Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Online dating is tough

And it just got tougher:
A man indicted on arson and burglary charges allegedly set fire to a woman’s home after she rejected his advances on Facebook. Frankfort police say the “disturbing” reason that James Graham, 37, broke into a 22-year-old single mother’s Franklin County home and set it on fire on Nov. 28 is because she “rebuffed” several uncomfortable comments he posted to her Facebook wall, WLEX-TV reports.
Suddenly, the retreat to porn and video games by low rank men doesn't look so bad after all. The problem is, the more women refuse to sexually associate with any men except those in the upper 20 percent, the more desperate the lower 80 percent are likely to become.

Anyhow, it sounds like Omega rage to me.


Matthew said...

I don't think so. Check the races of those involved.

Haus frau said...

Other local news articles have pictures of her, her son, and her would-be suitor. She is clearly a woman who prefers dark meat and, if the comments from people claiming to know her are true (highly amusing), she likes the drama too. At any rate sleep with dogs wake up with fleas.

Retrenched said...

People do weird shit when they're rejected in love sometimes. Some guys burn down girls' houses, while some girls falsely accuse frat boys of gang rape.

Anonymous said...

I want another word for Omegas who aren't homicidal. We're more like harmless psychotics. How about Omegas doubleplus?

Anonymous said...

Race was my 1st thought as well and since the news folks did not show photo of the arsonists it's likely it was a negro. negros like setting White folks on fire.


I also noticed the married sister is fat, the single sister is not (by the photos), which is also very telling.

Layers and layers of potential lessons on this story.

Rek. said...

Perpetrator is black. "Victim" is some white trash slut who likes her meat black. Hot bitch for sure.

Pics included:

Dexter said...

Lawrence Auster often noted that a black man rejected by a white woman -- especially if he actually possessed her, but even if he just thinks he has a chance -- will fly into a homicidal rage.


But here is my question. I don't do Facebook. Don't you have to "friend" the person before they can post something on your wall? So she gave this guy some form of encouragement before she rejected him?

Unknown said...

'Don't you have to "friend" the person before they can post something on your wall?'

If I remember correctly it depends on what security settings they have. If she had it wide open anyone could post.

Unknown said...

'The problem is, the more women refuse to sexually associate with any men except those in the upper 20 percent, the more desperate the lower 80 percent are likely to become.'

From the trend lately...those type of women are sexually associating with those type of men. Read enough stories about how a young white woman dies and a relationship with a black man was involved.

I'm beginning to think this whole women only having sex with the upper 20 is wrong. I think 80% of women are becoming worthless and only having sex with the bottom 20% of men.

R Devere said...

I've found on-line dating relatively easy: write a minimal bio emphasizing your accomplishments and a range of some interest in girly stuff; no photo needed but if you do just one with a decent smile should do---don't use the photos to brag, use IT to show you're not Quasimodo. When you text, try to be witty and a little goofy, with a minimal use of words. Ask a couple simple questions about what she posted and humorously and gently mock a couple of her points. Don't wink, email and try to set a meeting with the first or second email, suggesting to do something different from getting together for drinks. I like bookstores or odd little museums that interest me. Face to face in a public place will put her at ease and you can then work your neg charms and game the hecj out of her at low cost to you. Oh ans stop whining and start doing---but not the radical sh*t!.

Anonymous said...

Anyhow, it sounds like Omega rage to me.

If Graham was white or Asian, then yes, I'd say Omega. But since we now know he's black, and blacks have much shorter fuses, perhaps this is more of a case of a skeezy black Gamma going after a white coalburner that he figured would give it up easily. (A black Delta would, I figure, hit on her then back off if she rejected him.)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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