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In which the Chateau recognizes a minor contribution to the socio-sexual hierarchy, which he identifies as "the Renegade Alpha":
The blogger Vox, an esteemed member of the realtalker shock troops, has his own delineation of male status based off of the original CH socio-sexual classifications, which he has said is a refinement of the original, but which CH guardians of the Good Word of Game say amounts to an aesthetic rewording of the primeval texts. Vox’s male ranks could easily superimpose onto CH’s ranking system, because the CH hierarchy is not, as is commonly assumed by readers who have barely skimmed the ancient writings, a stark dichotomy separating alphas from betas, but rather is a continuous SPECTRUM running the gamut from the lowly omega dregs to the zero-point-one percenter super alphas. Within that spectrum there is room for every male socio-sexual rank, including the mysterious Renegade Alpha, which Vox names the Sigma Male....

Very loosely, the Renegade Alpha is a seducer of women first, and a leader of men second, if at all. Though in fact the two conditions are not mutually exclusive. A cad bounder who defies the rules can also lead a small contingent of men, although the sweep of his influence may be constrained by his chosen hedonistic lifestyle.
Notice that CH has clearly understood, as many readers have not, that there is no fundamental difference between the binary hierarchy of Alpha/Beta and my more finely graduated socio-sexual hierarchy. I merely went in an additional zoom level is all.  I'm also pleased to see CH use the term "socio-sexual", as the social aspects are so closely interwoven with the sexual ones that attempting to distinguish them is impractical.

And the Chateau is entirely correct to point out that Sigmas are somewhat limited in comparison with the greater Alphas, because social status and a coterie of loyal followers will tend to augment any man's Game, no matter how successful he may be on his own.  It's interesting, too, to note that CH sees an growing amount of opportunity for Sigmas as the social systems around the world become more chaotic, but have not yet collapsed. He writes "Societal collapse is his serendipity. The cri de coeur of broken souls his symphony." 

The commenter CK's description turns out to be, as it happens, rather apt: "Sigma’s days are spent on a metaphorical beach, in a company of a woman genuinely in[to] him. People envy Sigma for his freedom and quality of life. Hate him for not being a conformist."


The CronoLink said...

What the hell is wrong with some of the comments over there? Matt Queen, I can understand, he's his usual pissy-drama wuss, but the rest act like bratty punks, "Vox is retarded! his list is retarded! retarded I say!"

Anonymous said...

Crono -

I noticed that. Its a combination of 1) vapid commenters who have nothing to say except tear down something; 2) guys genuinely threatened by the Sigma

A Sigma is threatening. Other men are threatened by the guy who "does not play by the rules, but wins anyway."

The Alpha wins the game "within the social system." As Roissy correctly points out, the Alpha knows how to play the social game. As a result, he wins the spoils of such "superior play": the "distaff fruits" of such social dominance: men following him, social status, often power, wealth.

The Sigma, I see, in contrast as best described as: "outside the law," "Above the Law," or even, "A Law Unto Himself." Hence the apt comparison to Clint Eastwood movies, or even the Vito Corleone character in "The Godfather" The Sigma "Wins the game" while never actually playing the game. Outside the social system, yet "wins the game anyway."

The Alpha is all Foreground. He sort of overwhelms a woman largely through "Who he is": His social context, his pack of Beta males following him, his bragadoccio, his extremely smooth social savvy. It overwhelms a woman, this is a lot of what seduces her. A lot of an Alpha seduction for a girl is about "I slept with Mr. Big"

In contrast, The Sigma is all Background. Masculine, with Fierce autonomy, "coming out of nowhere" as Vox noted, with a "Tier 1 girl no one else has ever seen before". The Sigma does not overwhelm a woman - but instead draws her in, like a compelling, irresistable magnet, with Intrigue. Pulling her deeper into her world. Its no surprise the UK Daygamers, many of whom are Sigmas, came up with such things as the "Eye Mezmer" - short for eye mesmerizer. Talking on one level, while subcommunicating massive sexual intent, looking into the eyes, spellbounding, looking in to her soul.

This is not Alpha Game - "Look at me, look at what I do, look at how many friends I have, look at how smooth I am." It is instead a different, and possible even more Lethal Game: Sigma Game.

The Sigma draws her in, reads her expertly, scans her female hard drive, strategically pushes her buttons. Quietly dazzles with DHV's not about how big of a "social cheese I am" (Alpha): but instead rare, uncommon abilities that she knows the world of Men cannot help but notice. And then there is the masculinity: not the Adonis Man of Alphas, but a truly dangerous, edgy, early wounded Masculinity - think Brando in Streetcar, Johnny Depp, or again Clint Eastwood.

In this way, Sigma can be seen as a possibly even more compelling seducer than an Alpha: a sort of Advanced Pussy Specialist who strategecially draws her in before adminstering a Fatal Surgical Strike at exactly her most vulnerable point. A lot of a Sigma Seduction for a girl is not "I slept with Mr. Big- the guy every girl around here wants to sleep with".

Its more about how Customized, Tailored, Specific it is to her. "Every girl would want to fuck him" (Alpha). But with a Sigma a girl thinks "Only * he * knows how to fuck * me * " (Sigma).

