Saturday, April 2, 2016

The etymology of witch

JS has a theory:
The origin of the term "witch"...

1st peasant: "Hey, these bitches won't shut up!"

2nd peasant: "Let's set one on fire, the others will take the hint"

3rd peasant: "But which one?"

4th peasant: "Hmmm... Witch one... witch indeed?"

And then, after much discussion; they settled on the ugliest one. And a tradition was born...
Can confirm.


Sanne said...

That's really funny:)

Anonymous said...

NAWALT. Some will make you a sandwich instead.


MichaelJMaier said...

They should have burned the bitchiest one. More utilitarian.

MichaelJMaier said...

"Her heart belongs to SATAN!"

Happy Housewife said...

I'll admit it, I laughed!

liberranter said...

They should have burned the bitchiest one. More utilitarian

All (contemporary) evidence suggests that the ugliest ones are usually also the bitchiest.

Jed Mask said...

"Ouch." lol

(P.S. Sad though... Amen.)

John Williams said...

Have you no grasp of science? You burn the most boyant one because she's more wooden.

Jed Mask said...

"They should have burned the bitchiest one. More utilitarian."

^THIS, I agree with.

The Christian perspective is this is senseless, evil and wrong but in this context... that is better.

The "attitude" of "bi*chy" woman can be such a drag that even the sexual attractions go all the way down (at least to me). Amen.

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