.

Fenton Wood said...

I don't have any aversion to seeing a guy lying in a pool of blood after stupidly mistaking a party girl for Jack Dempsey. Does that count?

Bob Loblaw said...

I don't have a problem with what this guy did. A slap is one thing, but if you're going to punch a man like a man, be prepared to receive punches.

Harsh said...

I can only imagine that Unknown is some ignorant millennial twat from his completely inept use of English grammar and spelling. That said, we here will judge others to our heart's content, fuck you very much. The young lady absolutely had it coming. Whether or not she deserved a fractured skull is debatable but I abide by the dictum, don't start none won't be none.

Derrick Bonsell said...

When a man does this and dies or nearly dies people joke about it and call him an evolutionary dead-end. When a woman does it the white knights are out in full force.

Unknown said...

People who think you don't hit a woman are complete idiots. There's no other case for it. You were taught wrong. Here it is plain and simple:

#1: You do NOT strike a Lady.
#2: You do NOT strike a child.

That's all there is to it. The INSTANT a woman does something like assaulting someone, SHE IS NOT A LADY. She took matters into her own hands and deserves to suffer the full repercussions of her violent, barbaric, and moronic actions.

The moment a woman stops being a lady, she forfeits any civil protections normally granted ladies, because she has proven herself to be uncivilized. That is it, that is all, that is final.

Billy said...

Fenton Wood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Billy said...

Damn I hate I wasted my life looking this shit up. She's a loud mouth coal burning crude bitch. Fuck her. . And Fenris Wulf, nothing personal, I hate to tell you this but folks don't give a fuck about the world you grew up in and your white knight bullshit.

Fenton Wood said...

I checked out that "Sweet/Vicious" show. It's completely nuts. College girls running around in hijabi outfits, lynching accused rapists including black men, and telling them they'd better not LOOK at a woman without consent.

Vox was right. They want to be dominated. If Western men won't do it, they'll import Muslim men who will.

In my experience, an unruly woman can be brought into line with a light spanking. But I still think knockout punches are excessive.

S1AL said...

Fenris, remember that this is the internet. Dial everything that's said down by half, and you'll probably in the ballpark of reality.

That said, responding to a girl with a full KO punch makes you look like a savage, whether you think it's appropriate not. Deal with it.

Amaryllis said...

Man, if you still needed an indication that the pendulum is swinging back, just look at the general response to these videos. Yeah yeah, internet trolls or whatever, but in 2005, the hardcore radfems were 'just trolls' too, at least as far as mainstream culture was concerned. This is the future. Feminism has made its bed.

Sucks that her skull got fractured (no reason to wish permanent harm on anybody). Hopefully she lives and is able to internalize the lesson. At the very least, it should be very demonstrative of the distinction between bad words (story being that he was making comments about her 'costume') and actual violence.

Fenton Wood said...

Ironically, you share a name with a former CIA contractor who went on a lecture tour sponsored by Al Jazeera and claimed that ISIS soldiers are actually freedom fighters. Let's just say that if our pugilistic friend decided to go a few rounds with her, I would not have a problem with it.

Arthur Isaac said...

And the same guys going, "You never hit a girl" are the ones buying into Ronda Rousey's nonsense about how she could take Floyd.

Cognitive dissonance.

Arthur Isaac said...

The part that's missing in white knight argumentation? Because uterus.

It's the way we are made.

Johnny said...

White Knights given to grandstanding can be such a pain. In most situations what they actually do is to invite a fight that if it takes place would be totally pointless. For that reason most people give them a pass and they feel all huffy puffy noble about their display.

Anonymous said...

You are allowed to respond to an attack with reasonable force; this doesn't mean if someone assaults you you automatically get to use lethal force

That's the problem with stupid laws. As this video shows, All force is potentially lethal. So it is A valid use of self defense to use a gun against an unarmed man or a crowd of unarmed women. A punch to the head can be fatal. You don't get a second chance to come back from that. You can never let a violent person strike first.

dc.sunsets said...

Nothing to see here. No member of my family would have been either party.

I don't have much sympathy for her. I have a prominent scar from being sucker punched by a drunk frat boy who I didn't incite. I went to the ER, got a couple stitches sans anesthetic, and left (as the cost of my education.) She wasn't so fortunate. Too bad no young women will learn squat from her folly, but we know that's the case when none learn anything from the frequent stories of mudsharks gang-raped or murdered by their very own BFF's.

