Friday, October 21, 2011

Stalking the virgin

Yohami provides a glossary of approaches:
Dark player: Hey honey, I know you are a virgin, and Im virgin too. I had a girlfriend but something sad happened. I really want you, I want to see the rainbows and our children, lets take this dream home. Love love love. Hold on, my other girl is on the line.

Alpha player: Eh, you are a virgin, too bad! I dont want to ruin your innocence (wink).

Under Omega: You´re so beautiful. I´ll never be with you. I wrote you a poem. You will find about it when Im dead.
I would adjust a few classes of identification, such as beta for alpha, high delta for beta player, delta for beta, gamma for omega, and omega for under omega, but Yohami is otherwise spot-on. And, of course, he left off the sigma, which could be the dark player approach but is more likely something akin to this.

Sigma: You're a virgin? Yikes, I did that once and it was six months before she stopped crying into my voicemail. Good night, good luck, win awards. (Promptly departs and is last seen talking to a girl in a miniskirt that doesn't hide the skull-and-crossbones tattooed on her ass.)

The true sigma not only assumes success in deciding upon his objectives, but unlike the alpha, also takes into account how tedious it will be to extricate himself from the entanglement afterwards. In the sigma's ideal situation, the woman's social circle doesn't even know she is involved with him. Whereas alphas blithely leave trails of broken hearts behind them, the sigma prefers to vanish into the shadows as effortlessly as he arrived.

And he does not sparkle.


DW said...

Of all the levels in the hierarchy, the Sigma is the most interesting. Your scale is far more helpful than the simple binary alpha beta one that PUAs use religiously.

Anon02 said...

It is interesting, to me at least, to look back and gauge where I was in the hierarchy at certain times in my life and what was going on at that time, internally as well as externally. More from a personal academic viewpoint, to learn. I can see how I let different responses / situations affect me - change my frame.

Because that is what it comes down to, I let external forces change my frame a lot of the time. To the point, over a length of time, that it changed who I was as a person and my outlook on life.

I will say that since I have taken control of things again, taken responsibility for my frame, that I am a much MUCH happier person who has a much brighter outlook on life. Sure, I still think the world is going to end in burned out smoldering ruins before God re-makes it. But I am realistic about the fact that I can at least affect things in my sphere of influence for good... and in knowing that I am not letting my frame change, no matter what others do.

(Thanks VD for the thought provoking posts and to those of you who posted in response to some of my posts recently, things are going better...)


Trust said...

If you enjoy great sex, virgins are a raw deal for that reason alone.

If you enjoy great sex without an extended hangover, virgins are a nightmare.

Yohami said...

Virgins require so much patience. Before and after.

Nate said...

Casanova: Sigma

Don Juan: Alpha

Tiger4Christ said...

Virgins are the best for building up your harem! As long as they don't have brothers with shot-guns. Shotgun weddings and divorces are living memories in my family.

Nate, did you ever read the diary of Casanova? Sigma? Really? I thought he was just a douchebag Beta.

Nate said...

History doesn't remember douchebag beta's for being amazing womanizer lovers dude.

And do remember... people write dairies for all kinds of reasons. Suggesting that it was really representative of what the man actually felt and thought is more than a little naive.

Koanic said...

Deflowering a girl gives the LTR extra legs for him and her.

Otherwise it's kinda wrong, at least if you lead her on.

FrankNorman said...

Vox makes the it sound as if the Sigma is both the nicer person and the one who lives the more carefree life.

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