Monday, April 20, 2015

Sigma music

If you can't figure out how this Bloodhound Gang song is eminently Sigma, well, the concept is simply going to elude you. Remember, Sigmas are even more contemptuous of Gammas than Alphas or Deltas.

I know my haikus are freaking intense
but even the words I made up to sound French
don't express my feelings for your toilet parts.
I would show up for our pottery class
dressed like a pirate with John Water's mustache
On a unicorn that shits your name in stars.

In case the dripping contempt for Gamma romanticism escapes you, the title of the song should make it clear: "Screwing You on the Beach at Night". And then there is the chorus:

Fucking's cool, but Jimmy's the romantic type.
Loitering on cliffs, thinking about stuff like,
Screwing you on the beach at night.

Being sexual Alphas, Sigmas don't kiss and hug, they fuck and screw. They hate Gamma deception because they see through it and they cannot believe that the Gamma actually expects them to accept his posturings at face value. Being predators, they tend to view the pedestalization and white knighting that is so common to Gammas and Deltas as not only dishonest, but transparently dishonest even when it is not. And as the song suggests, they often have a vulgar streak that most Alphas don't; this may have something to do with their outsider mindset. One way of signifying you do not belong to the group is to offend it.

The video also offers a pretty good indication of the way Sigmas naturally regard Gammas. In the same way that Gammas find it very difficult to believe Alphas and Sigmas are as genuinely confident as they are, Sigmas often find it hard to believe Gammas are not mentally retarded or playing dumb. The quivering lip scene sums it all up in a nutshell. I have to admit, it has taken me a long time and a fair amount of patient explanation to even begin to grasp Gamma thought processes, and if I'm not focused on being sympathetic, my instinctive inclination when talking to a Gamma is to shake him and shout "what the fuck is wrong with you?"


Nomennovum said...

Funny video. Funnier lyrics. When the video was over, I clicked on Bloodhound Gang's "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo." The band's brand of humor is similar to mine (but trust me, half your family won't appreciate it at Thanksgiving dinner). Too bad I knew so little of the band.

It brings home to me how seldom I listen to lyrics (or am able to understand them). I thought about your earlier post on gamma songs with bands like the Cure. I kind of liked some of the 80s mope rock, but if I listened to much of the lyrics I would like it less. By the way, here's a funny quotation from Bloodhound Gang's Wikipedia page: "The band caused controversy in 2006 when they started using a "golden shower" act onstage during a rendition of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" at Rock am Ring and Pinkpop." Gamma, meet Sigma.

How about that rara avis, alpha love songs? There must be some, but I generally cannot stand love songs, so I don't know. I was listening to Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" not too long ago, and I -- finally -- paid attention to the lyrics. I thought to myself, "Now that's an alpha love song, if there ever was one." It's not obvious (actually kind of subtle) but it's there. Can anyone think of any others? I can't offhand, but there have to be some -- right? In any event, I suppose the thought of a sigma love song is ludicrous.

LAZ said...

Obviously they're making fun of Chris Isaak. Do they think he's a gamma or just a convenient butt of the joke?

@ Nomennovum: If you want funny lyrics check out "A lap dance is always better when the stripper is crying".

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's definitely making fun of the video Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. Vox, watch that video and try to survive the entire 4:04 minutes of gamma/low delta.

This video was hilarious. The drooling, "toilet parts", the biting the shoulder, looking like he was prematuring in his pants, and the "release the doves" line had we cracking up and almost spitting out my coffee.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Love this song. Have it on iTunes. Haven't you written about it before? Or maybe it was the subject of a post at the Chateau.

Anonymous said...


Manu said...

Bloodhound Gang is great. Vulgar truth is a great way to demolish gamma dishonesty.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Thanks EHS. I knew I'd seen it before.

It's pretty quiet here this morning. I think Vox may have offended some of the more delicate readers with this post. haha

Marissa said...

BG has some of the cleverest lyrics I've ever heard (though their too crude for my taste these days). The only reason they aren't extraordinarily famous is that people can't follow the jokes. This one is one of my favorites: Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss

the dude said...

My pilot friend introduced me to "A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying" PS stay away from strip clubs in Utah.

Anonymous said...

This hierarchy type music series offers a clear insight into the way different types think, and the examples that you gave, Vox, were very precise and accurate. The most beneficial part so far in the series, is the distinction between alpha and sigma, which most people can't see. I recommend going back and reading the alpha music post for those who want a clearer distinction between alpha and sigma. Sigma is simply a lone wolf alpha. His completely disregards the hierarchy; he does his own thing yet has alpha level success with women.

John Williams said...

Lyric from a different Bloodhound Gang song, "I can tell I'm doing something right by the way that she blushes". That's an Alpha's understanding to woman's reaction to an Alpha.

Beefy Levinson said...

I'm a great fan of da GBFM's O.C.R.

JDC said...

Gordon Lightfoot's "For Lovin Me..."

So don't you shed a tear for me
B'cause I ain't the love you thought I'd be
I got a hundred more like you
So don't be blue
I'll have a thousand 'fore I'm through

Doom said...

