Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's a big world

Keoni Galt describes the Imputed Income Trap which puts men in debtor's prison for being unable to pay the court-dictated child support:
Deadbeats everywhere, look out! You've been identified, and classified and you WILL be brought to justice.

By virtue of marrying and having children in today's Brave New World Order, you are now officially eligible to join the ranks of all the other peons called "deadbeat dads." All that needs happen is your wife to deem you no longer fit to share her domestic living space, and you too will become just another American peon.

What's a peon, you ask? Go to wiki and look up the term "peonage."

Modern day child support laws and the entire Family Court System, is nothing more than 21st century peonage.

Our current child support system in the USSA Inc., is a travesty of justice and a clear abrogation of the 13th amendment of the Constitutions abolition of involuntary servitude.

But remember, only Men are eligible to become Imputed Income Peons. As commenter Pugs Fugly noted:

And yet….my ex-wife hasn’t paid a dime in over a year, I’m talking 11K in arrears, and the state does nothing.  They talk a great deal; the people I have to deal with have explained that revoking her license or issuing a warrant for her arrest are only considered as a “last resort” but they won’t explain or even hint when we’ll finally get to that point.

I realize this won't be popular, but I would advise men in failing marriages to make it very clear to their soon-to-be ex-wives that they will not be paying child support beyond a mutually agreed-upon amount, they will only be paying it so long as they remain employed, and that any attempt to involve third parties in what is a family matter will be met with an immediate international relocation and an end to all child support as well as all contact with the children.

If the woman is still willing to light the fuse once the relocation bomb has been armed, then there is little chance that she was going to permit her ex-husband to have a relationship with his children anyhow. On the macro level, the unjust system will not die until men refuse to keep submitting to it.

It's a big world out there, full of possibilities. If your ex-wife is determined to put an end your current life, then accept that it is over and go build yourself a brand new one somewhere else that doesn't give a damn about US family courts.


Shimshon said...

A guy who's YouTube channel I follow did just this. He relocated from Canada to Chile in almost no time flat when his ex started to make excessive child support demands. He didn't describe the breakdown in too much detail, but it was classic. He has some means, and was willing to pay quite a bit, but ultimately left (and he has children).

Dexter said...

It's only a matter of time before they pass a law that "deadbeat dads" can't leave the country -- if that law does not exist already.

Anonymous said...

Dexter, it already exists; when I owned a little business that required me to know about the passport rules, child support orders in arrears were grounds for the State Department to refuse a passport. Mr. Bradley must have loved his momma, because he sure hated men.

Ron said...


This is why you always want a second passport, and to have a good chunk of your value out of the country.

S. Thermite said...

Dexter, they do have such laws, at least in the state where I reside. One of my friends moved back in with his folks and started raising his young son without his wife after she started cheating on him and got knocked-up by another man. Their divorce was eventually finalized, and eventually she wants their son to stay with her on weekdays. He agreed, and almost immediately the state hit him for back child support on the two years that he and his folks were raising his son PLUS support on the bastard child who's adulterous drug-dealing dad was nowhere to be found. Fast-forward 6 or 8 years and my buddy is unemployed and thousands of dollars behind in child support, and can no longer renew his passport. He's paying it down now, and has been for a couple years, but driving his folks across the border in Canada to visits their relatives is no longer a privilege the government sees fit to grant him.

Anonymous said...

All men should be required to take a class in the domestic relations law of their particular state so they can understand just how bad the system is rigged against them. Oh and FYI stay out of New York State. Child support here runs to age 21! Most other states end it at 18 but not NY.

ws1835 said...

A tidbit to consider.....

Even if you want to have kids, most of the current state systems make it unwise to actually marry. You will still owe child support, but many of the secondary rules are different if you weren't married. For instance, in the great state of Washington, any child conceived while you are married is yours. Period. The sperm donor involved need never to be identified. She cheats, you pay.

Have a lovely hypergamous day!

Anonymous said...

I know a homeless guy who just got a visit from the sheriff in the shelter, demanding child support and threatening jail time. Robocop, no sense of irony. Anyway, this dude's pretty cool, good dad, good coworker, no mental illness, a little dim maybe (there are worse sins), just picked the wrong girl is all. I loan the guy money as my $8/hr allows (yeah, I know, pharisee receiving his payment in full here).

So that's the world we live in. Lolzlozzoloz, right?

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks for the linkage, VD.

It's a big world out there, full of possibilities. If your ex-wife is determined to put an end your current life, then accept that it is over and go build yourself a brand new one somewhere else that doesn't give a damn about US family courts.

Easier said than done when you have kids....BUT, it should be a matter of principle, refusing to negotiate with terrorists, since what else should you call a person who seeks to hold your children hostage for money?

Random said...

So is there a process whereby a person can simply go to another country and apply for residency, if they have little or no resources?

I'm wholly ignorant of what's involved in relocating to another country (but very interested if it's feasible). Do you know of any resources I could use to investigate options?

Jew613 said...

Random, if you are looking to relocate your personnel situation plays a huge part. Do you speak any languages besides English? Because many countries where English isn't the primary language will make it much easier if you speak the dominant language.

