Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Clever Approach

Driving a FPV RC truck around a beach as a means to pick-up chicks is pretty clever. Despite the geekiness of the hobby this seems to work pretty well. The approach starts at 3:40.


SarahsDaughter said...

Now that was just awesome. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Cute, but here's an even better method

and DHV

Desert Cat said...

(shakin' my head...) hard to believe that worked. Getting her to follow the robot/car back to him was def. a coup though.

Dave said...

Excellent method there. Glad it worked for him. One thing though. And this is something that absolutely drives me crazy, and harp about to my people all the time- when you are talking into a radio microphone- DO NOT PUT YOUR MOUTH RIGHT ON THE MIKE!!!! Or you end up sounding like our friend, the RC PUA. That is all.

Mr Kal said...

This video is amusing, but fake. The blond gal appears in another video the guy posted a month earlier. The one about shark attack. She appears towards the end. My guess is, she's the driver's wife/gf. So it's not surprising he was able to seduce her with his toy truck. Those two must be laughing their asses off at all the views and adoring comments.

I think the guy dressed in black at about 2:38 steals the show, though. "oh, ah, look, little people, oh!"

ithuriel said...

all I can say is, what a dumb bitch..but hey, poontang is poontang.

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