I don't know. Confidence or simple lack of concern or fear? I think a lot of men fear women, emotionally, sexually. I fear, but costs and limitations (though not even so much the latter now). They are expensive little creatures, in a lot of ways. "Fuck! She's talking again! Oh, did I say that out loud, again, again?" I don't even see how men can fear women sexually? Or emotionally. It's like fearing a nerd will beat you up. Get em' a little pissed and they can't even talk straight, and like that's hard to do. *BEWBS* ~stare~ :) It always leads to great sex anyway. Only problem is if I am busy and don't want to attend, and just have to tell her to fuck off, busy. She'll wait, this I know.

Yeah, I do think they are retarded or something. Seriously, must be. Reminds me of the movie, The Jerk, when he thought cans were the danger, when they were exploding around him from being shot. Fun to watch though. Not The Jerk, the jerks... around women. Women play it for all they can get, sometimes. One more reason to like women, actually.

Happy Housewife said...

Makes me wonder what George Michael's "Father Figure" would go under.

Female reactions to it seem to be it makes them hot or (they claim) it creeps them out.

macengr said...

But you're married now, so how did things change?

Unknown said...

Dear Chasey LAin.......

Ghost said...

They had a song back in the day called "I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks." Freaking hilarious.

Agentti said...

Great post.

From your description, I immediately thought of Eminem. Look at:

It's got all the elements, down to contemptuous Gamma parody.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

Then there is this one from Bloodhound Gang:

Opening Lyrics:

Caught you
Sniffing my boxers
Who the fuck does that
at Red Lobster?

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Excellent music. Best video.

Hilarious lyrics from altogether ookey;

Why would
I wanna stay friends?
Rather get raped by,
Clowns again.

Love it!!

Forgive dad and I in advance;

One of dad and my fave movies of the early 90s was silence of the lambs. As it wasn't scary or sexy with jodie foster, it was a comedy. Even after dads stroke in 2012, our joke remained while shopping; "it puts the lotion in the basket," as we ignore each other we get louder and louder until we made a uncomfortable scene, "it puts the lotion in the effing basket." Or a constant repeat of the dogs name, "Precious, Precious."

Dad kills my appetite by talking about the fava bean comment or what did eating people taste like and how did jodie foster react.

Most helpful to read again gammas are dishonest. It helps my own intentional dishonesty or dysinfo with the last gammatude. He called me a liar, that is correct. I lie to creepy men via dysinfo.

Sympathy doesn't work, my gammatude problem had to be totally cut off repeatedly via phone. If I was in the 40 yr olds presence I'd slap the daylights out of him. So overall, I have to regard a gamma as a offline troll; total objectivity, ignore him at all costs and co exists. It was so bad I had to relay the entire idiot show of which I was MPAI at fault to Dread Ilk. Overall, I guess I just pray for him. I cannot deny that all I feel towards gammatude is my fist is your future with your next glance at me.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

While we still had cable dad would cheer for the zombies to win and humans to fail on AMC's walking dead.

Anonymous said...

@ AmyJ - well there is that study (or were there more than one?) that found that men were turned on only by images of what they were sexually drawn to, but women were turned on by all sexual images including monkey sex. to clarify, their bodies were turned on but their minds were not always aware. Weird, but true. So George Michael's music likely falls under what Vox calls Lamda music. Even as a kid, I had a hard time watching his videos and Elton John's. I knew what gay was even before I had heard of it.

I'd like an analysis done of Michael Jackson's music. His videos and songs were on some weird border to my mind. I like the beat, sometimes I like the lyrics too, and the videos were sometimes cool but just a bit odd. Prince's also had the same feel to me, though his vibe was a bit more masculine that MJ's.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about this subject awhilst back when the Black Sun - Death Cab video first came out.

I remembered seeing a picture prior to the video of the singer Ben and Zooey Daschnel, where the singer appears to be doting on her whilst the picture is being taken. After watching the video, listening to the lyrics and the recall of the picture of the two of them... I couldn't help but think at the time is this guy really a Gamma?

Anonymous said...

The song in the OP is hilarious.

Can't really tell if "The Lap Dance is Always Better if the Stripper is Crying" is Sigma or rather Gamma or bitter Omega, though. My guess is Sigma due to its light-heartedness at this point.

Derrick Bonsell said...

Free Bird seems to me to be Beta or high Delta. If anything though it's just an excuse for a guitar dominated instrumental section.

Derrick Bonsell said...

Free Bird seems to me to be Beta or high Delta. If anything though it's just an excuse for a guitar dominated instrumental section.

ICG said...

Not sure about Freebird, but Ronnie Van Zant (Skynyrd's singer) was about as alpha as they come. He literally knocked the teeth out of his own band members when they had disagreements.

JeanDark009 said...

Also great is "I wish I was queer so I could get chicks".

Perfectly sums up the dishonest nice-guy-approach to women:

"But if I were handsome just imagine how great it would be
Incognito as gay though but not actually that way though pseudo homo phony
Maybe it's a stupid theory or maybe just stupidity
But if I was a queerbee in the fashion industry
Scoring with a super model would be easy
Cause 'super model' means voluptuous but is also is synonomous with 'super dumb'
Ya see I'd be a good listener so she'd treat me like a sister and soon I'd become
That trusted friend that cares that rubs her back and braids her hair
No it wouldn't be a week before I'm in her underwear
I wish I was queer so I could get chicks"

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