Monday, April 11, 2016

Alpha Mail: the inevitable invasion

TP learns the hard way about allowing women to enter a male space, or participate in a male activity:
Can anyone point me to some posts where Vox deals with women who feel the need to 'hang out with the guys"... which almost always then leads to "women now needs to change shit up and have the group do things differently".

I, thankfully, learned my lesson in high school. Girls that wanted to hang out with and do the 'guy things' always lead to them wanting to change it ("oh we should do this instead of that"). It's like, you acquiesce to their demands of inclusion and they take that as a vote by the group to be the leader.

So here I am now, with a group of dads (our kids at the same daycare) who hang out. A couple of the wives (not mine) wanted to come out once with us. That went to being a constant presence.... now it's wanting to change what we do, when we do it, and where we do it. I warned my loser ass friend to not let his wife come along; "they do their thing, we have ours". First time out, she and the other mom held court at the table at the pub we go to. And I knew it would happen.
This sort of thing is very easy to handle. Don't go along with it and provide an alternative. Now that the women are part of this group, stop going, and invite a few of the guys to join you in a separate group. Only permit the weak husbands to join if they understand the wives will not be allowed to accompany them.


Ron said...

Oh lord, that will drive the wives of the weak husbands batshit crazy.

En-sigma said...

Oh, NO!! How do I tell her that the snake is a big fat liar! She might take that as me judging her as weaker!!!

Maybe if I just go along with it....

Matamoros said...

Good advice. Also think about starting a "women's auxiliary" for them to do stuff while men do their stuff.

Anchorman said...

Oh lord, that will drive the wives of the weak husbands batshit crazy.


When you form the new group, expect the wives to call it "high school B/S" about setting up cliques and not allowing their husbands back into the group.

They will never accept anything short of being in charge of how their husbands spend their time.

Happy Housewife said...

These women who feel the need to invade male spaces are lacking truly masculine interactions in their home life. I've noticed that it's always the domineering wives or women who claim that they don't get along with other women being particularly guilty of this.

liberranter said...

I've noticed that it's always the domineering wives or women who claim that they don't get along with other women being particularly guilty of this.

You took the words right off my fingertips.

Women who can't stand the company of other women are usually always the same nagging harpies who make their husbands want to slash their own wrists.

Terrific said...

Women's auxillaries are almost non-existent these days and are deemed discriminatory. Women are taking over leadership of all the community organizations that were all started by men, Kiwanis has women in leadership. Does anyone know about Lions, Elks, Optimists, Shriners?

Even the military ones, VFW and American Legion have to allow female veterans, but I'm not a member of either so I don't know what's happening there.

I'm in Toastmasters and women are beginning to outnumber the men. Also, in our district there are quite a few lesbians joining in the last few years. No one cares or makes any kind of issue about it because the program is pretty well defined and so hard to change it "champion" for Social Justice.

Nevertheless, I wonder how things were before women were allowed.

These days when a man has strong male friendships jealous wives will even accuse the men of "being gay". "If you don't want women around you must be gay!"

Isolating men from the masculine infkuence of other men.

Forbes said...

Male spaces--either you have it, or you don't. Inviting women to 'join' eliminates the male space. If you think it important to includes wives, then go out to dinner with another, or several, couple(s)--but don't include them in your male (activities) space. The laundry list of reasons why women (wives) want to join are as long as your arm, but it usually comes down to two issues: trust and jealousy--not a sign of a healthy relationship. Men need to assert their strong hand in this regard.

Ostar said...

Elks - My son's Boy Scout lodge is with them. On a wall are pictures of all the past "Masters" from the 1920's on - only men until the mid 2000's. Now it's women every other year basically.

Dark Herald said...

During my extended stay in Hell when I was in the SCA. There was in our kingdom, a champion with a Muslim persona who won the crown.

Well we were all sick to death of 14th century French Courts. So a Moor Court promised to be interesting or at least different.

And oh sweet Allah was it interesting. In order for the Court to be period the women had to have their own separate and segregated court.

You have to understand these are basically the same harpies that make up Worldcon's membership.

For those blessed six months, Court was (for the men) actually enjoyable. "Here's your awards. Fuck it! We're done. Time to drink and beat the shit out of each other."

For the women it was a complete misery.

Because they weren't allowed in the men's court and there was absolutely nothing they could say about it. It was cultural and period.

Also the Women's Court took For-Ever. We would be half drunk and nearly comatose from concussing the fuck out of each other by the time they were done with their festival of bullshit.

It was All Woman and they all hated it. Although intriguingly the one part that those harridans were cool with was the wearing of veils court. Or to be more accurate the forcing of younger and more attractive women to wear veils at court.

Seriously dudes, if you want to stop the Jihad, bomb their mothers. They are fountainheads of all of this whole mess and I'm not kidding.

Naturally the young women stopped coming at all and dropped out of the SCA.

When that reign ended I followed their example and never looked back.

Except in disgust.

MichaelJMaier said...

General question to anyone that has an opinion: is Toastmasters worthwhile? I have considered going to meetings at a local chapter.

1337kestrel said...

The more subtle way to do it is to go 100% - everyone brings their wives, the venue is 100% bitchified. Like dinner at Red Lobster, I don't F'ing know.

