Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No wonder they hate Christmas

Dalrock on the special Hell that is Christmastime for feminists:
As I explained in my first post of the new year, feminists are ugly because they are miserly with love.  But the year is almost over, and as the seasons change so do feminists.  This is the time of year when a feminist’s thoughts turn from resentment of the toil and drudgery of everyday life, to resentment of the toil and drudgery of Christmas.  Jessica Valenti at The Guardian speaks for ugly feminists everywhere with her heart felt Christmas missive "No, I will NOT wrap all the presents. Why are women still responsible for the holiday joy?"

    …jingle bell time aside, it’s a goddamn clusterfuck.
Of course Christmas is a special Hell for feminists. It is the celebration of the triumph of hope, joy, and love over their father, the devil. Christmas is, like the Word whose birth it celebrates, the great divider. As long as a man or a woman loves Christmas, there is hope for him. As long as one's soul, however withered and grey, feels even a modicum of the season's good cheer, there is an ember of joy that is a reflection of the Eternal inside.

Evil and all its servitors and minions hate Christmas because it is a constant reminder that although the night is dark, men are sinful, and the world is fallen, hope and joy remain, in the symbol of the little child in a manger, who is Christ the Lord.

Il verbo si fece carne e venne ad abitare in mezzo a noi.


Unknown said...

Couldn't have said better. Merry Christmas!

JimH said...

Interestingly enough, Dick the Dawk is on record as saying he enjoys Christmas, even singing Christmas carols. There's hope for all of us!

Matthew said...

We've gotten out of the habit of wrapping presents for our children, out of sheer laziness. My wife decided to start doing it again this year. During the process last night, she happily exclaimed that she had forgotten how much she loved wrapping things.

It is about love. Love of friends and relations. The love of busy hands doing small things. The love of insignificant and ephemeral beauties in everyday life.

Ghost said...

I sincerely believe that Christmas music (outside of caroling) was created by the devil to cause hatred of Christmas. Every time I hear "last Christmas, I have you my heart," I feel like crushing the larynx of whatever joyless windbag is ruining my good cheer.
What's next, a Very Dubstep Christmas?

Jason Roberts said...

I bet if you polled feminists on their favorite holiday, Halloween would top at +70%

Ghost said...

+90%. Without question.

Unknown said...

It's the one day of the year they can be sluts without having the shame go along with it.

Trust said...

Okay Valenti. Maybe women christmas shoo morrle and wrap more gifts than men. But I'm also sure men pay more of the christmas bills and get fewer gifts than women.

One can always count on her to point out ways she think things are unfair, but she thinks the area where.she has an advantage are a-ok.

Doom said...

On that note, Merry Christmas.

May it be a blessed island retreat from concerns that aren't what it is all about. A reminder of what it is about. Friends, family, and God. Blessings, hope, faith, and charity be with you and yorn.

macengr said...

@Ghost: Ask, and you shall receive.

Dexter said...

I spent hours wrapping presents yesterday, so fuck off Valenti you wretched shrew.

Prof. Spudd said...

Merry Christmas and down with feminism.

Crowhill said...

This post reminded me of the moral / spiritual significance of the lament in Narnia that it was "always winter and never Christmas!"

Happy Housewife said...

Hateful woman. Just use a gift bag if it's so oppressive.

Trust said...

People like Valenti, though they deny it and may not consciously realize it, continually push for a system where everything a woman does is optional and everything a man does is mandatory.

That is an extreme view, but that direction is always where they want to move.

Matamoros said...

The darkness hates the light. Christ's birth shows that God is indeed interested in Man, and his resurrection shows the triumph of good over evil. The evil plans of SJWs, marxists, et al., are already defeated. We are just awaiting the end game victory that has already been made known by the Christ through His Church and Word.

Matamoros said...

Merry Christmas to all men of good will!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to do a Christmas partial thread-jack here and get something off my chest...

It's Christmas Eve. And we all know the story about how Jesus is born in a stable because there was no room at the inn. A story that has been used to bash the poor innkeeper all my life. How DARE he! Nasty capitalist pig oppressor! Oh, how the SJWs have blasted the memory of that poor, unnamed fellow.

But let's think about it. God would not have caused His Son to be born in an unworthy place. Humble, yes, for Christ's work was about humility - but not unworthy.

Put yourself in the place of the innkeeper. You're running your inn. It's packed full, probably a madhouse. And then Joseph comes knocking. He needs a room. Really needs a room, his wife is in labor. The easiest thing in the world would have been to say, "Sorry, we're full. Try somebody else."

But that innkeeper didn't. He scratched his head and thought about how to solve the problem. He just couldn't leave Mary to give birth out in the cold. Throwing out guests to make room wasn't an acceptable solution, since all it did was leave someone ELSE out in the cold. Not to mention that the inn rooms probably weren't that large - certainly not large enough for delivering a child.