As Vox said, there's a reason why the last stop for an engaged woman after her Bachelorette Party is often a Sigma's house.

Trust said...

CH's is one dimensional due to his focus on success with women.
Alpha = women chase you
Beta = you chase women

VD's is a more detailed breakdown.

CH's Alpha = women chase you
VD's Alpha = women chase you, you command acquiescence socially
VD's Sigma = women chase you, you are indifferent socially and many acquiesce anyway

CH's Beta = you chase women
VD's Beta = you chase women and succeed easily (unless you are married to her), and socially prominant
VD's Delta = you chase women, succeed if she wants a beta provider (unless married to her), spend a lot of money on sexless dates and company, but are generally socially accepted
VD's Gamma = you chase and stalk women, women run from you, and socially rejected
VD's Omega = unless you are immediately visible, your existence does not occur to anyone

Of course, I'm the student, not the teacher, so my essay may get some red ink.

Anonymous said...

"Breaking the chains, winning the games, and saving Western Civilization."

Really? That has to be the most cringe-worthy catch phrase I've ever read. It's the nerdy types like you (not to mention the raging racists) that make this community look bad.

Brad Andrews said...

> "What the hell is wrong with some of the comments over there?"

I have noticed that at least some of these blog sites become like little treehouse clubs, celebrating who is in and who is out more than facts and truth. That can make it sound like a bunch of boys jumping on those who are not in the club rather than intelligent conversation.

Both of these lists make some sense, though I think reducing everything to something linear leaves out too much, just as it does in politics.

Brad Andrews said...

Just read some of the comments there. Not so much piling on as indicated in Crono's comment there.

It does remind of the phrase "what shall it profit a man if he should gain the whole world, but lose his soul." Sex is very nice, but it is not the end pursuit of life. Lots of hollow people are in for a rude awakening, in the next life if not sooner.

Markku said...

Heh, I understand the furor perfectly. I remember when this all started, and so many people were like I guess you could be something someday, if you only were like Roissy. But none of this original stuff, please! King A, of course, but I remember other names too. Joseph Dantes, I think was one. We are Roissy's bitches, and if you won't be his bitch too, then that just won't do.

And now their big daddy has pulled the rug from under them. So funny.

Markku said...

Now I'm just waiting for the cherry on top; for the ol' King to come hither and bloviate.

The CronoLink said...

"Now I'm just waiting for the cherry on top; for the ol' King to come hither and bloviate."

Didn't Vox banned Matt Queen from commenting here?

Doom said...

If you believe humans are clan based, and through most of history those clans were small due to the limits of resources and political force that could be marshaled and applied. If so, then the sigma was the first alpha. I, for one, believe this. That suggests that civilization itself is an form of affront to any natural sigma.

As to what is known as the modern, classic, alpha? They are a construct of society, based on broader and wide-ranging forced behaviors, within which they are comfortable. They have chosen the way of force, over others, and prefer stricture to spirit as to laws and observances, excluding themselves do to the strain and sacrifices of their duties to those they... serve.

It sort of reminds me of when a guy would brag about his hog, or his overdone vehicle, and someone would ask if he understood that, while his iron carried him, he still had to walk. I don't know if many will get that, but from what I have read of you, you will. That is the difference between a sigma and an alpha. One depends on his iron, his followers, personally, to succeed. The other always walks, even when he rides.

Yeah, I guess I probably go off topic a lot. Oh well. I think it's as good as I can do, this time.

Keoni Galt said...

I thought the best example of the difference between Sigma and Alpha in that thread was using old Western actors as examples of the archetypes...Clint Eastwood's "The Man With No Name" character as the Sigma and John Wayne's characters as Alpha. Both are still "alpha" in terms of their desirability to women, while the contrasts between the two types of characters are still stark.

Crusader Corim said...

I'd also like to point out that Vox's "betas" are a poor term, because they're easily "alphas" in Roissy's system. They aren't obsessed with getting a hard 10, but settle for a sweet 8 because they don't feel the need to fight for the hottest chick in the room when they can go home with the second or third hottest without a fight.

Trust said...


Just because some dogs are not pure breeds doesn't mean the classifications don't apply.

A lot of betas are environmental or situational alphas. In fact, a lot of people appear more or less appealing relative to various surroundings.

Think Robert Pattinson. He could nail 10s left and right due to his situational alpha perception despite needing to shower more often, but he probably doesn't appeal nearly as much to celebrity women where fame is less impressive.

Anonymous said...

Here's a truth. UK is getting overrun with people from other countries whilst its useless poorly educated guys focus on how to get laid. Alpha male means nothing if you don't reproduce and aren't around in decades time. Also, there are NO alpha males in the UK (less than 0.01% of the population doesn't count). It is not a socio-sexual hierachy; just a socially influenced sexual hierarchy. There are no leaders of men here; I live here and have lived elsewhere. Also, there are not enough resources for the people that were here, and their level of productivity and education never justified the lifestyles and wealth they did have.

PUA is a lie that will get you finished off and enslaved as you enjoy one last f*ck. You are enslaved to your women and the state. Enjoy it bitches, because you are toast after that. And you will end up being someone else's pet slave.

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