Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Um, sorry, we sort of lied

Remember all that instruction over the last three decades about how women are attracted to sensitive, New Age, Alan Alda-like men who cried and did household chores and sought to understand them? Yeah, not so much:
After 50 years of feminism, women want to fantasise about dominant men.

Are you sick of Fifty Shades of Grey yet? Not completely? Okay, well maybe this can be the last word. I should be qualified to deliver the last word because (there are going to be a lot of lists here): 1) I’m female, so I can start this piece with the all-important ‘As a woman’ clause; and 2) I’ve actually slogged through most of it.

Can we please dispense with all the faux handwringing about what it means for civilisation that a very long (514 pages) piece of crap sold 100million copies? The answer is gorilla-in-the-living-room simple. As a woman, I’m here to tell you that: 1) many women like porn – particularly if it’s jiggered for the female taste (made a little prettier with a little more plot set-up; foreplay, so to speak); 2) women will buy lots of porn if it’s packaged, and sold, correctly; and 3) in particular, what women have always longed for, at least in fantasy, is the alpha male (actually he doesn’t even have to be that alpha, just attractive) who will pursue them and then sweep them off their delicate feet. After nearly 50 years of the systematic bludgeoning of male aggressiveness in every form by feminism, women under the age of 50 have had very little contact in their actual lives with men who pursue, who grasp, who dominate. Still, many women have a vague, inchoate sense that this might be very pleasant.
The lesson, as always, is this: do NOT take female advice about women. They will steer you wrong every time. You don't need to understand why, you just need to know that it's true.


David said...

The hilarity of it is that they can't help but give bad advice, even when they admit that it's false a sentence later.

Case in point: A friend of mine was bitching on facebook about being rejected by girls, and how nice guys finish last and that all women really want is a bad boy. A girl replies by saying something to the effect of, "My boyfriend didn't even give me a chance to reject him, he just kissed me and took me on a date. But women really do want nice guys."

In the case of advice giving, women should be seen, not heard. Pay attention to what they do, not what they say. Attractive women aren't with the men they're with now because they had no other choice; they're with them because they like them.

Trust said...

" In the case of advice giving, women should be seen, not heard. Pay attention to what they do"

Watch what they do, and more importantly who they do.

Happy Housewife said...

A big problem is that there are men who seek out female advice. It's a logical thing to do; if you want to know how to get someone, ask them what to do, because most (non-gamma) men would be honest if a woman asked them what to do to be more appealing to men. They assume women would reciprocate, but that's not true.

I used to give advice when asked by guys what they should do, but now I simply direct them here or to other manosphere sites. They need to learn first to never ask a woman for advice about anything, unless they are looking to dress in drag.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

You're absolutely right. Women want sexy, confident jerks and cocky assholes. They want rough sex, they want to be banged hard, hair pulled, pushed down into the
mattress, they long for cervix-busting sex. This goes against everything we've been told us over the last few years, but then again, they've been totally wrong about everything, too.

Somewhat OT...I'm currently banging a hot cougar (8.5-9.0/10) who sends me the most explicit texts about what she wants me to do to her. She is, of course, not alone. As I've mentioned here before, in the last few years I've been meeting growing numbers of women young and old who want the 50 Shades treatment. Incidentally, the cougar says I remind her of someone called "Pit Bull," who as I understand it is a popular crooner.

Anonymous said...

Whatever gave women the idea they deserved the top 5% apex men?

David said...

"Watch what they do, and more importantly who they do."

I've only had one woman ever admit that she liked being treated like shit. She didn't have to, it was obvious to anybody who ever spent more than a minute talking to her, but it was interesting nonetheless.

Unknown said...

I never asked my wife out once. One day after briefly meeting and chatting at a work function, I simply told her I'm picking her up Tuesday at 7 for dinner. She said cool. We have two kids and she is a happy stay at home mom.

This was all done before game blogs blew up. It was just common sense. Whatever you see on tv, do the opposite and do it manly and you'll never lose.

