Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Protect yourselves, ladies

So whatever happened to all those strong, independent women who are equal to men? It's always amusing how women's pretensions to equality disappear the moment danger appears:
"Where are our men? Why are they not protecting us?" Sanchez continued, her voice full of frustration. "Men are failing us. I feel as though we are not being protected."

Like a lot of us, she's hot as hell about what's been happening. Sanchez, though, is turning her outrage into action by reaching out to other local women, urging them to gather with her at 9 a.m. Saturday at the site where Thomas was killed, to call on city officials and also on their communities to protect them...

He pointed out that the old code of the streets, that thieves don't hurt women and children, is no longer honored.
Men have been subjected to forty years of propaganda telling them that those old codes are outdated no longer apply. They have been taught from kindergarten that men and women are exactly the same. So, women shouldn't be surprised when bad men no longer treat them with kid gloves, but prey upon them as mercilessly as they do upon other men.

Nor should they be surprised when good men won't lift a finger or run any risks to defend them.

If you want my protection, then you had damned well better be willing to admit that you are not my equal, that you are not my peer, and you had better subscribe to those old codes. One cannot appeal to that which does not exist. Men haven't failed women, women simply rejected the old codes and the male protection that was a part of it without thinking through the consequences.


Robert said...

The hamster often says, "oh, yes, men and women are in general equal, but my husband is much better than the common run of men. That's why I chose him. And that's why I can rely on him to protect me. And, since he's such a nice guy, he won't take advantage of my needy weakness to make me obey him, so let's just take those words out of the marriag service! My grrrrlfriends wouldn't like it if I left them in."

Weouro said...

In the Catholic sphere women are always saying "men and women are equal in dignity!!!" Which is a little better than saying they're just plain equal. It's the exception that proves the rule. Those women don't need protection from men, they're equal in dignity!

SarahsDaughter said...

I can imagine they're not interested in the advice to stop staying out until 2:30 in the morning with their girlfriends at the nightclub. Their gathering will likely appeal to the city/tax payers to hire men to escort them so that their "rights" are not restricted.

Alexander said...

Huh. Maybe Scalzi should inform these urban jack-the-lads about his harassment policy, and start contacting the clubs in question that they need to get on board with adopting and promoting it. Throw in a few safe spaces and the problem should sort itself out in time for the next dress fitting.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Selective Service

Anonymous said...

Equality means sacrificing privileges as well as embracing rights, ladies. You're not entitled to special protection if you demand equal treatment.

Harambe said...
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Harambe said...

OMG something happened to me personally. It has gone too far! Something needs to be done now!

tweell said...

Well, Pennsylvania is a 'shall issue' state as far as concealed weapons go. These strong independent women should be getting their permit and pistol. I see no reason for me to take a bullet for them, I'm not any more bullet-proof than they are.

Borepatch said...

Yes, but the Feminists who rewrote the old norms are all upper class or upper middle class and don't go to those dangerous neighborhoods.

I.e. Feminism as practiced is SWPL entitled class warfare.

Bike Bubba said...

OK, what ever happened to the idea of telling people that being in dicey neighborhoods at 2:40am while drunk is not exactly a brilliant move? Put gently, the reason most men weren't protecting the victim is they were at home, warm, dry, sober, and with their wives at the time, not out at a dicey bar on the bad side of town.

Feather Blade said...

Bike Bubba said...
OK, what ever happened to the idea of telling people that being in dicey neighborhoods at 2:40am while drunk is not exactly a brilliant move?

I think sensible advice like that falls under the category of "victim-blaming".

It's not like these women want solutions, all they really want is tea and sympathy.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Perhaps these females should be attending a book reading or the symphony instead of a nightclub? Just a thought.

It's not just protection, it's also about the deference that women traditionally have expected from men. Stop holding doors open for them, for example, especially the career bitches, and note their reaction. I wrote about this a year or so ago. It can be amusing.

swiftfoxmark2 said...

