Tuesday, December 2, 2014

You may as well shut down

Any men's association as soon as you permit female members:
A coeducational Princeton University eating club has removed two officers from their posts after they sent out emails ridiculing women, in one including a sexually explicit photograph.

The first email, dated Oct. 12, showed a woman engaged in a sex act with a man in one of the public spaces of the club, Tiger Inn. It was sent out by Adam Krop, the club’s vice president, to all the names on a club-wide mailing list, and it was accompanied by a crude joke and a reference to the woman as an “Asian chick.”

Later that night Andrew Hoffenberg, the treasurer, sent an email to the same list regarding a lecture by the Princeton alumna whose lawsuit forced eating clubs to admit women. “Ever wonder who we have to thank (blame) for gender equality,” the email began. “Looking for someone to blame for the influx of girls? Come tomorrow and help boo Sally Frank.”

The Princeton Police Department said last month that it was investigating the first email to determine if a crime had been committed, either in the act itself or the distribution of an explicit photograph, which is illegal in New Jersey without the consent of the people pictured. But Sgt. Steve Riccitello, the public information officer, described the case on Monday as “pretty much on hold until a victim comes forward.”
It is time for college men to start rushing - and thereby destroying - women's sororities and other all-female groups. Women aren't going to start leaving men's associations and organizations in peace until men start methodically destroying their own single-sex enclaves, using the very weapons that women have devised.

“After carefully listening to all sides — and to you,” the board wrote, “it is clear to us that the actions taken by Adam Krop and Drew Hoffenberg in the second week of October were offensive, disrespectful and in direct violation of our core values. This afternoon we asked Adam and Drew to step down as vice president and treasurer.” The letter announced additional measures, including “a slate of officers that is more balanced by gender” and “a safe process for members to report incidents or concerns.”

Every male member of that group should respond by resigning. Tiger Inn is just another casualty of SJW entryism.


swiftfoxmark2 said...

Should have said "Asian slut" in the e-mail. May as well go for broke.

Ghost said...

Bunch of unfunny miserable harpies. There's a great video online of Patrice O'Neal destroying a local NOW president on John Gibson's show, and it's like the visual representation of how every HR department should handle women's complaints. "You only thought it wasn't funny because you don't know funny. I do. Speaking as the expert on funny, I'll go ahead and say, that was funny."

That clip is great for one other reason: he says the words, "ejaculate in her eye and kick her in the shin; she'll walk around like an angry pirate."

Anonymous said...

I am sure her tiger mom would be proud. Then again, if my high school is any indication, the hottest Asians in the Ivy League are at best 6s, so this is about the behavior you would expect out of any female desperate for high status males. All the really attractive Asians (7s mostly maybe an 8 or two) either went to Big State or Stanford.

I am sort of surprised they lost their case. I would think that any organization at Princeton would have the alumni resources to avoid taking University money.

Bobby Dupea said...

“a safe process for members to report incidents or concerns.”

This is the current euphemism for "a process under which threats and complaints can be made without the burden of self-identification or accountability for accuracy. And result in a man being punished."

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Absurd! All the men should resign now and use twitter or some something like that to banter the topic.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

All the males should resign and start a new club, leaving the old club to the women who are ruining it.

liberranter said...

All the males should resign and start a new club, leaving the old club to the women who are ruining it.

Yep. There's nothing whatsover to stop them from forming something off campus that is in no way officially (or even unofficially) affiliated with Princeton. I would even go so far as to say that any attempt by that institution to interfere with such an organization would probably have prestigious lawyers lining up and fighting each other to sue on these guys' behalf.

All of this really does prompt a question, however: Why would any self-respecting man attend an Ivy League school in today's PC climate, no matter how prestigious the name?

Jeff said...

liberranter - the answer is to make $. Now more than ever, connections matter.

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