Thursday, December 22, 2011

Alpha Mail: departures

BP asks a pair of questions:
1. How does your take on game if at all differ from Roissy's, Rooshv's, Mystery's, etc?

2. What are some of the most common mistakes men make that game theory can fix?
Their approach is largely practical and focused on inter-sexual objectives. Mine is much more theoretical and is more broadly applied to society in general. But I don't think there is any significant disagreement, at least on my part, since I see their take as being a subset of my own.

The most common mistakes that men make are a) taking women at their word, b) failing to recognize the dynamic nature of women's feelings and attitudes, c) believing that women reward honesty or value the same positive attributes men do, d) oneitis.


Booch Paradise said...

I believe that in an earlier post or comment you said that Roissy's philosophy would not apply in certain situations because his goals were aimed at short term relationships and pick up rather than long term relationships such as marriage. I was specifically wondering if you could expound on that topic.

Anonymous said...

One major difference is that Vox doesn't inject all that evo-psych pseudo-science into the discussion. It helps his credibility and readability. Honestly, I don't why the word "theory" gets used at all. "game theory" is just a set of behaviors that observably tend to produce certain effects.

Trust said...

@: "c) believing that women reward honesty or value the same positive attributes men

I've come to the realization one of the reasons women are so suspect of men who treat them well is because women tend to use pleasing behavior as a manipulation, therefore that is how they see it.

mmaier2112 said...

Ouch, Trust. Ouch.

But probably true.

Anonymous said...

The majority of your opinions wrt women are probably a perspective bias due to your own attitude toward them. You are a classic misogynistic. You can't seriously expect your observations to be valid.

Anonymous said...

Except that they have been confirmed as true by many men.


Anonymous said...

I take issue with C. I think it is the most important thing I am concerned in with my Husband is his loyalty, faithfulness and honesty. Those are the area I most prize in myself. They are not what I have seen most prized by men.

Overall men seem to prize looks first. Then maybe self control or at least obedience. Then the ability to be sweet. But I think men think they can control the circumstances that would allow a women to be tempted in many areas and have confidence in their leadership so don't even want them to be smart.

I think you have to differentiate between Christian Women and everyone else.


stg58 said...

Differentiating between Christian and non Christian women would be your mistake. They are sinners, just like non Christian women.

I totally agree with Vox's assessment that what women say is largely based on their emotional state of mind at the time of the statement.

My wife is an extremely logical, grounded woman, but she still falls into this category. She has gone back and forth like Romney on whether I should do P90X or not. Sometimes she urges me to do it, other times she claims she never wanted me to start it at all. These contradictory statements track perfectly with her emotional state.

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