Monday, February 15, 2016

When a Gamma reacts

Confused by Gamma reactions ranging from rage against another to public, outright cruelty?

  1. A Gamma naturally puts himself in other people’s shoes when it comes to conflict and imagines how he would feel. This is true for both reconciliation and conflict. Which is why what he thinks someone should accept as reconciliation is many times out of touch with reality, and he thinks attacks on people’s feelings are much more effective really are. 
  2. A Gamma constantly relives adolescent shame, bullying and emotional issues. He likes nothing better than to publicly shame and mock those who he is angry with (except the girl on the pedestal) to the point of losing sight of any other goal he had in mind. Imagine the awkward boy on the playground being danced around and called names, then how that boy would treat people when he is a man and you will understand how they treat others they are angry with.
  3. He is a coward and will abandon most everything to save his skin, and this fact gnaws on him internally. Being so narcissistic he is unable to imagine other people not being secret cowards so he will regularly talk of being brave and accuse others of being cowardly.
  4. All of this ends up sabotaging relationships for the Gamma including friends, family, coworkers, and even his own children. These bad relationships are not lost on the Gamma and he can feel a deep sense of disgrace about his behavior but cannot admit to being wrong so he is caught in a self-made hell.


Ron said...

Part of the reason for the gammas cowardice is because he has no foundational concept of support. Because he grew up despised and mocked by others for his social inability he has a deep rooted concept of not being valued by the community. As a result, he understands that if there are injured people to be treated, he will likely being among the last people to be treated (if at all)

Krul said...

If you want a near perfect literary portrayal of the Gamma male in its larval form, read The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C. S Lewis. I just finished re-reading it the other day, and I was struck by completely the character Eustace Scrubb exemplifies Gamma characteristics*. It's all there, the cowardice, the self-importance, the rationalization, the self-deceit, the projection, the smugness. He's even a proto-feminist!

*Prior to his transformation, that is.

Anonymous said...

The internet is a vast playground for the gamma to take on his role. They are pretty easy to spot with the methods they use and do to the many gamma examples you have given us over the years. In the end I can't help but correlate gammas to 'The Man in the Glass'. As one day they will have to answer to themselves for the lie they have lived. They will certainly rue that day when it finally comes.

Anonymous said...

Gammas are so persistent on the internet because the negative real-life consequences of challenging someone of higher sociosexuality are totally absent online. To them it's liberating, and it's why so many gammas flock to tech and nerd fandoms.

No gamma will ever be cruel or mocking to someone who has the potential to hurt them, or even just humiliate them in person. Trump is a great example. Who dares to attack Trump in person? In the last year enough bad stuff has been written about the man to fill a book but how much hate does he get to his face? How did the journos behave at Roosh's press conference compared to what they write about him? You think Scalzi could even hold eye contact with Vox in real life?

If you want to get a gamma out of your social group, or even just get him to shut up and act like a normal person, you have to make it psychologically painful for him to speak up. You have to bully him, in other words, in an adult way.

Again, Trump is the best example. It was one of the early debates, and he basically shut Jeb down by saying something like "oh look at you trying to act tough". The frame is that Trump finds Jeb's pathetic attempts to be alpha cute and harmless. Tens of millions of dollars couldn't recover Jeb's image after Trump put him in his sociosexual place.

If your gamma is boasting about something, it's not too hard to reply, with no butthurt or bitterness but a casual, laid back sort of amusement: "wow, you're so smart/tough/cool, you should go tell those girls over there, I bet they'd find it really attractive". What normal men see as harmless ribbing severely hurts the gamma. Just make sure his inevitable gossiping and backbiting won't hurt you and you can train his amygdala to not be an asshole.

Unknown said...

I've met a lot of nerds in my time, but I don't think I've ever met anyone this bad. That said, I do wonder what some of the omegas from my school are like nowadays.

Dexter said...


Eustace was raised by Commie (SJW / progressive) parents. The only thing that could have made it more perfect would have been if he'd been raised by a single mother. I believe many gamma males are the product of a domineering mother and a weak, passive, or absent father.

Natalie said...

I'm reading a book called "Shame Interrupted" that makes sense of a lot of the self loathing and destructive behaviors. A lot of gamma behaviors, based on what I've read here and in that book, line up with with someone caught in a cycle of shame based both on what has been done to them and what they have done. I can't explain it very well, but basically this book describes the cycle of shame as something that colors and permeates our identity in more or less complex ways. It's a tar baby. This book points to the sufficiency of Christ as the only cure and paints a compelling picture of how that works.

Dark Herald said...

Back in July, I treated myself to the unexpected comedy gold of finding out what Gamma Males who identify as Gamma Males view themselves.

Gamma Males: These kind of dudes are more or less self-reliant, self-motivated, and self-assured in their own personality that no one can change their ways. Some of these kind of males are considered loners, but this is not to case for all Gamma Males. Because of their stern personality, many people tend to write off these men as "Betas" by default because they won't conform to being whatever "Chic Alpha" trait exists during that time period. The man who's confident in his own self-worth and looks is said to go a long way with what women want. But as for recent times (I'll say since the early 2000s), most females are more impressed with being "wooed" with inane attributes, something that most Gamma males will refuse to do unless their original personality is what woos the female. These men, until recently, have had no problems getting with "American females" but recently, even these males are getting thrown in the "weak male" shelf because of their lack of conforming to the masses.

Ha Ha Ha (*wheez...wheez*) Ha Ha Ha

Sokrates said...

Sounds like a Gamma has a few social skills like putting himself into other people’s shoes. On the other side he lacks the ability to see through the fog he is living in and therefore his life is like hell.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Gammatude moved 40 miles from me, thrilled.

Gammatude hid behind his alpha bros or friends and took turns blaming each other for calling the police on me for rejecting him. Gammas live in the head so deeply they will not take a lesson from here or Roissy etc.

Gammatude told me the following which confirms 4, "I dont take care of myself, eat whatever, eat junk, we're gonna die anyways, I dont care, I write you nice poems and pray for you and that is nice."

At this point I'm so nauseated and enraged, I go into extreme objective observation mode. Later in late 2015 and this year it was revealed to me his bros love gamma and value gamma over women like me. "Like me? Gammatude told me after the police were called he thought I was so sweet, wonderful, perfect, a host of non-reality descriptions then said how awful I am but he'll keep praying for me. S

Love it!

Interesting - so no help with my parents at home, no help at all and when my mo died. The sicko reads the obit and then emails a 'condolence'., that didn't go over too well!

I told him to place $100 in a card and leave at the gym - just to observe human nature. He spun and spun more than my hamster spins, I landed up requested $1000 made avail that day citing manners. Ha, I'm sorry...

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