The men aren't out at 2 AM to protect these bitches because they won't get sex in return.

I'm sorry, but what part of the marriage contract did the feminists forget about? The part where they are allowed to act like whores until they've nearly hit the wall? Or the part where men don't bother to waste their lives on women who would rather shove their heels down their throats than spend a few dates with them.

This is a classic case of MGTOW. We'd rather live the fantasy because the fantasy is what we're sold. The reality is, most women out at nightclubs at 2 AM are not the kind we want to marry and protect.

Miguel D'Anconia said...

Welcome to equality sweetheart! Doing stupid sh*t has consequences.

buzzardist said...

Women as a sex are obsessed with feeling safe. They will vote away liberty in a heartbeat if it helps them feel safe. They will cower in a man's arms if it helps them feel safe. They will do just about anything to feel safe.

It's when they already feel completely safe that women start making demands about equality and the like. And it's when they feel safe that they wander the streets at 2 a.m. in a small group of women. Feeling of safety shattered, these stupid women now come running back to men, begging for safety. Some men may step up and provide it, as these women undoubtedly will give up something precious in return.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

"They will vote away liberty in a heartbeat if it helps them feel safe."

Precisely. This is why women should not be allowed to vote. We must take away this privilege.

En-sigma said...

It is hard to know where to start. Go back all the way and women have been stolen from different groups of people from the beginning of time. They were the prize of the old world - not for pedestals, not to be set up and taken care of, but to be violated and be kept as slaves and harems and worse - so let us not fool ourselves into believing some romantic notion of how the white guy in the black hat simply rode off and married the stolen heroine here. Women have always suffered unless a man (or men) rescued her. Just read the book of the female (Jessica Lynch) who was in the news after her detachment was destroyed and had to be rescued - she does not make the same excuses the media did.

But when women "need a man like a fish needs a bicycle," then there aint many bicycles around when the fish need em.

They sold us down the river for feminism and the buy back price is too high for them.

Retrenched said...

You've come a long way, baby!

Now, deal with it.

En-sigma said...

It should also be pointed out that they are not addressing crime here, they are addressing random males who have no vested interest in these women, and who may never get the time of day otherwise - to put themselves in harms way for them. These "gatherings" are not to address the perpetrators (because heaven forbid we identify the perpetrators race, sex, age), they are to address being protected.

Female solipsism does not recognize a problem until it effects them - and then they do not offer a solution to the problem, but a solution that stops the problem from effecting THEM. And not a solution that they THEMSELVES would need to implement or adapt to, but A SOLUTION THAT MEN NEED TO CHANGE AND ADAPT TO IN ORDER TO MAKE THE LIFE OF THAT PARTICULAR WOMAN EASIER.

I suppose it is also hard to know where to stop...

Feather Blade said...

It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye?

CarpeOro said...

I've mentioned it before, but I'll bring it up again. My wife has said before that as a gentleman I can't hit a woman... for any reason.
I corrected her: as a gentleman, I can't hit a lady.
She replied that she was a lady.
My rejoinder was that it wasn't a title without strings. She had to act like one.
Even the best of women have no real understanding of a social contract these days. The government has made it clear they don't have to honor them (no fault divorce) and don't suffer the consequences (alimony if they want, men generally little say). They fail to understand that not all social contracts are government imposed and enforced. The one between gentlemen and ladies is entirely voluntary and BOTH sides have a say still in who is recognized as such.

Alexander said...

Nah, it's all fun and games until the gurrrrl in question loses an eye. Before then, it's a wise nod that you can't have the equality omelette without a mountain of lost eyeballs.

GB said...

This article is a great example of how complying with a mugger is unwise. They did as they were told and they still shot them. Ladies, if a person with a gun demands your purse, throw it and run away. You are a mug harder target to hit if you are not standing still at point blank range. Handguns are not accurate and most bullet wounds are survivable. Just throw it and run.

Anonymous said...