Anonymous said...

Otto Lamp said...
What you just said is you are not civilized.

he said what he said because he's an imbecilic savage.

Fenris Wulf said...
Just to be clear, I believe that self-defense is a fundamental right. I'll defend anyone who kills an attacker in self-defense. But I'm not going to defend this guy.

you directly contradict yourself.

WITH THE INFORMATION WE HAVE, this man did nothing but defend himself. yet you refuse to defend him.

because shiny magical va-jay-jay.

i personally know a young woman who was drunk in a bar. she got into an argument with a man.

*she* hauled off and punched him full in the face. it went no further than that.


because she broke her hand doing it.

when i asked her if she would do it again, she replied, "Of course."

mind you, it was HER version of the story and she was perfectly fine telling everyone that she had hit him first. being drunk, it's likely that she started the argument as well.

yes, she's 100% white. she's my step-niece.

Fenris Wulf said...
If you don't know who I am

it is a REMARKABLY poor idea to argue from social position on Vox Popoli / AG.

it is even more remarkably poor of an idea to blather about how AT is ignorant of who *YOU* are when AT has been posting here for years longer than you have ... and you obviously have no idea who he is.

i'm going to give you a hint about who we are:
IF you stay around here very long,
THEN you're going to be treated to a periodic display of videos showing women getting their asses beaten, by men.

posted by Vox, for the explicit purpose of demonstrating the fundamental stupidity of women claiming that they are equal or superior to men.

suck it up, buttercup. there's a lot worse to come.

Fenris Wulf said...
I can't help responding to the visual aspect. It's just too similar to those "knockout game" videos.

a - that's complete bullshit. this is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of "knockout game". in knockout game, the vic typically never even sees the punch coming and is often not even really aware that the perp is in the vicinity before the punch lands. both of these people WATCHED the physical attack coming.

b - if you can't restrain yourself from spooging your emotions all over the place ... you may want to take a step back from the keyboard

Blume said...

Fenris drunk dumb party girls are sjws and/or feminist.

Dave Narby said...

OK. I've been in a few scraps, and have a little boxing (among other things).

As noted by sigsawer, one of the rules of being a man: Never hit a woman or a child with a closed fist.

Period. Full stop.

That being said, if the man was diminished (drugs/alcohol/agitated/startled), and/or if the woman actually managed to 'ring his bell', someone with training might reflexively counterpunch with a closed fist.

It looks like he had plenty of time to see this coming and could have avoided getting hit (or at least covered up, or turned the top of his head into the blow so she would have most likely broken her hand).

So, would I convict him? No, obvious self defense. Would I go upside his head in private for being a douch? Well, I'm going to invoke my right to shut the fuck up.

Mike said...

As noted by sigsawer, one of the rules of being a man: Never hit a woman or a child with a closed fist.

Period. Full stop.

Your wife must feel well protected knowing that you'd never hit a woman with a closed fist, even if it was a crazy woman coming at your wife and kids with a deadly weapon.

Anonymous said...

You are utterly wrong, you cucks.

The principle of chivalry is "never hit a lady".

Woman being a superclass of lady, merely being a woman tells you nothing of the female's character. But her taking a swing at you, does.

If my sister, for example, were exasperated enough to swing at me I'd laugh at her for sure, maybe push her away gently. But there's 50 years of loving history there.

If some random tart in the street swings at me I will almost certainly swing back. By definition, any woman who attacks a man in such a way has excluded herself from the prohibition mentioned above.

Having watched the video, that aint no lady.

Unknown said...

The very term "lady" is nonsense. Arbitrarily creating an "elite" subgroup of women called "ladies" leads to even more undeserved veneration toward females.

There are only women, some subgroups of which are mothers, whores, and whore mothers. There is no such thing as a "lady", never has been, and never will be.

Anonymous said...

you know how stupid this "never hit a girl" thing is?

it USED to be regularly portrayed in film. major actors and GOOD GUYS did it as part of the script.

former presidents have done it:

'never strike a girl' is not only a feminist invention, it's a RECENT invention.

and, true to form, 'Conservatives' are preserving nothing but the advances of the Liberal Progressives.

Cristo said...

I hope she dies.

Dexter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dexter said...

