Friday, August 26, 2011

A duty to womankind

Sexual Intent Is a Duty Owed to Womankind
by Joseph Dantes

The PUA's journey from gamma to ALPHA is a long and winding one.

Beginning at gamma, he pedestalizes women in the worst BETA way, and exemplifies introversion and inversion (in the inward, not the homosexual sense) in sexuality and personality. He is afraid to express sexual intent.

PUA teaches him aggressive dogma, and he begins to take tentative miscalibrated steps, bold for him, alternatively sallying and panicking. This is still a long way from ALPHA, and may produce counterproductive results initially, but it is progress.

As he grows more jaded and practiced, he begins to see women in a different light. From wholly positive to wholly negative. Previous judgment reserved for unchaste women now extends to all of womankind, who become universally contemptible or (if he lacks conservative sexual mores) simply susceptible to and desirous of sex, indiscriminately. In a word, dirty filthy sluts.

Yet there is also fear in this. Women are a constant shit test. A test of his game. It's a test with a binary answer - would she (with him) or wouldn't she? Did she or didn't she? This feedback determines his self-evaluation, the metric by which he judges himself. Thus women still hold power - less perhaps than they did when he was a clueless gamma swooning with one-itis over 6's, since he now views them as interchangeable fuckholes. But still holding great power over his self-image, his self-esteem, his sense of progress, his soul.

So there is still this pattern of bold sallying and panicked scrambling retreat.

This can all be complicated further if the PUA still holds remnants of traditional conservative sexual mores. Those, which have been working against him from the beginning, will do their utmost to prevent him from becoming what he must, to achieve the final stage.

In the final stage, PUA practice is no longer a performance by which he measures his personality. He is what he is, regardless of external social feedback, not because he knows this is the optimal strategy, but because he is what he is. This is similar to the gamma, who also ignores external social feedback, stubbornly "being himself." But of course, no one would confuse a gamma with an ALPHA.

Enough foreplay, here's the principle:

"Women are happy and comfortable in the presence of ALPHA sexual intent."

It's like a magic switch. Doesn't matter what she's complaining about, what issues, what life circumstances, are floating about. Just flip the switch in yourself, and watch her instantly melt and glow.

Now keep in mind, this does NOT mean you have to ACTUALLY fuck her. Sexual intent is something akin to appreciation. But instead of the gamma's eunuch pedestalization, it's the direct and escalating yet coy flirtation of the ALPHA.

I repeat: You do NOT have to actually fuck her.

And that's why it's so powerful. Because you can do it without letting go of your morals. Or without the logistical inconvenience of actually becoming a sexaholic.

In fact, this principle is the foundation of those chivalrous social niceties, of good breeding, etc.

You should apply this to all women. Literally. Because women don't mature. They always need this validation, this appreciation, the currency their fair sex demands, without which the flower of the feminine soul withers and hardens into a bitter lump. And by the credibility of this threat, a demand becomes a right.

Thus, you MRA's, take note, a true feminist right, at last: The right to ALPHA sexual intent.


JCclimber said...

Ha! What you've said is actually quite well in alignment with comments by Rush Limbaugh and others, in that Feminists are bitter and angry that they are not pretty (their SMV is low).

Of course, before you begin "glowing" a feminist, you better be very, very secure in being alpha in every aspect of your life. One moment of beta, and their attraction turns to contempt, and all your previous actions of flirting can be legally turned against you in today's work place as sexual harassment.

Made this mistake once myself about 12 years ago at work. Got out of it without too much lasting damage because I had plenty of other women to back me up against the accuser, but it was not fun.

Yohami said...

agreed with the base message, but he presentation and writing style on this one = pretty amateur

Markku said...

In a word, dirty filthy sluts.

Sweet Denise becomes Denise-the-Piece...

DaveD said...

Right on point.

Yohami, when did this become a writing contest?


Yohami said...

everything is a contest dude

Joseph Dantes said...

Quick, staring contest. Right now, you and me.


You win, you always do.

Yohami said...

the meat: being a sexual being is fine and women will like being around you.

its not a "duty" though, and pua is not the way to "alpha", and... etc.

but I know what you meant

Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life said...

But if she asks you for sex and you can't follow through, you either better be clearly banging somebody else hotter than her, or all your Alpha stance will be viewed as a sham.

Joseph Dantes said...

That's just not true, Athol. You can make her wait and work for it indefinitely. See pimp game.

And yes, all this can be sublimated to the level of social courtesy, with just an edge of the catnip. AKA old world charm.

This post could be retitled, "The nature of courtesy." I don't think you guys are reading it that way.

Yohami said...

you can tease / flirt and make her work for it indefinitely

if she crosses the line and asks you to fuck her and you decline, its not your alphadom what breaks but her self esteem

Y said...

I think the most important thing to consider is that this is natural to every male.

It's just a matter of ignoring where you are in the social hierarchy and giving yourself permission to act as if you are at the top.

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