Some of my proudest memories in retrospect are me getting turned down as a teen or college student but knowing full well that the girl thought highly of me afterwards because I didn't stutter or plead or be the nice clinger-on for weeks before asking. I told them clearly I wanted to take them out, they knew a man of purpose thought they were attractive and so were flattered, and even though they turned me down because of a current boyfriend or xyz, I was a man. Even in your failures be a man.

On the flip side anytime I "played a role" in high school as the nice guy or what I was supposed to act like, it often ended in silliness. So even if the girl went out with me, it always ended in a less than proud manner. BE A MAN.

Examples of each ---

17 year old in high school. My sweetheart for my whole junior year got to see me blubber and beg after we broke up because I thought I loved her and was always the nice guy as I had been programmed. I thought surely if she sees how much I cared and thought of our history (we did it everyday for a year) we would be back on. Nope. That's idiotic logic reserved for men. Don't wear bright red to a guerrilla war.....

I remember almost a decade later she messaged me on Facebook and in the course of our brief chatting she told me I was like her macho man jock-God in high school, but when I was too sweet I shattered that ideal. Didn't matter that I was the big athlete or that we had had a few threesomes with her friends (we went to a boarding school). She even threw out there that if I had just shrugged and walked away when we broke up (essentially taken it like a man), she would have come crawling back to me. So one learns....

On the other hand, in college freshman year, there was this amazingly hot big (and I mean big) breasted blonde (I have a type) in my English Lit class. It was a very early class and she sat way on the other side of a large classroom, but just the sight of her was enough to "wake you up". Even after a few weeks in class, I had never really had any opportunity to naturally be around her for a discussion, so I made some excuse to sit near her and chat her up one day. Nothing too deep and clearly I had no idea what game was as this was 1999. Still, I found her number in the book and called her one night. Said, this is XYZ from class and I think you're adorable, I'd like to take you out to dinner or a movie this weekend. She said that was sweet, but had a boyfriend. I said, well I had to try, see you in class. She said she was glad I did try and that she would see me in class.

Of course this was sloppy in hindsight and I fine tuned my approach over time as any man will do. The point being that there was no hesitation, I said what I needed to and conveyed to her that I wanted her without fapping around. Here's the kicker. The rest of the semester, instead of it being weird, it was the exact opposite. She looked at me with a cute smile everyday and would come around to chat out of the blue. I heard from a friend of hers that she had told some of her friends how cool I was on the phone and wondered why other guys don't just do what I did. I had found another girl so in hindsight missed the signs, but looking back at even just this little thing, I am pleased.

Unknown said...

I know this was long, but women need you to be a man like children need you to be a man -- because of order.
Leadership leading to security, etc. Even the vapid windbag feminists above internalize this. Imagine being a weakling lusted after by mongrels everyday of your life. Your intellect is inferior and you haven't the strength or temperament to make anything work in your life by yourself. Would you want pajama boy or Don Draper as a partner? Hipster or Arnold during the Predator years?

Act like a man in all things and women will flock to you, men will respect you, and children will know their manners. You as a man need this more than looks, money, or power. If your women and children see you as boss, you are winning in life. This is reality and the essence of game for me.

Anonymous said...

Whatever gave women the idea they deserved the top 5% apex men?

Female Imperative

David said...

"Whatever gave women the idea they deserved the top 5% apex men?"

They want them. Therefore...

Laguna Beach Fogey said...


Anonymous said...

"Whatever gave women the idea they deserved the top 5% apex men?"

Untrue. Fat bitches hate and despise themselves, and know they don't deserve the top 5%, which is why they rut in the dumpster with the pigs.

deti said...

"I've only had one woman ever admit that she liked being treated like shit."

She didn't like being treated like shit. She liked having sex with sexy, cocky assholes who had hot, sexy sex with her and treated her like shit. She was willing to put up with being treated like shit because that was the price of the hot sex -- a price she was more than willing to pay.

Trust said...
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Trust said...

" I've only had one woman ever admit that she liked being treated like shit."

I don't know how much of it is "like" and how much is stimulation. I know there have been plenty of women who behaved in a way that I didn't like, meaning I thought less if them and wouldn't want to be seen with them, but the behavioral nonetheless turned me on. Meaning I knew sex with them would be exciting but not much else. Women I think do enjoy being courted and getting flowers, but they aren't turned on by it. It's very hard for men and women to understand each other this way.

