Sunday, March 29, 2015

SJW justice

SJW justice, especially that of the feminist variety, is slow, arbitrary, and irrational, as demonstrated by Wiscon. File 770 has the eyebrow-raising details:
WisCon has reached a conclusion about the harassment complaint filed by Rose Lemberg with the WisCon committee in 2013.

The substance of the complaint was that poet F.J. Bergmann harassed Lemberg by reading the poem “Meet and Marry a Gorgeous Russian Queen” at the Moment of Change-sponsored open mike at WisCon in 2012. Lemberg felt the audience was meant to identify traits mocked in the poem (accent, nationality, academic background) with her. Bergmann denied this here in 2013 and again here in 2015.

WisCon’s Statement on Findings & Recommendations, posted March 27, determined the reading could not be characterized as harassment:

The subcommittee considers F.J. Bergmann’s poem “Meet and Marry a Gorgeous Russian Queen” to be both anti-immigrant and potentially sexist. Given the timing of the poem’s genesis and publication, however, the subcommittee was unable to characterize this particular incident – the reading of the poem during the “Moment of Change” open mic at WisCon 36 – as harassment. The subcommittee’s research has documented that the poem was written long before the conflicts between Bergmann and Lemberg began.

Despite that determination, WisCon recommended Bergmann face consequences for what it termed a “pattern of caustic behavior toward anyone she disagrees with,” which include not allowing Bergmann to attend any of Lemberg’s events at WisCon, and limiting Bergmann’s volunteer duties (if any) to “non-public-facing positions.”
It took them three years to determine that reading a poem in public is not harassment, but they punished the poet for being "anti-immigrant and potentially sexist" anyhow.


Dark Herald said...

both anti-immigrant and potentially sexist.

Potentially sexist? Potentially?! The poem has already been fucking written.

It is already as sexist as it's going to be. It doesn't matter how much water and light it gets, it's not gonna grow any damn more.

Here is the offending poem. If anything, it's anti-gamma male.

cecilhenry said...

This controlling, manipulative, anti-free speech thought control is right out of the USSR.

Stalin would be proud.

That such SJW's can't see that for their desire to control the narrative is truly disgusting.

buzzardist said...

But, of course. What else would one expect from a feminist conference held in Madison, Wisconsin?

As for it taking three years, the crones in Madison have been busy making repeated attempts to boot Scott Walker from office. There are people using Wiscon to wage battles in interpersonal spats, and then there is a governor who is cutting funding to many of the public programs that keep these people employed. Even SJWs are able to maintain a sense of priority when it comes to their public funding shriveling up.

Anonymous said...

Huh. I would have thought hot Russian chicks were the one group (along with white men and Christians, of course) that was still safe to mock, especially among feminists. (They're the one type of immigrant our immigrant-loving leftist government doesn't love, after all.) Irrational indeed; they can't even stick to their prejudices.

Prof. Spudd said...

Here is the offending poem. If anything, it's anti-gamma male.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...


SarahsDaughter said...

When you post things like this I inevitably go down crazy rabbit holes. I've sorted out a bit of the confusion on this one and what appears to be happening is a bit of a cultural phenomenon here in Wisconsin among its well organized Germans.

From what I can tell, Bergmann is a middle aged married woman living in a very small town here in Wisconsin that is less than an hour from Madison. White flight? I'm not sure. Maybe that is home to her family, either way what we are finding very common about these conservative communities around Madison is that while they know they need to give lip service to social justice, their own intelligence and dignity is at stake by going along with the Madison SJW crazy train.

There has been an uptick of crime in Madison that has become very offensive to the white privilege crowd "after all they've done for them." At a neighborhood gathering we got to meet several Madison artists who got ahead of the masses' imminent white flight and purchased their properties for a steal (as we did) and are already seeing their highly coveted properties double in value (ours is up $40K in less than a year). The artists revealed their frustrations of the new demographics of Madison quite candidly. It was hilarious.

