Sunday, December 20, 2015

The society most connected to reality wins

Roosh observes that the West is more trapped by magical thinking than the Dar al-Islam:
While many of us here do not agree with the sometimes violent spread of Islam to European lands, their views on the sexes and marriage fully account for the true nature of women that we’re all too aware of.

Islamists understand that a woman can become feral if not constrained by a strong patriarch in the home. When a culture fails to incorporate this understanding, the result is what we have in the modern West, of women who trade having a healthy family to become degenerates and sterile freakshows. Islam is not without its problems, but if their higher birth rates are of any indication, their gender strategies should be duplicated to some degree in the West.
He's absolutely right. And we are in the process of finding out which is more important, shedding one's magical thinking with regards to technology, or with regards to society.


©$€H$ŽŁØ√@'KŽ€' said...

off: are you gonna write a series about omegas like you did about gammas?

Sokrates said...

Only the connection to reality can be the base for power – everything else it fantasy. In the West a big part of society lives in the illusion to be powerful, in fact those folks are like children who dream about super-heros but who are in fact weak.

Timmy3 said...

Well, if all else fails, the Muslim man can divorce her and take the children and leave her destitute or kill her.

I think the Christian version is better. The problem is Christian marriage was feminized and rejected.

Retrenched said...

Cultures which accept nature and work with it will ultimately triumph over those which deny or fight nature.

Naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret, as the saying goes.

The return of patriarchy to the west is assured; the only question is whether it will be a Christian patriarchy or a Muslim one. Feminism is not long for the world either way.

Anonymous said...

The burkas that most Islamic women wear are actually closer to the West's women clothing in 1950's and before. Back when family was all the rage in the West and divorce was rare.

The clothing in the West today is much more provocative. Which encourages more of a free sex 1960's timeline Western vibe. Add in the acceptance and promoting of gay partners today in the West. And the traditional Western family values of yesteryear are long gone.

Islamic states of today have family values in spades over the West. As their current society has family values more in line with our past than does our current society.

Jeff said...

Timmy, which "Christian version of divorce" is it that you like better? Before you answer, please note the subject of this posting: reality.

Do you prefer the divorce version where the woman gets half the assets plus monthly payments plus child support? Because I'm not understanding why any MAN would prefer such a system...

Timmy3 said...

@Jeff: When I said I like the Christian version, I wasn't referring to divorce. I was referring to the Christian version of marriage which was compromised to become more feminized.

There is more wisdom in Christian marriage for there is no alternative to treat her badly. A Muslim man can abuse his wife with repercussions. Muslim men can abuse other women who are not his wife just as badly.

As for Western divorce, that's the legal system we have now. It's not Christian, but secular. The Muslims adopted Sharia law with their version of patriarchy.

So I get that you want what the Muslims have, correct? Maybe I prefer to have more things my way, yet also protect women legally. Be clear that what the Muslims have isn't what you really want.

Timmy3 said...

I wrote one sentence above incorrectly. "A Muslim man can abuse his wife without repercussions."

Mindstorm said...

Heh, those low IQ inbreds are hardly capable to run an industrial civilization, let alone a post-industrial one.

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