Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's hard to resist

Those sexy, sexy alpha thugs:
A female police officer was kicked out of the force after admitting having a fling with a criminal. Clare Sherman-Potts, 25, was supposed to be looking after the prolific offender and help stop him reoffending.

But she confessed to her bosses she had started a sexual relationship with the offender, after meeting him at a party of a mutual acquaintance.

She was sacked without notice for gross misconduct on Monday, September 28, after admitting having a short relationship with the criminal between April 10 and June 4.
Frankly, I'm surprised they kicked her off the force. I wonder how long it will be before women demand the right for female police officers to have sex with felons. Love is love, after all.

And who isn't to say she wasn't helping him? A little positive incentive never hurt anyone.

"Did you shoplift anything today? Beat anyone up?"

"Nah, I bin a good lad, officer."

"Well done, then! Com'ere, you sexy thang!"


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Typical. The tone of the article suggests they're being easy on her and almost trying to find a way to excuse her conduct. And check out the glamour photos.

She'l make a fine wife.

I wonder about the race of the criminal.

ltarmenia4ever@gmail.com said...

Love wins right? Right?

ltarmenia4ever@gmail.com said...

Love wins right? Right?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

C'mon chaps, man up and marry this slut! Look how cute she is!

Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem. The guy may have been a habitual criminal, but he was not in jail. Thus, he was a free man and not currently a fugitive. If there is a problem here, it is that the constabulary is following a policy of not arresting criminals.

Unknown said...

Look how cute she is!

Long hair would do wonders for her. (No, I'm not suggesting any normal man should go near her. She's just a good example of a girl who knocked her SMV down a couple points with short hair.)

I don't see the problem.

If I understand correctly, she was his probation officer or something of the sort. Sleeping with him might make it a bit hard to be objective about monitoring him and reporting misbehavior. That would be the problem.

I just got a kick out of the wording: a bit less than two months was a "short relationship." It's like they weren't sure how to refer to it. They want to call it a "relationship," because that way she's not just a slut jumping on some bad-boy cock for thrills; but they also want to say it was short to suggest that it was a momentary mistake of judgment instead of an ongoing thing. Can't have it both ways.

Ghost said...

We just did a show about prisons, and one of the most heinous cases of prison corruption occurred 13 female guards handed control over to the Black Guerrilla Family. 4 guards were pregnant by ONE (1) inmate.
(Shameless self promotion)

Unknown said...

Anyone who thinks criminals are "alphas" needs to out of the house more. I was raised with them and know these "omegas" well.

TheRedSkull said...

If only cops would take this approach to screwing the public more often.

Sokrates said...

The special appeal of an Alpha - even if he is a thug - women are drawn to them magically. This is hard to swollow for many but the one's who now about social hierarchy and dynamics are not surprised at all.

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Anonymous said...

Even if? *Especially* if.

Dark Herald said...

A woman lost in the Alpha Buzz really does act like a someone on a drug. They are literally incapable of recognizing the long term consequences of their actions. The future just isn't real to them. The hamster can rationalize anything and I do mean anything.

Although this story isn't all that impressive as these things go. Remember this one from a couple of years ago: Four female prison guards impregnated by same inmate

Four female prison guards in Baltimore fell pregnant to the same inmate, according to authorities who have busted a major smuggling gang inside the jail system.

Two of the women tattooed the inmate's name on their bodies and he showered three of them with expensive gifts including cars and jewelry.

Peter said...

Gosh, what reactionary thugs, thinking they can tell a woman whom she can and can't have sex with!

Terrific said...

As a Christian, I see women's desire for the alpha in the same way I see men's desire to bed every woman he can. A sinful impulse that must be denied and controlled.

What taking the Red Pill has meant to me is recognizing the corrupted nature in women, which the church has valiantly denied for the past 200 years at least.

For me, the wake-up call was admitting that every single abortion was committed by a woman. Her body. Her choice. Murder My Baby, Please.

SirHamster said...

Anyone who thinks criminals are "alphas" needs to out of the house more. I was raised with them and know these "omegas" well.


liberranter said...

She's just a good example of a girl who knocked her SMV down a couple points with short hair.

She's a cop. By turning herself into one of those, she completely destroyed whatever SMV she might have otherwise had. Any woman who becomes a cop has done nothing but turn herself into a fifth-rate dickless man while at the same time retaining and amplifying her inner bitch.

Female cops are like female lawyers: no self-respecting man who is not one of their profession wants anything to do with them. This porkette is just being USED, only she's clearly not smart enough to realize that yet.

Anonymous said...

She was fixing him (with her vagina).

deti said...

Complete with obligatory photo of the chippy.

All such stories involving women having sex with men (or boys) they shouldn't be having sex with include photographs of the women. Reason? So the men reading the article can answer for themselves whether they'd hit that; and the women reading the article can say to themselves "I'm better/hotter/purer/more moral than she is

little dynamo said...

"Frankly, I'm surprised they kicked her off the force. I wonder how long it will be before women demand the right for female police officers to have sex with felons"

Obviously you don't live in America. Female prison and jail 'guards' have been pouring into the profession (of caging males) for, oh, eight or ten years now. The main draw is an easy, steady paycheck, and access to easy, steady sex from their, uh, charges.

Can you imagine the outrage and criminal charges that would result from thousands of U.S. jail guards using FEMALE prisoners as sex slaves and sex tools? We'd hear endlessly about the War on Women, how more laws need to be passed to protect the defenseless gender, and on. And on.

But when women are the criminals? Eh, never mind. Gotta go mow my lawn.

Unknown said...

""Did you shoplift anything today? Beat anyone up?"
Ha! And I thought that was the felon asking her that question!

Anonymous said...

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CostelloM said...

Thats in England not the U.S., they dont have the "cannot be fired even if they throw a flash bang grenade into a sleeping babies' crib" rule

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