Of course, I have come to feel sorry for women. The sociosexual market must be frustrating for them. Imagine how much it would suck to only be able to get a hard in when a woman was a complete bitch.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't hurt to be a billionare either.

Noah B. said...

Incidentally, the cougar says I remind her of someone called "Pit Bull," who as I understand it is a popular crooner.

Are you actually bragging about being compared to Pit Bull?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I'm not familar with him or his work in the rapping genre.

Trust said...

I don't know what pit bull means, but if a woman calls one man a nice guy and another a pit bull, smart money is that the pit bull will score first.

liberranter said...

"They want them. Therefore, they're entitled to them."

Fixed for clarification.

liberranter said...

Imagine how much it would suck to only be able to get a hard in when a woman was a complete bitch.

Yes, indeed. After all, a man so afflicted would pretty much stay hard 24/7.

deti said...

"Um, sorry, we sort of lied "

I laughed when I read the article and recalled that title. Exactly right. But the full hamsterlation of the cited article is:

"Um, sorry, we sort of lied. You men fucked up; you trusted us. You men were stupid to believe us when we said we were sexually attracted to nice guys. Why did you listen to us? The evidence is all around you. Why did you believe us?"

Anonymous said...

It's gotten to the point where I practically pretend I'm deaf to women and only watch their body language.

hank.jim said...

Either you're an alpha or you're attraction. It still means the average man isn't getting any.

larbo said...

I DJ for the BDSM community. Don't misunderstand, for me it's a job. They pay me, I spin tunes, I don't ask questions (I need the money and that's how it goes). This 50 Shades of Grey stuff is immensely tame compared to the stuff women in that community desire. Half of my awakening from Blue Pill Gammatude is due to an inability to reconcile what I've witnessed there with what women say they want. Nice guys? Hardly. Sure, they exist, but they are cuckold footstools for the dominatrix - nobody gives a shit about them. They are less than garbage, but apparently get some kind of satisfaction from it anyhow.

I've seen it all, women tied to crosses and flogged, suspended from ceilings in some kind of headspace while Alphas push them back and forth, or use them as they desire. Sometimes they share among themselves. Most of the time, they don't. Cutting, burning, electrocution and all manner of such things go on, though it is all consensual. Alphas often come in with a retinue of submissive women, sometimes as many as four or five of them, all fawning over him. Naturally, the Alpha doesn't give two shits. He'll order them to get him a drink, shine his shoes or strap themselves to something in order to get whipped.

One of the bouncers is well known, a sort of stoic, silent type who is known among the local mixed martial arts crowd. Invariably submissive women come to pay their respects to him in droves. All of them have been laughing at this 50 shades of grey stuff. Sissy bullshit, they say. Some of these people are pretty high up in local affairs. I recognized one who is a top financial advisor in a major firm, another who I know owns a major restaurant chain. Some of the women I recognized as well. One of the submissives owns a local bar of some noteriety. She's worth a cool few million dollars, but dresses in practically nothing and hangs out at the feet of Alphas who are worth more. Hypergamy is exposed for even the most delusional Gamma to see.

It's a weird world, but educational in its own way. Once you see it, you'll never believe an ounce of that nice guy garbage again.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Eww, 50 shades hasn't gone away yet? Gross.

Women opining on other women is interesting provided one finds such a talker on a good (flippant) day.

The latest advice was another speech where I walk away after 10 seconds about cutting my hair and why dont I eat. My bloodwork is perfect. I dont eat often b/c it interrupts my workouts, dont feel well, have no appetite or I'm broke. So I walk away from all too creepily worried sabotagers man or woman. I listen, understanding their place but I walk.

deti said...

"This 50 Shades of Grey stuff is immensely tame compared to the stuff women in that community desire"

From one of Delicious Tacos' most famous posts.