So he solved the problem the best he could. The stables. Not fancy, but shelter...and roomy. Not a perfect solution, just the best he could come up with using what he had.

And as we prepare to celebrate Christmas, let us spare a thought for all the people who are doing their best with what they have. The people who are improvising solutions, however imperfect, with the resources available...and not giving in to the temptation to shove the problem off onto someone else. People like that innkeeper.

Merry Christmas.

SarahsDaughter said...

As long as one's soul, however withered and grey, feels even a modicum of the season's good cheer, there is an ember of joy that is a reflection of the Eternal inside.

Thank you for this perspective. It comes from an optimism that is lacking not just with feminists and SJW's, its lack is rampant in the Christian community. From those who proudly and often condescendingly profess their non celebration of Christmas due to pedantry (of when Christ was born or refusal to celebrate any day with "pagans"), as well as the Christians who are offended that anyone should take joy in this holiday if they do not adhere to the Bible on all other days.

The enemy seeks to take our joy, don't let sour puss feminists or Christians help him do so with their whining and complaining.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful reminder of the joy that is upon us! I am preparing oyster stew, sweet potato biscuits with country ham, and will wrap until my back tells me to go to bed. I'm also listening to really good Christmas music - it's out there. Do not listen to crappy substitutes.

Merry Christmas, Ilk. Unto us a child is born!

JDC said...

last Christmas, I have you my heart

I wouldn't be as much enraged as I would be confused. Remember, all your base are belong to us.

Matthew said...

" I'm also listening to really good Christmas music - it's out there. Do not listen to crappy substitutes."

The late John Fahey's acoustic guitar Christmas album

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I would like to wish Vox and Alpha Game readers a Merry Christmas. This blog is a constant source of entertainment and enlightenment.

MichaelJMaier said...

Merry Christmas, AG blog fans.

Hug your loved ones.

Unknown said...

Ah, Vox. Feminists don't hate Christmas, they hate the fact that they're women. They think they're womyn with a y, which is why they feel left out of Traditional Holidays with Traditional Sex Roles. They can do anything men can do, except things that men know how to do, which is why they want men to do hair and domestic work like housework. Sure, they can't do that either, but they suck less at those activities, and when you're a loser you have to reduce the SUCK!
Traditional Sex Roles just confuse Feminists who can't understand Biological reality becasue its part of Reality, and that's the most hated enemy of all for Feminists - REALITY!

John Williams said...

It's a celebration of a birth. I think that's enough, right there for a feminist to choke on.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Merry Christmas all. My wife is in bed, growing child #3. My mom and I are listening to Symphony Hall Christmas on the satellite tv and sipping Baileys on the rocks. I love Christmas. My little boys are jumping up and down for Christmas presents, Santa and Grandma. My youngest son is receiving his own package of Kerry gold raw Irish butter. He thinks it's cheese, so he eats it with his face right off of the butter dish.

Thou shalt call his name Jesus? For He shall save his people from their sins.

hank.jim said...

"Why are women still responsible for the holiday joy?"

Plus another glorious article via Instapundit by a feminist complains about Christmas celebrating males while women doing the behind the scenes work (as elves I suppose).

Feminists want to shift the Christmas burden on to men, but even this will fail. It is contradictory to complain about men getting undeserved credit when they might actually do the work as women refuse.

Women are not joyful to have around. Lets have more articles about porn and robot strippers, but maybe on the day after Christmas.

MichaelJMaier said...

"My youngest son is receiving his own package of Kerry gold raw Irish butter. He thinks it's cheese, so he eats it with his face right off of the butter dish."

I am still trying to figure out why this is not socially acceptable in public...

Ghost said...

I hate you so very, very much right now.

Merry Christmas, one and all!

YIH said...

What's next, a Very Dubstep Christmas?
Wellll, now that you mention it...
Personally I dislike any new Christmas song since 1980, such as the cheesy ''Simply having a wonderful Christmas time'' which is the audio version of 80's fashion.

Nataliya said...

"It is the celebration of the triumph of hope, joy, and love over their father, the devil."
Sorry, but that's some wacky explanation. Feminists need to come up with more and more problems to prove women's victimhood and stay relevant. Simple as that.

SarahsDaughter said...

Feminists need to come up with more and more problems to prove women's victimhood and stay relevant

Why do you think this need exists, Nataliya?

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Christmas is really about LEGOS. Everyone knows that, and if hey disagree with you they work for Lord Business.

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2 days later and I am not letting Christmas go just yet.

This matter is not only a dying worldview its also a nasty spirit.

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