Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Game can kill

And it can be seen that despite their gentlemanly pretensions, White Knights are more fundamentally evil than the Darkest Gamer:
A musician hanged himself after receiving a message on Facebook telling him to 'go and die', an inquest heard today. Simon Foxley, from Hyde, Gloucestershire, was left heartbroken when a girl he met on the internet deleted him as a friend on the social networking site and when he tried to contact her he received taunts from her friends. After the final message he climbed from his bedroom window into the garden where he ended his life....

Mrs Foxley said: 'Simon had a few problems and suffered from a lack of confidence but we were making real progress with him We just didn't teach him what girls could be like occasionally and he was down about it - then he got the Facebook messages.'
This suicide was tragic because it was so utterly unnecessary and easily preventable. With even a basic understanding of Game, or better yet, a basic understanding of Game combined with an introduction to the socio-sexual hierarchy, the poor young Omega would likely not only be alive today, he'd be in possession of the tools to improve his rank and construct a plan for getting the girl.

Most White Knights and BETA orbiters believe they are "gentlemen", but in reality, their actions are far more damaging and evil than the most heartless and Dark Triadic player. At least the player is merely pursuing his own interests and can at most be accused of insensitivity, whereas the orbiting deltas and gammas are being intentionally and knowingly cruel to another man in a futile attempt to impress the woman around whom they orbit.


Country Lawyer said...

Most "do-gooders" create more evil and suffering than selfish people

dannyfrom504 said...

white-knites and beta orbiters typically lack any sort of self-respect or spine. i've never understood how a man could let ANYTHING affect them to that extent.

Jack Dublin said...

The path to Hell is paved with good intentions.
I imagine most people in this fellow's life basically told him to treat all women like virginal angels who do no wrong and shower them with praise and gifts.

Of course, feminists can't let it get out that a peppering of the Dark Triad leads to greater happiness for all involved.

Markku said...

The dead omega's fantasy: "She will understand how much she meant to me after I'm gone, and be forever haunted by the wish that things would have gone differently."

The reality: "Oh great, now I have to pretend to everyone being sorry about some dead loser!"

JCclimber said...

It is the delusional parenting of the mother and especially the father to blame here.

Sensitive? So what?

By the time this young man was in his twenties, it's a bit late to tell him verbally that people can be a bit cruel.

These comments by the pathetic white knights would have zero effect on a young man with confidence and game. His parents failed him.

And they, and all other well-meaning but completely clueless idealists, are still failing him. Cyber-bullying? Give me a break.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Holy shit. Poor bastard.

Fuck the idea (ideal) of the "Gentleman".

It's run its course. It's done. Over and out. It's harmful to men's health. And happiness.

Men of the West need to rediscover our brutality, cruelty, violence, and power.

We need to cultivate our killer instinct.

Anonymous said...

If you try to cockblock another guy with a girl you like who isn't at a minimum equally as into you, preferably more so, you probably fall into the above mentioned categories. I've been married a long time, married game works. No shit tests anymore. And if you are raising a daughter, understanding the female psyche is essential.

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

Over an internet relationship? Gees, poor guy. Holidays and relationships would send anyone over the cliff.

I guess Facebook has a body count.

Trust said...

"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

To be blunt, it's obvious our outright false beliefs about women and their nature have led to a lot of destruction.

For years, we held an image of women to the point where it was almost sacreligious to say anything negative about women. Just as many priests got away with abusing children because it went against their image, so too have many women gotten away with (and were even assisted with) destructive behaviors because society trusted their nature to the point of writing their supposed virtue into law.

Even women themselves have been taught falsehoods about themselves. Then when they behave in ways that are simply driven by their nature yet contradict the image they have of themselves, they search for causes and culprits that fit that image (re: it must be men and patriarchy).

Women cling to the pedestal of less violent and less likely to kill, even as the blood of their own unborn children dwarfs what most men do.

Women cling to the pedestal of being more committed and monogamous, even as their husbands are killing themselves trying to keep their families together while their supposedly "more loving" wives are destroying their children's relationship with their father and financially shelling them over whims and carousel desires.

And most women don't have a clue that their belief that "their whims are unique" is just one more commonality about women.

If women, as well as men, understood the female nature, society as a whole would respond more appropriately to it. After all, we don't legislate that violent men should have guns, so why should be legislate that hypergamous women have misandric family law?

Astrosmith said...

You should put a link to another Gamma/Omega anthem: Tal Bachman's "She's So High Above Me"

Anonymous said...

You mean Delta/Gamma anthem. Us omegas don't even think about this stuff.

Ian Ironwood said...

1) Facebook sucks.

2) There's nothing wrong with being a gentleman, once you properly understand that chivalry is a WARRIOR CODE when practiced properly, a code that emphasizes being a bad ass as much as it does how to act in public.

"I am an almost extinct breed, an old-fashioned gentleman, which means I can be a cast-iron son-of-a-bitch when it suits me." --Jubal Harshaw

"I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same of them." --John Bernard Books

Being a gentleman doesn't mean being someone's bitch. Quite the opposite. The boy in question was wrongly informed, it's true, but that shouldn't detract from the very real power one gets from practicing Chivalry properly.

Markku said...

Originally "gentleman" simply meant a man who was entitled to carry a weapon.

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