Now, you can have your men's night in addition to the insufferable dinner parties.

Then you taper off the dinner parties.

Same effect, slightly more pleasing to the aesthetically inclined.

liberranter said...

"The laundry list of reasons why women (wives) want to join are as long as your arm, but it ALWAYS comes down to two issues: trust and jealousy--not a sign of a healthy relationship."


Unknown said...

@Cataline Sergius

"Seriously dudes, if you want to stop the Jihad, bomb their mothers. They are fountainheads of all of this whole mess and I'm not kidding."

You might be closer to the truth than anyone is willing to admit.

Terrific said...

Michael Maier, Re: Toastmasters.

I just spend a buttload of time writing you a reply. I hit publish and POOF! It was gone! I have no idea why.

I don't have the time or inclination to rewrite it all (it was pretty good, too!), so I'll just answer your question and say, Try it out! I've been a member for eight years and it's been great. The most positive people in my life are Toastmasters. You learn an awful lot about someone when you have to listen to them for seven minutes without interrupting!

Dark Herald said...

@Victor Y

If you want to see something really telling, checkout ISIS' recruiting materials for women.

Basically it boils down to, "you don't have to go out into the world and play at being Allie McBeal. You can come home and be the traditionally cherished figure you were always meant to be."

It's all very much anti-feminist.

Dark Herald said...

@ Victor Y

This is from the Al Khansa Women's Brigade.

Ignore the translators prefacing stuff and just jump to the meat of the matter.

The problem today is that women are not fulfilling their fundamental roles, the role that is consistent with their deepest nature, for an important reason, that women are not presented with a true picture of man and, because of the rise in
the number of emasculated men who do not shoulder the responsibility allocated to them towards their ummah, religion or people, and not even towards their houses or their sons, who are being supported by their wives. This idea
has not penetrated the minds of many women. This has forced women away from their true role and they do not realize it. Because men are serving women like themselves, men cannot distinguish themselves from them according to the two features referred to by God: “Men are in charge of women by [right of] what God has given over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth” (Quran 4:34)

Anchorman said...

Vet organizations in my area are still largely male. They get constant pressure from the state and national orgs to get more women and younger people involved.

Honestly, though, the biggest problem is the almost unchecked flow of cash passing through the hands of people you never liked when you served. Those places are constantly ripped off. The next crew comes in, promising changes, and within ten years it's back to ripping the place off.

I tried to stop it at one place with my buddy, but you're constantly out-voted for the real position of power - quartermaster and/or treasurer (home association). That's the real coveted spot and when there's a serious challenge for that spot, all the old mummies come out to out-vote the newcomer until they're properly "seasoned" (read: vetted to be a "get along" type).

I've been a member of the VFW and Legion for 20+ years. I enjoy having a place that is unabashedly pro-American, but the cronyism is enough to stop participation. Hey, I guess it is like the USA.

Boy Scouts of America are a lost cause, I fear.

Unknown said...

@Cataline Sergius

Thanks for the pdf link. I would not have found that on my own.

Unknown said...

The wimminz ruins everything because they must control everything. Their desire to be included should be treated like a shit test.

MichaelJMaier said...

@Tom K:

I might give it a shot but looking at the closest chapter's site, the pics at 5/7 broads... not sure I like that at first blush.

Anonymous said...

When I'm at work listening to some girl drone on and on and on, and no one is willing to talk straight about anything....that's when I sit back and wonder what heaven it must have been when just men were in the workplace and you could say "that is the dumbest crap I've ever heard" in a meeting.

Sokrates said...

Excluding the females from a space is not difficult at all. What it takes is a guy with some guts and a simple word: “NO!”.


Terrific said...

@Michael Maier:

I wish you could read my lost comment.

Much depends on where you live. I lived in Vegas and there were clubs for just about every personality. I had friends who joined Bachelors & Bachelorettes and after they married a woman they met in the club they had to join a different club.

There's a drinking xkub that meets above a bar. There's a club that focuses on stand-up comedy. There are clubs sponsored by businesses for their employees.

I doubt you'll find your typical bar-hopping college girl at Toastmaster. Not their venue. But I met a man I would have to classify as a Player who is 84 with a girlfriend in her 30s! He just broke up with her because she demanded exclusivity and he said No!

It's the only community social organization focused on personal improvement.

It's not for everyone. It is for me.

dadmarten said...

OT. Eat, Pray, Dismember.

MichaelJMaier said...

Huh. I'll to to remember and drop by next week's meeting.

tz said...

Women ruin everything, Theranos STEMinist edition:

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Thank you for AG, much learned and understood.

Forgive me in advance, expel women from that which they do not belong - women need to understand when to stop invading man's venues. I avoid too much commenting in that AG and other Game pages ARE FOR men to debate, engage, etc., however 2 posts ago, (Stefan's excellent vid) I went over board and I cannot do that again. It was an important topic speaking to the reality that men and women remain attraction, dating, marriage, procreation within their own cultures.

T said...

They want to attend because they think they're missing something. The solution is relatively simple. Insulate your meetings by having them at a cigar bar and put on a Three Stooges DVD. Let the wives know that you smoke cigars and watch the stooges. There won't be a woman within 30 miles and they'll never ask to attend.

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