Friday, November 13, 2015

The Daddy-go-round

A liberal researcher is surprised that many low-income "deadbeat" dads who supposedly abandoned their families were, in fact, jettisoned by the mothers of their children:
Edin explains that the pregnancies she studied very often were due to the decision by the mother to forgo birth control without the knowledge of the father, because motherhood will gain her status:

    Pretty soon, the women are skipping doses of the pill or letting the patch or other forms of contraception lapse. Why? In these communities, motherhood often exerts a strong pull on young women’s hearts and minds and weakens their motivation to avoid pregnancy. Being a mom serves as the chief source of meaning and identity in neighborhoods where significant upward mobility is rare.
Then once the baby is born, the mothers have strong incentives to eject the father from the family, replacing him with what ultimately turns into a parade of men:

    When a single mom in the inner city feels her kid’s father has failed to provide, there is an enormous temptation to “swap daddies,” pushing the child’s dad aside while allowing a new man—perhaps one with a little more going for him economically—to claim the title of father. These moms are often desperate to find a man who can help with the bills so they can keep a roof over their kid’s head. The problem is that these new relationships may be no more stable than the old ones.

    When a mom moves from one relationship to another—playing gatekeeper with the biological father while putting her new boyfriend into the dad’s role—she puts her kids on a “father-go-round.”
Notice that even in the Age of the Strong, Independent Woman Who Don't Need No Man, in which low-income mothers are supported by the state, hypergamy rears its insatiable head.


YIH said...

A 'related post' to the Dalrock link: Black Fathers [Don’t] Matter.
More striking however is how the Health and Human Services report he is getting his data from defines a father. Who’s your daddy? Why any man who is living in the same house while banging your mom!

Not all men are biological fathers and not all fathers have biological children. In addition to fathering a child, men may become fathers through adoption—which confers the same legal status, protections, and responsibilities to the man and the child as fathering a biological child. Men also may become de facto fathers when they marry or cohabit with women who have children from previous relationships, that is, they are raising stepchildren or their cohabiting partner’s children. In this report, men were defined as fathers if they had biological or adopted children or if step- or partner’s children were living in the household.
It goes on to mention the Census also defines 'Father' as:
Children are defined in this report as all individuals under 18 years old. The survey asks respondents to identify the child’s mother and/or father if they are present in the household. A separate question asks respondents to identify the type of relationship between each child and parent, whether biological, step, or adoptive. All living arrangements are as of the time of the interview.

Stepchildren are identified by the survey respondent, and their stepparent may not be currently married to the child’s other coresidential parent.

Ain't that something? Something that cuckservatives ignore/downplay is that the Anglo-Saxon/European definition of marriage doesn't mean the same thing with Africans, and never has. What we call 'single motherhood' is more commonly the norm for them. Biodad hooks up with momma then often disappears for long periods of time/permanently or lives near and does little or nothing to support Biomom/kid(s). Meanwhile other men (also likely Biodads) drift in and out.
Cuckservative: ''But before the 60's...!'' they would go through the motions of marriage (license, church wedding/party, ring) live together for a short period of time, then he's gone. 'Rambling' as in vagabond, picking up work wherever they find it or 'hustling' (making money from gambling, theft, or other illegal means). While 'rambling' he's getting sex wherever he finds it as well, more than likely so is biomom. She's typically working as a domestic or in a factory to support herself and the kid(s). Occasionally biodad returns, usually after 'a big score' to hang out with biomom for a while again (often making more kids) then the money runs out (or she gets tired of the drinking/fights) and he's gone again. Nuclear families are typically European concepts, some Africans adopt that, most don't.
In the 60's it started changing to welfare as the breadwinner, and the sham marriage became disposable.
That's why you often see, for example, the sports star who has 'babymomma(s)' in various places, possibly married to one of them, more likely to none. Because the sports star is making good money in the pros, the 'child support' system supplants welfare, babymomma(s) get child support checks instead of welfare.
After the playing days are over (age, injury, prison) those child support checks usually get replaced by welfare.

Hammerli 280 said...

This is why we need to make contraception a mandatory condition to receive welfare. And eject the illegals. Every illegal expelled is a welfare recipient we put to work.

Timmy3 said...

Having a baby is does not ensure a commitment. Sex without a condom gives the woman the power. So two mistakes caused from not willing to keep your Dick in your pants. Despite this problem in the inner city, the middle class isn't better.

Dalrock said...

Thanks for the link Vox.

Brad Andrews said...

Condoms break and fail Timmy....

bookstopper said...

Did anyone else get the author's solution for men? Reduce your risk of the woman forgetting her birth control using this method "..wait until you are financially ready to have a child, preferably your mid-to-late 20s, if not beyond. Make sure your relationship with the child’s mother is on a solid footing first."

That's as clear a victim blaming as I've ever seen from anyone.

Timmy3 said...

@Brad: The guys were relying on the women's birth control. This has nothing to do with the reliability of a condom. They weren't using them.

Brad Andrews said...

And you think their time preferences are strong enough to make them care Timmy?

Mindstorm said...

Vasalgel comes to mind. It would change the dynamic, I bet.

Timmy3 said...

They could care less. So a baby comes and the mother freezes out the father. This happens all the time. This is why I say birth control doesn't work. Not because they don't actually work. For sexually active people, they just don't use them.

TheRedSkull said...

Insatiable hypergamy rears its ugly ass.

Akulkis said...

Shut up, Brad. The point is NOT about the statistically insignificant outliers.

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