"Nowadays every girl under 25 is a cenobite. They want to be choked, hit, fake raped. They want to lacerate you with sharp nails, scratch at your nipples, bite your bottom lip and draw blood. They all squirt. Ten years ago nobody squirted. It just didn’t exist. Now everybody squirts. Everybody deep throats. Everybody’s into BDSM. She’s a sub telling you on the first date that she needs a forearm in the throat to cum."


" I need you to call me honey bunny, she says. It’s what my dad used to call me. I need you to hit me. I need you to punch me in the boobs. I need you to bite my nipples. I need you to push my face in the pillow. I’m gonna fight back but don’t let me up until I stop breathing for real."


Unknown said...

Women wanted men to be women. What could possibly go wrong there?

That's why their advice is bad. They want you to be women.

1sexistpig2another said...
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1sexistpig2another said...

do NOT take female advice about women.

A tenet of the Manoshpere, and should be included with:

Feminist claim they want equality. What they really want is both male and female privileges without any accountability for women.

The feminine imperative is real.

Women are irrational and inconsistent, they have a capacity for logic but they are not naturally inclined to reason with it.

Hypergamy in women is real. Women tend to marry up, not down.

If a woman thinks she is better than you then she can’t respect you and if she can’t respect you she can’t "love" you.

Men tend to "love" idealistically while women tend to "love" opportunistically.

Watch what women do rather than listen to what they say.

Noah B. said...

"That's why their advice is bad. They want you to be women."

This is just another way that women test men. If a man gives in to this sort of demand, he fails the test.

Bob Loblaw said...

Whatever gave women the idea they deserved the top 5% apex men?

The sad thing for the other 95% is in a society without marriage (or effectively without marriage) women really can share the top 5% and use their vote to get financial support from the incels.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Wait, 50 shades film, not necessarily book, was about bondage and beatings? I retract gross for scary.

On the other hand what a great slap in the face of feminism. 50 shades is the complete opposite of HBOs Girls and raked in cashola, Girls gets bad press.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

@ Iarbo ~ Great story. It must be a scene of great comedy! While I'm not familiar with the BDSM community, I can imagine how powerful women in business who are are forced to behave like a man most of the time would need some extreme forms of submission in order to relax and find a way to feel like a woman again.

Speaking of "sharing the top 5%," I'm aware of a lively 'swingers' community among the financial professional elite here in OC. I recall about 10 years ago an attractive female colleague taking me aside and tearfully confessing to me how her successful financial advisor husband was banging the wives of other bankers at swingers parties they attended together. She wanted to start a sexual relationship with me--probably to make him jealous--which for some reason or another I declined. This kind of thing is probably much more common than you think.

Guitar Man said...


Do you have a blog? Or do you use AG to humble brag your sexcapades?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...



Since 2007.

Unknown said...

Well played LBF

Doom said...

Following a woman into her burrow? Most men shouldn't, and have no need. Find out where she enters and leaves. If hungry, carry a big stick and be slightly patient until the time for that has passed. Although, if you know yourself well, you can easily enter her burrow. Just don't get lost in it. She means to lose you either there, or running away in the world, but not so much. She means to be caught, but just can't give it away. As with war, all the prep is for a few seconds, in many ways. And those who will win it are those who show up, and prepared.

You know, when Indians used to hunt rabbits with sticks, as I suggest, the interesting thing is... they didn't have to chase the rabbit, if they got a good hit right away. If it didn't down the rabbit, the rabbit would track around to them, for another chance. And it would keep doing that so long as it was successfully struck. The circles became ever smaller until bingo. Same same, really. She can't be a wounded dove... unless she is wounded.

Love me some bunny hopper stew, dove ain't too bad either, if both can be a bit bony, and thin if done wrong. It can be quite relative, if you make it so. Not ideal, merely perfect.

Anonymous said...

You don't like this girl's advice:


? It sounds reasonable to me.

Anonymous said...

Women want masculinity (I.e. strength).

The problem is a lot of guys have Superman confused with Lex Luthor. Girls will tolerate Lex Luthor, with all his political power, but only the good guy hero with noble intentions and respect for life will truly make her happy.

Duke of Earl said...

^You're a bit late for April Fools agaltyr.

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