Saturday, November 5, 2016

Blue Pill Alphas

Rollo considers the Alphas who nevertheless white knight at the drop of a hat:
Alpha is a mindset, not a demographic. Softek’s father’s reflexive responses are endemic of men who are Alpha White Knights. Their reactions are behaviorally Alpha, but their reasoning is founded in their investments in Blue Pill conditioning. The usual schema revolve around an attempt to display higher value by identifying with and qualifying for women whom they presuppose have default authority and correctness above men in general.

This then manifests as an exaggerated AMOGing of any guy who would not affirm his investments in that Blue Pill ego-investment. So you get a guy who blusters like Softek’s Dad at Red Pill awareness – it’s both an opportunity to prove value as a White Knight and a resistance against any truths that would challenge his Blue Pill ego.

In my own life I’ve known several men who anyone in the ‘sphere would objectively call Alpha. Their default is to action, dominance, authority and control of whatever life puts in front of them. They handle their shit, they own their business ventures, they have all the Dark Triad traits you might expect from a guy like this – but put them in a social setting with a girl and they go as Beta as any Blue Pill guy you’ll ever know. Their Blue Pill conditioning predisposes them to compartmentalize this aspect of their personality to effectively put their dominant personality to the use of the Feminine Imperative.

Dangerous White Knights

Maybe I’m the only guy who watched both seasons of Daredevil on Netflix, but if you watch the first season where they go into the origin and character of Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) this is exactly the type of guy I’m talking about. Wildly Alpha, wildly unstable, but still in control of his empire. Put a woman in his life and he transitions all of that Alpha energy to essentially worshiping that woman. In fact, this prioritizing of women above his own interests is the motivation for his empire building. These are the Alpha White Knights who channel that Alpha energy to making his Blue Pill idealisms a reality for any woman who fits his ideal.

And when that Blue Pill ideal reveals itself to be a fantasy – or God forbid, a Red Pill aware guy should take this fantasy away from him intentionally or not – you will see him self destruct, and likely take either that woman, that Red Pill guy, or both along with him.

That’s one type of Blue Pill Alpha. Another is the guy who is Alpha in one context, but Beta in another. These are the guys I describe when I talk about my military friends who’ve faced live ammo being fired at them by people intent on killing them who hold up like nails and get their job done while commanding other men. Put them in a domestic situation or a position where they have to fall back on their Blue Pill conditioning in dealing with women and they’ll defer automatically to the Frame of their wives without a thought. When their wives up and leave them, these are some of the first men to swallow a bullet by their own hand.

Again, this is an Alpha who’s never been awakened to his Blue Pill conditioning. Say even one marginally critical word about women in general and they’re the first in line to kick your ass. But they’re also the most likely to self destruct when their Blue Pill idealism is challenged or crushed.
I think there is also something else going on here. The Blue Pill Alpha is often a form of sexual competition for women with whom he cannot, for one reason or another, have sex. And if he can't have her, well, no one else can either, even if it's his best friend or his own son.

Alphas can be excellent wingmen if they can restrain their competitive natures and need to be the one chosen by the girl. But they can also cockblock more effectively than a gaggle of suspicious, overweight, men-hating sorority sisters.

If you're an Alpha, and you find yourself resenting the fact that men around you are being successful with women and inclined to get in their way, you may be a Blue Pill Alpha.


Patrick Kelly said...

This explains a few legit, badass married Alpha's (lot's of military combat experience) who melt into blue white knighting goo around women.

Anonymous said...

I'd argue that these men are potential Alphas, but not actual ones, unless they are actually able to get top-quality women. Which, in many if not most cases I've seen, they can't.

Are you really Alpha if your high N count is based almost entirely upon women below a 6 in attractiveness, including a bunch of fat chicks? Or does that just make you a Delta or even a Gamma who COULD be Alpha if he quit with the beta pedestalization and white-knighting?

Anonymous said...

And note that in "Daredevil" it's his obsession with Vanessa that leads to him being taken down - when Owsley tries to have her killed, instead of doing the rational thing and letting him get away, he kills him, leading to a witness getting taken to the police and spilling the beans on his entire operation.

His blue pill tactics around women literally kill him.

Mooga Booga said...

Could this be opportunistic? Just one more opportunity for an Alpha to flex on other men, particularly other men who are already out of favor with women?

Mooga Booga said...

Also, Rollo remarks, " Likewise, it is also possible for more Beta men to be some of the most Red Pill aware men you’re likely to meet."

Well, no shit. Alphas are likely to see the only the most giving and loyal side of women. Judging by their experience, women are nothing but adorable. Naturally, when their lessers report on the other side, Alphas are going to write off those reports as so much sour grapes and their sources as freaks and losers.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a simpler explanation: there is less behavioral association with being an Alpha than most Game advocates care to admit. Being tall, confident and reasonably good looking matters quite a bit, even if you aren't a master neg'er. Therefore some, some, natural alphas are in the same position as attractive women: they can afford to be less realistic about the world because things just seem to work out. This is the "just be yourself" crew.

This dovetails with the theory that men have a difficult time moving more than a step or two up in the sociosexual hierarchy and the improvements advocated by most game sites should be pursued for their own sake (the Game/MGTOW synthesis).

It is what it is.

Aeoli Pera said...

Something is fundamentally broken in the minds of this genus.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

I had a touch of the BPA when younger. I've now realized a lot more of reality and how women really are.

Rex Little said...

I've often wondered--is there such a thing as a "Red Pill Gamma"? Someone who in dealings with other men displays the Gamma behaviors Vox has described, but with women has the attitude, confidence and Game to be successful?

Anonymous said...

@Rex Little
I myself am a Red Pill Omega.

An example of a Red Pill Gamma would be those readers who ask for advice about getting out of Gamma. But they eventually turn into Deltas for the most part. Delta Man is an ex-Gamma, for example.

Anonymous said...

Many alphas, especially natural alphas, are blue pill of some variety. Such men lack the primary driving factors that more beta men do. They don't require game to bed women because they have that naturally. They don't require game to protect themselves from women's nature, unless they're so far up the chain that intimacy is impossible...and at that point, physical proximity required for a false rape claim is rare.

These are the men who say things like "If you want to do well with women, just show up and ask them." High level advice with no specific context shows dependence on intuitive knowledge. It ignores the experience of typical men, who struggle on the basic level.

SQT said...

This explains a lot. My father-in-law (retired two star general) fits this pattern to a T. It also explains the social conditioning that my husband grew up with.

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