Saturday, September 5, 2015

Social Justice Convergence at Vanderbilt

Between this and the Xe, Xir, Xim nonsense at UT, there is increasingly little reason for men to go to university:
Vanderbilt University’s Women’s Center will be hosting a week-long event dedicated to lecturing men about what it means to have “healthy masculinity.”

The “Healthy Masculinities Week” is sponsored by Vanderbilt’s Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center, which claims to be devoted to “Celebrating Women” while “Empowering All.”

The mission of the Women’s Center is to affirm a “space for all members of the Vanderbilt community that acknowledges and actively resists sexism, racism, homophobia, and all forms of oppression while advocating for positive social change.”

The “core values” of the Women’s Center includes the idea that, “progress toward gender equality calls all of us to be champions for change” while simultaneously claiming to “celebrate the unique differences among all persons and work to build community in diversity.”

“Healthy Masculinities Week” hopes to encourage men to “[e]xplore healthy masculinity through various lenses,” such as “American society, the gay and bisexual community, fraternities, and more.”

The first event as part of the “Healthy Masculinities Week” is called, “The Macho Paradox: Why some men hurt and how all men can help.” The title is a reference to a book by Jackson Katz, who is a self-proclaimed “anti-sexist activist” and the speaker for the event.

The full title for Katz’s book is, “The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help.” It is unclear why the word “Women” was removed from Vanderbilt’s event listing.
Sure, because who is better to tell men what is, and what is not, healthy masculinity than a bunch of men-hating feminist SJWs.


Al From Bay Shore said...

If I were the person I was from a few years ago, which was also the person I was while in college, I would have gone to these events. I would have told myself that I was going in order to become "healthy". That would have been a lie. The truth would be that I was going to seek the favor of women through a week long series of ritual supplication in order to quench my thirst.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

It amazes me how many groups of people presume to lecture men on how to be a man when none of them are either of the male sex or very manly themselves. Churches, tradcons, feminists, and so many others seem to have their own ideas about what men should be.

Of course, when the manosphere points out the truth about women, suddenly those folks have cause a grave sin.

Harsh said...

Orwell was an optimist.

Stickwick Stapers said...

Turnabout is fair play. The men on campus should hold a workshop lecturing women about what it means to have “healthy femininity.” Topics could include: how to maintain a slender figure, don't cut your hair, why tats are usually a bad idea, screeching and nagging are not good communication, feminine wiles 101, stop blaming everyone else for the consequences of your poor decisions, and not everyone is trying to rape you.

Anonymous said...


School would never allow it and likely find some reason to declare it some sort of bullying and a failure to maintain a safe space. Likely outcome: expulsion.

MichaelJMaier said...

That should be "why tats are ALWAYS a bad idea"

Terrific said...

It's beyond parody. Yet it turns my stomach to think of such an event. Of course they wouldn't have been able to hold such an event without a man-hating margina to serve as the keynote speaker!

"When we hang the last capitalist they'll sell use the rope" Stalin.

hank.jim said...

This stuff will never be accepted by minority students. This is about controlling the white students unless they refuse to attend.

ray said...

Same scam they pulled thirty years ago. Just more normalized now. New fake careers for Princess!

Males who attend institutions that take delight (and profit) in crushing masculinity and fatherhood contribute to their own disenfranchisement and debasement, and to the same for other boys and men. No wonder the government constantly pushes and underwrites college attendance. It ain't to improve the economy, folks.

Mere destruction is too good for this place. Fortunately hell is forever. Otherwise there would be no end to this.

Ron said...


that's actually a good idea. But the nerds running the university would never allow it as that would conflict with feminists programming. However, I am not sure what the real psycho-sexual reason underlying their actions would be.

Robert What? said...

Any young man who attends Vanderbilt University is a fool. Any parents who send their son to Vanderbilt University are fools. Unless he is studying to be a eunuch.

Unknown said...

Another reason I give two sh%ts about my alma mater

evilwhitemalempire said...

A book about how all men can help some men to hurt women?

About time.

Bob Loblaw said...

This stuff will never be accepted by minority students. This is about controlling the white students unless they refuse to attend.

They will be forced. My Alma Mater threw out some of that old straight white male stuff (Plato, probably, or Shakespeare) to make room for mandatory ethnic and gender studies requirements. You need that piece of paper for most office jobs now, so the white guys grit their teeth and turn in papers bashing The Patriarchy.

David Power said...

Roll up roll up, it's Emasculation Week!

Of course, the sinister part of all of this is that these guys are being trained to become the next generation of Sad, Supplicating White Knights (AKA... Our Mortal Enemies)

So what's to be done? Well, if game has taught us anything, it's that inaction is our enemy. The time for hand-wringing is over. The only chance these guys have, is if they are fortunate enough to be introduced to some Real Talk and it's our duty to give them that chance.

Think about it, Vox, CH, Rollo etc. haven't just sat on there hands, they are Men of action and so should you be. When is the last time you left a Manospere Link on an unrelated site? Well, start doing it. Anywhere these guys are online, sport sites, study sites, gaming sites, porn sites, student travel sites, music sites, comic sites etc. leave a link with an enticing hookline. They may not get it straight away, but if you scatter enough seeds, some are bound to fall on fertile ground. Remember... Every win is a double win!

P.S. A post specifically written for guys that have been directed here by a third party, would be very helpful.

JLT said...

All in all, she's just another brick in The Wall:

Anne Hathaway, 32, on Losing Roles to Younger Actresses
In a new interview with Glamour, the Intern star admits she's losing roles to 24-year-old actresses.

"I can't complain about it because I benefitted from it," Anne tells the magazine. "When I was in my early twenties, parts would be written for women in their fifties and I would get them. And now I'm in my early thirties and I'm like, 'Why did that 24 year old get that part?'"

But it's hard to fault the Jennifer Lawrences and the Kristen Stewarts of the world.

"I was that 24-year-old once -- I can't be upset about it -- it's the way things are," she muses. ...

YIH said...

The title is a reference to a book by Jackson Katz, who is a self-proclaimed “anti-sexist activist” and the speaker for the event.
Jackson Katz, Google and Whackopedia come up unclear. But between the last name and the nose, my money is on 'Eskimo'.

Dexter said...

Using the maxim that SJWs always lie, then an SJW lecture on healthy masculinity will actually be neither healthy nor masculine.

"Healthy masculinity" translated from Newspeak: "depraved emasculation".


The first rule of healthy masculinity is WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT OUR MASCULINITY.

The second rule of healthy masculinity is WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT “MASCULINITY IN THE GAY AND BI COMMUNITIES” — and we don’t want to hear about it, know about it, or think about it, EVER.

R Devere said...

•Katz is a former all-star football player who became the first man at the University of Massachusetts Amherst to earn a minor in women's studies

This says all you need to know about this he/she!

Harry Berry said...

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Mr.MantraMan said...

I'll go with the comment upthread, this silliness is aimed at white men explicitly and men of color secondly if that. Political Correctness is also besides our thought police dogma it is the operational code of conduct for the Democratic party.

Ask these silly women what they think of Islam, let these silly women explain themselves and for once let these silly women in their own words disqualify themselves.

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Daniel said...

What IN HELL is this "allow" you pussies keep bitching about?

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