"It looks like he had plenty of time to see this coming and could have avoided getting hit"

It looks like she had plenty of time to decide not to hit him and thus suffer painful consequences.

"Would I go upside his head in private for being a douch? Well, I'm going to invoke my right to shut the fuck up."

Thanks for sharing, douche.

If a man, in the exact same scenario, punched a guy and then got his ass knocked to the pavement, would you have any sympathy AT ALL for him? Would you be saying "yeah he shoulda taken a punch and not retaliated and I'd like to go upside his head for what he did"? NO you would not.

Anonymous said...

Well Victor, you really missed the entire point there. I didn't say anything about whether ladies exist or not. Would you prefer to converse in your native language?

Anonymous said...


Your defensiveness is astounding.

- I made a general point and was not talking to anyone in particular.

- I do not depend on you to say something directly relevant to points I make. Get over yourself.

- I know English very well, and have no need of your unwarranted advice.

Dave Narby said...

"If a man, in the exact same scenario, punched a guy and then got his ass knocked to the pavement, would you have any sympathy AT ALL for him? Would you be saying "yeah he shoulda taken a punch and not retaliated and I'd like to go upside his head for what he did"? NO you would not. "

This sums up the problem with the collective beta/gamma/omega tinysack low-T thinking going on here.

The reason you DON'T EVER FUCKING HIT A WOMAN OR A CHILD with A CLOSED FIST is because you could accidentally KILL THEM.

BECAUSE *MEN* ARE MUCH MORE PHYSICALLY POWERFUL THAN WOMEN AND CHILDREN. Emphasis on "men". Not low-T tinysack beta/gamma/omegas

It sounds like most of the tinysacks arguing like the cucksucker above don't have to worry about that though, because they would have clearly lost a fight with the stupid bitch that started this 'discussion'.

Anonymous said...

Well, Victor, you have your own eyes. "Lady" denoted a woman of noble birth whose daily behavior was expected to fall in line with certain conventions. As the time of aristocracy faded, the peerage term "Lady" became more associated with a woman of means who aspired to or at the least affected a certain mode of public behavior.

And as the creep furthered, a lady was a woman of any means who conducted herself to the highest standard (thus improving her chances of snagging a good husband).

So, yes, "lady" exists and was once respected, by the women who wanted to be seen as such, an, but it's been similarly degraded by the shrills who see anything with vagina as equivalent to LAdy. It's in the behavior, not the anatomy, but I don't expect that many modern young females understand even the boldest strokes of distinction between them.

Dave Narby said...

"Your wife must feel well protected knowing that you'd never hit a woman with a closed fist, even if it was a crazy woman coming at your wife and kids with a deadly weapon. "

No, in that case you neutralize the threat with all available resources. Obviously.

But the sarcastic, subject-changing nature of your reply says wonders about the inadequacies of your sack size.

Anonymous said...

@Boko Harambe

Nobility is dead. Chivalry is dying. Good riddance.

I am going to assume whatever standards for being a "lady" are personal, arbitrary, open to interpretation, subject to ever shifting cultural norms and easy to dismiss.

"Lady" is a label that inevitably gets bastardized and abused by petty women and desperate men. There is no need to flatter the female self-importance any further. There is likewise no need to confuse the male perception of women even further by romanticizing females with such misleading, sentimental labels.

"Man's vision of woman is not objective, but an uneasy combination of what he wisher her to be" (Eva Figes)

I propose that men should stop patronizing women by creating/validating misleading cultural "norms", and women should stop being parasites who "snag" (in your words), that is to say enslave men with the State Violence backed institution of secular marriage.

pdwalker said...

Just some observations,

1/ many men no longer learn how to fight, or even practice it as kids. They seldom understand how much force they can actually generate instinctively.

2/ in these days of "equality", many men don't realize what a YUUUGE difference in power there is between "equal" men and women. Nor do the women fully realize that.

Blame that on schools and parents no longer allowing kids to roughhouse amongst themselves.

3/ her assault generated an instinctive response. A guy might have shrugged it off. An empowered woman had no chance. Maybe trigglypuff would have had the mass to take it, but I doubt it. Even if he used an open hand, I'd still lay money on him knocking her on her ass.

In short, I don't blame him for responding, but I can blame her for initiating.

Welcome to the world of equality bitches.

