Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dark Biad

I've never attempted to conceal the fact that I possess two of the three Dark Triad traits. Contra the occasional accusation, I am not even remotely psychopathic. Nevertheless, I find it mildly alarming that I am apparently even more narcissistic than Yohami. How is THAT possible?
Your Total: 23

Between 12 and 15 is average.
Celebrities often score closer to 18.
Narcissists score over 20.

I wouldn't have thought one could score so high with low scores on Entitlement and Exhibitionism. But I suspect that male bloggers in general, and Game bloggers in particular, will tend to be highly narcissistic. What other sort of individual is attractive to women, sufficiently introverted to write regularly, and also assumes, correctly, that others are intrinsically interested in whatever he happens to contemplate?


Ryan said...

Good Point. You're a narcissist. We'll deal with it. Keep writing and take care of yourself. I wish I'd have had you and Roissy to read 40 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I scored in the 30+ range.. that's not too good

Markku said...

Your Total: 7

However, I think this is a misleading result. My self-confidence is a nuanced thing.

Stingray said...

However, I think this is a misleading result. My self-confidence is a nuanced thing.

This makes sense and makes me feel better. I scored a 6. I am a self confident person as well. I just don't care to share it with the world.

daddynichol said...

When I reflected on my attitudes and behaviors when I was in my early 20's, I scored 30.

Now, at age 59, clean, sober and doing my best as a Christian, I scored 18.

People can change.

Pablo said...

Scored an 18.
Like a celebrity!!!!!
OMG, does this mean I'm famous?!?

indyguy77@work said...

Great! Now maybe cuz you're famous, Vox will write the book! :D

indyguy77@work said...

Great! Now maybe cuz you're famous, Vox will write the book! :D

Wendy said...

I got a 3. In another test on the page, I'm almost a geek.

Eric S. Mueller said...

I got a 21. I never saw that coming. I've never thought of myself as narcissistic. Oh well, "know thyself"...

Brad Andrews said...

I didn't like some of the questions, as I could go either way on the answer, but I scored a 28, probably to no ones surprise.

I don't seek attention, but I tend to get it and find myself in the middle of things.

That is the flaw with some of these tests, they require a black or white answer when it can be a shade of gray.

And I am the one who supposedly sees things in black and white.

Joshua_D said...

18. I guess I'm a celebrity in my own mind. You go me!

Yohami said...

You too Vox? the world is ending.

jay c said...

I scored 18. I'm surprised despite knowing in advance that I'd score high (5) in superiority.

Finally, someone gives me the recognition I deserve!

JCclimber said...

I am certain everyone will care that I scored 30. /s
Very low on vanity and entitlement, though.

This explains how having a few beta traits didn't hold me back much from getting dates.

Simon Grey said...

I scored a 23. That doesn't really surprise me, since I figured I'd be at least as narcissistic as Yohami. Still, like R. Bradley Andrews said, the test is probably not nuanced enough to provide a very precise measure of narcissism. As a general measure, though, it's pretty much correct.

THirdMonkey said...

I scored a 22, only because I'm so awesome and if I don't do it myself, it won't be done right. MPAI.

Anonymous said...

a 15, and I thought I was one, but Ive been calming down in the years. I'm 37 now - but I bet that number might have been a little higher in the past.

JCclimber said...

I've been trying a new response when my wife calls me arrogant.

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

So far, it's cut down a little bit on the tests, so perhaps between that comment and the amplification, it is working.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of surprised you scored higher than Yohami, but only mildly.

I dunno, I think true narcissists have to score high on the Entitlement, Exhibitionism, Exploitative, and Vanity.

The others are signs of leaders and confident men that want to change things around them.

But then, I scored low on those while still getting a 21, so I'm biased.

SDH said...


Exhibitionism: 1.00
Vanity: 0.00
Entitlement: 2.00

I scored fairly high on Authority and Self-Sufficiency

Toby said...

Your Total: 24

That can't be right.

I scored 4 on exploitativeness. I'm not that evil! I swear!

Jehu said...

By definition, 50% of the population is above average. Furthermore, by definition, practically 1 in 6 is significantly above average. Anyone in said category or a higher one who has a realistic assessment of their own abilities will be deemed a narcissist by this test. Not everyone with a high opinion of their own abilities relative to the population at large is a liar.

bob k. mando said...

By definition, 50% of the population is above average.

by definition, you are wrong. and it doesn't matter whether you're using Lake Woebegone math or a dictionary.

anyways, i've got a 10 overall with zeroes in Exhibitionism, Exploitativeness and Vanity.

i'm sure you're all fascinated.

Anonymous said...

I took the test and got a 7.

FYI, I qualify as a celebrity in my local region.

Go figure.

Jack Amok said...


But like R. Bradley and Simon mentioned, a lot of the questions were badly written.

They should've asked me to make the test for them. It would have been a lot better.

Anonymous said...

I got 30 and I'm a girl.
I definitely don't think I suffer from clinical narcissism, but I do feel like I'm smarter and more efficient than most people. However I'm also quite introverted so I scored very low (2) on Exhibitionism.

Markku said...

Remember people, it doesn't say that if your are over X, then you are a narcissist. It says narcissists score over X.

The test can only tell (provided your answers are accurate) if you are not a narcissist.

Duke of Earl said...

I got a 5.


Damn it!

Badger said...

I scored low in exhibitionism, vanity and exploitativeness, but high in self-sufficiency and entitlement. It matches with my sigma-like persona.

I don't think I'm entitled, I deserve everything I get ;)

Anonymous said...

Seems I'm far more narcissistic than I thought. Same score as Vox.

Anonymous said...

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