Saturday, March 8, 2014

A pre-ruined institution

It is satisfying to see the feminists, who clearly are running out of targets, turning on one of the historic bastions of male leftists:
Women run just a quarter of the biggest art museums in the United States and Canada, and they earn about a third less than their male counterparts, according to a report released on Friday by the Association of Art Museum Directors, a professional organization.

The group examined salary data on the 217 members it had last year through the prism of gender, for the first time. The report noted strides made by women at small and midsize museums, with budgets under $15 million, often university or contemporary-art institutions. Here, women have basically achieved parity, holding nearly half of the directorships and earning just about the same as men. But the gap is glaring at big institutions, those with budgets over $15 million: Only 24 percent are led by women, and they make 29 percent less than their male peers.

And just five of the 33 most prominent art museums — those with budgets greater than $20 million — have women at the helm.
Let's not only see sex-based quotas, but retroactive sex-based quotas at the Art Museums. Monet knows women couldn't do any worse than their male counterparts have done, even if they turn them all into knitting exhibits or cat portrait studios.

That's the one nice thing one can say about modern art. Women can't ruin it. Men already took care of that.


Anonymous said...

There should be lots of black-knighting opportunities in cases like this. Yes, force all left-wing institutions to obey the quotas they use to beat up the right and reward their constituent victim groups. Shame every PAC, every art organization, every school board, every university, every left-wing charity, until it has the appropriate number of women, blacks, gays, and transvestites at every level.

I'm reminded of those pictures Steve Sailer posted, of the Obama campaign's geek squad that dominated social media -- rooms full of nothing but white guys, with the occasional woman or Asian. They should be hammered with charges of racism/sexism/whatever-ism until they stock the proper number of Puerto Rican she-males and black gay ex-Mormons. If they can't find any that know how to use computers, well, too bad -- our diversity is too important to be forestalled by such minor concerns.

Temp said...

I can't wait until feminists bring this sort of analysis to organize crime, talk about male dominate, they are ripe for reform.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Well, I wonder what the Association of Art Museum Assistant Directors has to say about this.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

I think the income inequality between crack whores and their assistants is just appalling!

Allabaster said...

I went to an american art exhibit here in Sydney and every piece since around 1900 was absolute garbage. It seems that the culture that we made allowed the leaches and parasites to thrive and dictate our culture back over the top of us.

Doom said...

Actually, I can't think of a better place for feminists to cockroach in. Although I have to admit, while they are a staple in academia, they haven't actually taken it over. I can't see how they could hurt there, either, at this point.

Bob Loblaw said...

I went to an american art exhibit here in Sydney and every piece since around 1900 was absolute garbage.

That's why anymore so much of the money comes from the government, either through academia or directly from grants. Normal people won't pay for that crap, and one wonders if the people who do are engaging in an exercise of straight conspicuous consumption. I know a professional artist who makes his living as the "artist in residence" for a development company. He wouldn't dare to try passing off sliced cows or crucifixes in urine as art.

Government sponsored art is virtually guaranteed to rot from the inside.

tz said...

Half OT - Is exhibitionism an art exhibit? One of the hazards of travel is staying at hotels that might have something on the TVs such as CNN/HLN.

Like today, where to keep my breakfast descending through my pyloric valve I needed to avert my eyes:


She may be fit. But she can only pull the remainder after she pulls her own.

I am sympathetic to the extend that they are told to count calories, so avoid (leptin inducing) fat and instead eat sugars and starches by the current elite experts.

But it would be an interesting experiment if Shoggoths would not revert if subjected to LCHF diets.

And Wymyn can make things worse. Modern art goes beyond the graphic. They can play Schoenberg instead of Muzak in the galleries featuring the paintings of compost heaps.

Anonymous said...

"I went to an american art exhibit here in Sydney and every piece since around 1900 was absolute garbage."

That's because the CIA in the 50's deliberately got art away from making any sort of social comment - you know, paintings of homeless people, the senselessness of war: that sort of thing. It was they who backed Jackson Pollock and other painters of nothing in particular, who eviscerated art. Can't have people saying bad things about nukes, or the cold war. Bad for business.

Anyway. I'm sure we are looking forward to the terribly arty and important work of female artists.

Unknown said...

What percentage of those male directors of major art institutions are gay? Is this going to be another round of "my diversity trumps yours"?

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