PS: I let my kids roughouse at home. And I remind the girls that if they strike first, the boys can hit back, and if it hurts, then that's their own problem. They learned quick, and the boys learned quick just how good the girls become with words.

Artisanal Toad said...

@Dave Narby

First, the man who knocked this girl out has been identified, interviewed and no charges were filed:

She attacked him after attacking others. He defended himself. End of story, except that she's still in a coma. Even if she dies, death by misadventure is the cause of death.

Observations: Over the years there have been a few things that have amazed me. One is just how much trauma the human body can and will take before death occurs. Amazing, really, what it takes to kill someone and it isn't easy, especially if you want to kill them quickly. Another is how on rare occasions... just how little it takes to kill someone. Trip over a sidewalk crack, fall just the wrong way, hit the curb just right, break your neck and die. That sort of thing.

I agree that one should not hit people with their fists if it can be avoided. Elbow strikes are much preferable, but knees, heels and even the skull work quite well to transfer blunt force trauma while minimizing the chance of injury to one's self. That, however, presumes a bit of training on the part of the person making the strike. Most people have zero training when it comes to fighting.

All this blather about not striking women or children with the closed fist seems to be some sort of religious belief for you. Obviously I won't convince you you're wrong, but for others reading this there are some points to consider. The first is women who choose to attack a man and punch him in the face are quite often armed with something, usually a knife or a pistol. They don't start off with the weapon, but if they begin losing the fight and panic, they can and often will escalate things.

I have seen women injure men badly enough to put them in the hospital and I have first-hand experience with restraining women who did not want to be restrained. It generally takes at least 4 men to safely restrain an enraged adult woman without anyone being injured. If the woman is a stranger, obviously one knows nothing about her level of training or whether she is armed with any concealed weapons. If she's angry, emotional, drugged up or just batshit crazy enough to start a fight, it behooves the man to either run or end the fight as quickly as possible.

As to how that might happen depends on a number of different factors. In my experience a few hard body-shots will do it and if possible a hard kick to the crotch works wonders. Knees are particularly vulnerable to lateral force and I've yet to see an effective 1-legged fighter, but that tends to be somewhat of a permanent injury. A good body-slam to the concrete is effective if one is capable, but the number of sumo-sized women has grown exponentially in recent years. I'm personally fond of submission holds but that requires quick reflexes and training.

But what about that crowd of white knights who want to be a hero from the safety of the crowd? Or the boyfriend who will defend her bad behavior no matter how bad it is? Oops. Go easy on her and now it's not just her, it's the crowd as well.

Dave, while the killing power of your awesome fists drawing on the full power of your massive nut-sack is obviously something you fear, in the real world your choice is to flee or shut the fight down immediately. That usually requires overwhelming force. With an awesome nut-sack like yours, I'm sure you could just grab her by the pussy and she'd immediately submit to you, but most men haven't been in a few scraps and done some boxing (and other things) like you have. In fact, most men don't even know how to throw a decent punch. The majority of men have never been punched in the face and they've never had any training. But plenty of fathers make sure their special snowflake princess gets some training and you can bet your ass the crowd will be egging her on.

Unknown said...

If a big guy picks on me then I shouldn't hit him because of "natural consequences"?

Anonymous said...

"Once a person initiates violence, whatever happens even their death is entirely their own fault." That's an irrational and spasmodic attitude. Unless you are extremely weak, that is not an appropriate way to handle violence. This is not merely my own opinion, both law (in civilized countries) and Darwin agree. It's the same line of thinking that leads people to conclude that because they lost an election, they are entitled to express their political views by burning police cars.

pdwalker said...


no, your response is both irrational and without merit. Violence is not the way to solve problems of people initiating violence against you? You should just "be the bigger man" and take the beating? I'm sure that attitude would have worked well against the Germans and Japanese in WWII. If only someone had been smart enough to think of that then...

As for your second point, it has absolutely nothing to do with the first.

"Civilized" societies frown upon unwarranted violence yes, but uncivilized societies allow it. A simple thought experiment will show you that any society that does not punish the initiators of violence will be a society that is violent.

Alex, if you start by picking a fight with a "big guy" then yes, natural consequences. If a big guy picks on you, and you are willing to fight back, then yes, you may get your ass handed to you. On the other hand, if you are willing to fight back, it'll be much less likely that the "big guy" will want to pick on you in the first place.

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