Sunday, March 6, 2011

The downside of status

In their rush to declare themselves alphas, before whom men cower and women tremble with anticipation, what is often forgotten by perfectly normal deltas and gammas is that socio-sexual status very often comes at a price. It is the rare alpha - usually the religious type who dutifully passes up his multitude of opportunities presented - who has not contracted at least one sexually transmitted disease at some point in his life.

While the macro data is inconclusive on the statistical applicability of the general 80/20 rule, or 90/10 rule as some believe it to be, this data on herpes infection in New York City offers strong support for the idea that a small group of men are having sex with a larger group of women. Consider this report from the New York City health department in 2008.
The Health Department reported today that more than a fourth of adult New Yorkers are infected with Herpes Simplex Virus-2, the virus that causes genital herpes.... The new study suggests that genital herpes is more common in New York City than nationally (26% of adults versus 19%). Among New Yorkers, the rate is higher among women than men (36% versus 19%)....
Now, it is certainly possible that a greater susceptibility to the herpes virus could explain the higher infected female rate. Against this, however, is the fact that the infected male figure includes the estimated six percent of New Yorkers who are gay and are between two and five times more likely to contract STDs. But the logical conclusion is in line with the theory of Game, as is the observation that women gravitate to urban centers in order to "have fun", which in Game terms translates to "alpha-chasing". Unfortunately, in health terms, it translates to "disease-catching".

The most important thing to take away from this is to avoid having sex with a woman who has lived in New York City unless you consider 16/9 odds that a woman is not diseased to be a risk worth taking. Of course, if your instinctive reaction to reading this is that the statistical probabilities can't possibly apply to you, there is a very good chance that you are actually an alpha and the point of this post is therefore lost on you. Alphas are sexually successful, but no one ever said that they were necessarily bright. As per the movie Idiocracy, the preponderance of the available evidence tends to suggest that they are not.


Difster said...

What? No CoComment? Let's keep it that way.

First comment on the first post!

Another potential downside would be that an Alpha is far more likely to have children out of wedlock and earlier. Abortions are fare more common today but it's pretty easy for a dumb alpha to get himself saddled with a child support payment for a kid he may not even care about or couldn't see even if he did.

Of course it falls to the betas later to provide additional financial and parenting support to the alpha offspring.

Difster said...

oops.. I didn't see the post "The socio-sexual hierarchy. I guess I'm not first.

Anonymous said...

Vote for full RSS feed.

The stubs are super obnoxious... and it's often unclear that there's more text, and often the lead doesn't hook.

Mr.B.A.D. said...

yeah the few legitimate alphas I know can't help but cheat on their significant others, like it is an addiction, and 2 of them have had some form of STD, though they are supposedly clean today.

MikeH said...

Being a reasonably happily married sigma I am really happy you started this blog.

Mind you, not for help getting in touch with the inner alpha and all of that non-sense. I am just here to gawk and be amused at the train-wrecks that will surely arrive momentarily.

Wondering Goym said...

Only a beta's immune system couldn't fend off love-blisters. Just like they can't fend off the fat girl at 2AM.

Pablo said...

I'm sure it's a price alphas are more than willing to pay. It's the cost of doing business. And as for New Yorkers, well those folks are in a world of their own. I'm not sure we can use ANY statistics that are gathered from that vortex.

INdecentMan said...

STDs are for losers. You won't catch an STD if you have tigerblood running in your veins!

COH said...

I took great pride and immense personal satisfaction in the number of women I had bedded right up until I was cursed with this disease. Had been sleeping with 2 different ones off & on for a few months when the terror struck. To this day I'm not sure which one I got it from, but it spun me right into a year long depression. As a pagan at the time I just did what any other godless man would do and lied about not having anything. Despicable yes, but easy when there's no fear of God. After becoming a Christian I had to confess this to my spouse and others. Thought for sure I was heading for divorce and losing my kids as well. But the power of mercy from Christ overcame my wife and we remain together. Paul hit the nail on the head about a when a man & woman come together, the two become one. I would gladly trade all those lays & one-night stands to have never have to experience the shame of an STD.

Mr.B.A.D. said...

these numbers are just disgusting. given the TV's obsession with NewYork, suppose that all of the New York based TV shows and their characters were real, now plug in the 1 in 4 New Yorkers have genital herpes factor.

for example How I Met Your Mother: At least 3 people on this show would have herpes. 1 of the main females characters is a slut, who has had long lasting sexual relationships with 2 of the male characters. one of the male characters plays a alpha type womanizer, but most "super player" types I know are smart enough to wrap up, except of coarse if they are in relationships, which he was with the slut girl.

Anonymous said...

This is the achilles heal that makes Game not even worthwhile. We can all agree that "safe sex" sucks and is nearly impossible to practice over the long-term because almost every girl can be talked into raw sex by an alpha male, who must inevitably deal with STD's, pregnancy scares, abortions, and the possibility of child support or a shotgun marriage. I'd much rather have raw sex with one girl than deal with all that stress. STDs suck. Take it from me: having a swab stuck up your penis hurts like hell. Whatever I had went away, thankfully, but it scared me straight.

Josh said...


Think of Game as a skill set rather than just sleeping with a lot of women.

Almost like SERES training: knowing how to survive in enemy territory is a useful skill, even if you don't use it.

tinlaw said...

And those stats are just for genital herpes! What are the stats for all sexually transmitted diseases?

Anonymous said...

One word: condoms

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cause condoms never fail and always protect you even when you go down on a stealthily disease-ridden girl.

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