I corrected her: as a gentleman, I can't hit a lady.

My rule these days when it comes to opening doors and so on is that I'll do it for a woman who's wearing a skirt. If she's wearing a dress or skirt, she's making some attempt at femininity, so I'll reward that with chivalry. If she's wearing slacks, she's declaring her equality to men, and she can shovel her own snow.

It's not a perfect rule, but it's working well for me. I still get to enjoy doing the occasional favor for a lady, hopefully encouraging that behavior, and I also get to enjoy sitting back and watching all those strongandindependent girls struggle with carrying their own loads.

Revelation Means Hope said...

Ah BJ,
you must be a man. Men think on risks and lesser risks. Women don't. They comply with the threat, even if logic suggests that there is no safety in compliance. Exceptions exist of course, but look at the vast history of women sticking around with severe abusers, compliance with kidnappers even when presented with opportunity to escape, prostitutes with their pimps, etc.

Krul said...

I believe the technical term for this sort of thing is "nagging".

Salt said...

My only concern is, when in a position where while knighting might be available, would it be uncouth to instead sit back, watch the show, and order a pizza?

Feather Blade said...

I hope that the NRA shows up to the protest, handing out "women's self-defense with firearms" pamphlets. The fireworks would be beautiful to watch.

Doom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Doom said...

Man, I love when a women who squeaks. It means fucking time. "Shut up, spread, now go away unless you have something to bring to the table". Well, that's what I said when I "believed"* women were equal. You would be surprised at how many free meals that speech delivers. Just... saying.

*allowed women to think whatever for my own gain

God knows I miss ass, but I am looking for a right woman, not just any typical woman. Still can hit that target, it just isn't worth my seed. No product, no seed. All I'm saying.

William said...

First woman have to realize that men aren't impervious to attacks from men. There's no better way to NOT receive help then to think a person's help is easy and effortless.
Lmao at this supposed code, who expects someone so desperate for money they'd shoot someone to adhere to a code ?

Dexter said...

In the Catholic sphere women are always saying "men and women are equal in dignity!!!" Which is a little better than saying they're just plain equal. It's the exception that proves the rule. Those women don't need protection from men, they're equal in dignity!

You stagger out of a bar drunk at 2am and get shot by a mugger... you're bleeding to death in the gutter... where's your dignity now, idiot?

Shaun said...

It was about a year and a half ago since I found this blog (or rather since they found me). I was a "hapless delta" wondering what had hit me. It's amazing how things change in a year and a half. See August 2012 posts under "Fictional abuse and female absolution"

It's not perfect, but I find myself in a better position to predict behavior than I was before, given an awareness of the power dynamic and about a year and a half of thinking on it often.

Lots of burned people on here. I tend to turn here when I'm feeling burned or frustrated with the feminist movement.

I think lots of things can be summarized.

Game: women lie more than men, because men are more logical than women. dear deltas: women lie. it's a sense of itself, so you'd better adjust yourselves accordingly and figure it out. it'll make more sense after a while.

Feminism: women are not logical and turn towards the things that they think make them happy, like being manly and working and doing manual labor because it's what they like in a man. it's really dumb, and they start to burn out around their late 20's. if they aren't burned out, it's usually because they are either delusional or because they have accepted their fate as undesirable. which sucks for them.

thanks for everything, guys. although some of you reek of being burned. that was me during my first 6 months, and boy does it suck and everyone can see it around you.

And for goodness sake - get in the gym, and stop looking at porn. For anyone wondering, your testosterone levels are actually higher when you abstain. and you stop releasing dopamine when you look at women, and you start to care less and you end up being more stable. which is good.

Johnny said...

I think "forty years of propaganda telling them that those old codes are outdated no longer apply" is only a secondary reason. The primary reason is close to what swiftfoxmark2 said: after 50 years of hypergamy, it's dawning on more and more men that women will never fulfill their side of the social contract, and that most men don't have a shot at marrying a woman of equal value.

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