Friday, December 18, 2015

The boys' sports die

This won't mean anything to anyone unfamiliar with Minnesota hockey, but it is astonishing to me that a team that once boasted a formidable program is now history.
Not enough hockey players remain for Richfield to offer a boys' varsity program for the 2015-16 season. Holding out hope for a different outcome might have limited some ­players' options.

"We hung on longer than we should have," said Dave Boie, activities director and a 1990 Richfield graduate. "We were just trying to get through this year."

Boie said 19 players participated in summer hockey, a small but feasible number. The roster shrank to 11 ­skaters and two goalies by the season's start. Ready to soldier on, Boie and coach Dave Shute pulled back after two players were suspended for two games and another quit. Three or four remaining players, Shute said, "you couldn't even put on the ice. They've got hearts as big as a lion's, but they can't even protect ­themselves."

The decision to cancel the season was announced Thursday, 10 days after the start of official practices.... The Spartans' program made six state tournament appearances from 1962-91 and produced such players as Steve Christoff, Darby Hendrickson and Tom Ward. They struggled to stay competitive in recent years, dressing 18 players last year and finishing with a 2-22 record.
This may more the result of changing demographics than Title IX-style sexism; Richfield is a Minneapolis school that is considerably less white than it was in the 1980s. But it's still striking that former boys' state tournament teams are vanishing while 167 girls' teams have appeared since it was sanctioned as a sport in 1994.


Aurini said...

Could it be that sports teams aren't delivering the same form of masculine leadership as they once did? Girls go because it's an after school activity that they're supposed to go to; boys are being coddled, and are losing interest, preferring to form their own mini gangs on Call of Duty servers.

Just speculation.

modsquad said...
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modsquad said...

Men and boys aren't just going MGTOW from women. All pro sports have a lot to worry about in the coming decades.

Anonymous said...

Somali's don't play ice hockey

Jeff said...

It's been a few years since I lived in the area, but chances are that Bard is spot on.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

I firmly believe we've reached the apex of sports for that very reason. Even with new technology, better understanding of training techniques, etc the champions of tomorrow will never match up to the champions of yesterday.
I recently saw the Rocky Balboa (Rocky 6) and thought how that scenario might be possible, ie aa retired boxing champion successfully going all the way against the reigning champion.
BTW, I'm only in my 30s and I'm saying it.
With too many males turning into sarcastic hipsters instead of taking their place in competitive sports, the games will suffer due to a reduced talent pool from which to draw.
You used to watch the top 0.1% of players compete, now it's far less by comparison.
You also used to watch sportsmen who also had full time careers, now playing sports is their career.
Most Olympic athletes are so far removed from ordinary people they keep jamming documentaries at us to convince us these ivory tower pickings are "just like us" (except they were preened from a young age and had lots of taxpayer funds put into giving them the chance to compete).
It's such a joke.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

The only difference between the Olympics and the sports mentioned in the article is that the Olympics committees have the money to hide the decline in performance, where the sport in the article clearly did not.

Sokrates said...

A sad development

Timmy3 said...

There is no glory from sacrifice and hard work.

john smith said...

Timmy3 is right. The ever decreasing rewards for sacrifice and hard work in all aspects of society is showing in sports. Red Pill reality has very deep ramifications for Western civilization. I'll admit it - since I have been awakened, it's hard for me to give a shit about anything in society. Sometimes I still wish I was the abused disposable utility I was, but the feeling quickly passes. Cheers.

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