Mrs. Bergmann writes on her blog:
It is obvious that I will no longer be safe at WisCon—and I know that I speak for others. I thought I was a part of the WisCon community and sympathetic to its agenda of promoting women and their writing, but I am apparently mistaken. What I’m not part of is a dwindling, vociferous clique with axes to grind, who distort evidence to fit their ideology. And the idea that, should I attend, everything I say and do will be surveilled and interpreted in the most negative way possible is nauseating. Fortunately, I've found that many people in the larger SF community listened to what I had to say, believed me, and supported me; I am not dependent on the approval of what WisCon has become...
...First, covert defamation; and now, being spoken down to as if I were some kind of closet redneck. I have no intention of coming to WisCon under these constraints and negative misperceptions, much less volunteering in any capacity. “… feel comfortable at WisCon should they choose to attend,” my ass.

The SJW's eat their own.

The intriguing thing about this culture here is their historical ability to not just go away quietly. They tolerate, tolerate, tolerate and then once they've had enough they flip the switch - and the trains run on time.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem particularly arbitrary to me. In modern day leftism, a person from a victim class is deemed to have complete honor and therefore all accusations are proof positive that there is a victim. So even when you objectively clear the accused, there is still the matter of the feelbads that need to be redressed.

It also explains the lunacy surrounding Ellen Pao whereby people somehow believe a Jury with a better understanding of the facts than they ever will have, got it wrong.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this isn't all a big Monty Python skit that got out of hand? A penny ante convention spending three years creating a Statement on Findings & Recommendations? They take themselves far too seriously.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Wow, these board meeting broads think way too much!

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

By all means, protect the Ukrainian and Russian beauties!

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Artists? It like the megadeth song, loosely quoting, "I'm kind, I ain't or guess I wasn't your kind"...

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Oh wait, I errored, the poem is anti gamma when the gamma is all estrogeny pro feminist.

Unknown said...

At what point is our righteous eye rolling and push for sanity not aiding the enemy? These things are for ISIS to clean up. Let them feel how the world has always worked when the normal they f with everyday of their stinking lives stop providing sustenance and protection for their inadequacies and silliness. Conservatives, rightists, even reactionaries by and large are simply embracing the role of father in a bat crazy world of deficient sons and slutty, disobediant daughters.

Stop doing it! Take care of your own. Find a livable place and protect it, but by God let those in need of correction get it, and get it in good measure. Only then can they hope to be saved from themselves. Sometimes you have to disown and then pray for the best. It's in God's hands, not ours.

Anonymous said...

@Vincent Castrillo: Very well said.

When the grid goes down these f@@kers are on their own.....if they're lucky.

Anonymous said...

re: Vincent

While "righteous eye rolling and push for sanity" are reactions (along with tongue-clicking, head-shaking, and snorts of disgust), they are not the POINT. The point, conclusion, and bottom line at AG is stop enabling (as you suggest). However, in order for some to reach that conclusion, they must be repeatedly exposed to offensive stimulus.

Markku said...

Here's how Finns deal with SJW's

H/T dw

Nha dep said...

Maybe that is home to her family, either way what we are finding very common about these conservative communities around Madison is that while thiet ke nha dep

Dolarandgold said...

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Anonymous said...

I just came across this and would like to comment on SarahsDaughter's "white flight" assumption about the location of my residence. Madison, where we would have preferred to live, was unaffordable for us in any neighborhood in 2003, when we bought our house, as was for that matter the entirety of the surrounding county. The closest house to Madison we could afford that was not a one-bedroom (we had young children) was in a rural area in an adjacent county. White privilege … right. And inferring from my location that I'm conservative? It stuns me that even the least relevant facets of my life are subject to the most hostile misinterpretation.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Maybe that is home to her family, either way what we are finding very common about these conservative communities around Madison is that while dong trung ha thao tuoi

thiet ke nha dep said...

Potentially sexist? @@

thiet ke nha
nha xinh
duong vat gia da nang

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