Some countries allow you to apply and receive citizenship if you had a grandparent who was a citizen there. Then you can receive a passport from that country even while residing in the States. Any chance you had a foreign born parent or grandparent who never formally renounced their citizenship?

There are some law firms that specialize in helping people emigrate to foreign countries. While it can be expensive hiring one of them is probably your easiest method of wading the complicated immigration laws.

Here is also a general rule, if you are wealthy, an engineer, or even a skilled tradesman countries even in the first world will be happy to give you an employment visa or even permanent residency which puts you on the road to citizenship.

This link is for a Canadian law firm specializing in immigration which gives a top ten list of the most immigration friendly countries.Top 10 immigration friendly countries I thought this might be a good place to start.

CostelloM said...

This post is exactly correct. Get out but you need to do more than just say you will do it as the first thing your potential ex will do in such a situation is get her lawyer to demand your passport under penalty of prison or have an order that you can't leave the U.S. without some outrageous amount of money sitting in a bank account slated for child support future payments.

Brass tacks. Get a passport and hide it. Do not let your wife know you have one. I don't care if your marriage is happy you might not get much warning and if you do you could easily misconstrue it. Keep the passport up to date by which I mean renew it every other year (i'd say every year but the State dept. will start asking questions as to why you keep destroying/losing/getting yours stolen every year). That gives you at the minimum 7 years to fix your problem. 7? Don't you mean 8? No. Most places on Earth demand at least one year to 18 months left on the passport before they will issue you a visa even if you have had several before. That is only one of the gotchas, here is another. Pages.

The pages in a U.S. passport are made of "security" paper which means they glow under IR and UV light and have all sorts of tamper resistant crap on them. Simple mundanes cannot make copies. Understand that every place you visit and certainly every place you get a visa from will demand a fresh page. No self respecting banana republic would ever dane to affix the great seal of their customs entry on a page that has been despoiled by another nation... perish the thought! And certainly they won't place a visa atop any stamps which means a typical 20 page passport can last you... not long. Not long at all and you will be traveling more especially for things like visa runs in some places so GET EXTRA PAGES PUT IN. Tell them you'll be traveling all over East Asia where visa runs are common. With 50 plus pages you'll be okay.

If you don't have parents, grandparents, or any relatives in other countries so as to claim a legit avenue to citizenship you'll have to do it the hard way. Time, money, and possibly marriage and choose your country well. Get 10 to 20 copies of your birth certificate (LONG FORM unless you are Obama) and sealed University transcripts. Get 5 copies of your FBI background check and get all of these apostilled or legalized for the target country. There are some places that simply WONT grant you citizenship ever. China for instance. Yes you can get a green card eventually if you have a Chinese wife, a house, lots of money, and know several high officials personally BUT that green card is tied to your PASSPORT which you can't renew. If you can't renew your passport you can't renew your residency identification cards - the last thing you want is to be a "legal resident" but unable to renew your cards which you need for everything banking, housing, hotels, jobs, etc. You need a 2nd passport!

CostelloM said...

Part 2..

Remember - You can't renew your passport and if you lose it or its stolen game over period. The U.S. embassy will not be sympathetic. I don't care if you have 3 children who will starve in your new country home with you at the time you try to renew they WONT do it and will blandly tell you to go home and pay. If you say that this means prison and homelessness for you and starvation for your children in ...country... they will not care and will tell you to seek redress through the courts. They will say this with a straight face, ridiculous as the concept is. I have seen 2 families personally broken up over this so choose wisely. Residency doesn't solve your long term problem - you need 2nd citizenship. Remember that and if you can get things organized BEFORE you have to leave you'll be 99 percent ahead of the game. Don't tell your wife you are doing this...

Believe it or not there are still some places that will open a bank account for you even if you are American. Take a little vacation there, get e-banking, and start quietly moving money there after an initial big deposit. Even if your wife knows about it because of its location all her lawyer can do is bitch to the judge who will order you to hand it over. They can't seize it directly which they can and will do if it is in the U.S. or Canada. Since you are planning on violating court decrees anyway you might as well have some cash they can't touch when the ball drops. Also nice to have a VISA card that she can't max out or get canceled. Needless to say this card stays hidden with your passport.

The ultimate lesson here is that the second your wife decides to do this you become in every sense a slave. Your labor, freedom, and life are now chattel for her to dispose of as she and the courts see fit. You are not a full human and if you want to be free you need to start acting and thinking like a runaway slave circa 1840. You will not be granted any sympathy regardless of the circumstances and if you tell any woman from the U.S. you meet about what you are doing her mouth will open, eyes will roll back, and she will mimic a body snatchers creature complete with scream and pointing finger. You will be completely on your own BUT you will be free. Yes your father needs you. And your mother. And your cat will miss you and your goldfish can't live without you either. And your work won't permit it. And if freedom is worth less to you than your current illusion of comfort may your chains rest lightly upon you. Good luck.

Test said...

I agree with everything you wrote. It would be tough to go without seeing the kids though...

CostelloM said...

True - it's tough. But understand that if you stay and your ex decides you shouldn't see them then there is functionally no difference between not seeing them from abroad and not seeing them from inside the U.S. Of course you also run the real risk of prison through false accusations and child support arrears. So really its not seeing them from abroad or not seeing them from prison.

Unknown said...

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