Monday, March 7, 2011

The inner fury of the Nice Guy

This is about as flawless a portrait of a Gamma that anyone could possibly paint. It is the demon that lurks inside the twisted, affection-starved heart of every Gamma, a demon that can only be exorcised through the powerful ritual of a pretty woman's unsolicited smile.
Have you ever hated something so much that the act of hating it actually makes you deliriously happy?

EvilGuy does. Hating women in the U.S. makes him giddy with happiness. In fact, every day, he finds a new reason to hate them a little bit more. He loves to hate them so much. It's a pleasure that he knows is wrong... it may be wrong, but it feels so right. It's like EvilGuy sprang-into existence strictly to hate women. What is solely responsible for EvilGuy coming into being? NiceGuy being forced to metabolize a steady diet of American female bullshit for the past decade, that's what.

Dude, seek psychological help. You're scaring me.

Actually, NiceGuy did see a psychologist for a while. And the psychologist happened to be a woman. She agreed with him on many of his observations: specifically, she agreed that women often place unfair expectations on men and she also agreed that women's own insecurities often drive them towards men who don't treat them right. She also said NiceGuy's angrier emotions stem directly from frustration in dealing with women which has built-up over a long period of time. (Like he needed to pay $200 an hour for that info.) She offered no solutions other than 'be yourself and just do things that make you happy in the meantime'. So he has. And she approved of his decision to move to Japan, if he thought he could find happiness and a gainful future there. So, NiceGuy has sought psychological help, and it's only served to reinforce his convictions.

But EvilGuy... he's beyond help. He's a complete, rabid psycho. Letting him temporarily loose is all that can be done to stop him from consuming NiceGuy entirely.

EvilGuy's Achilles' Heel

EvilGuy has one weakness: he can be rendered temporarily impotent by a random act of female kindness. He can be disarmed simply by receiving unprompted, kind attention from a female.
Now, consider the key identifying factors here:

1. He identifies himself as a nice guy, and more importantly, behaves as one. None of the women with whom he interacts is aware of EvilGuy.

2. He maintains an interior monologue that is at odds with his inoffensive exterior dialogue. This interior monologue is significantly angrier and more socially offensive than his interactions with others would suggest.

3. He is reactive rather than proactive. Everything is presented in an if-then format. Everything simply happens to him and he refuses to take responsibility for his own fate. "You're not stopping me from hating you."

4. He is constantly looking for an excuse to exculpate women for the crime of ignoring him and return to his more comfortable NiceGuy persona. "Okay, I'll make a special policy for tonight only, said EvilGuy to himself, if one woman comes-up and starts a conversation, I won't be evil tonight. I'll let NiceGuy back into this body if that happens. That fair? Just one woman. You ladies are going to have to make the effort tonight. One of you is going to have to start a conversation with me."

5. He not only prefers the company of men, but is uncomfortable in female-dominated social occasions. "There's going to be a large number of women present. He can feel the blood starting to boil inside of him. Personally, he'd much rather play billiards with an all-male crowd than have to deal with any feminine crap."

6. He is a sexual reject, not a social one. NiceGuy is invited to the party, after all, and his presence is welcomed by the men. "I've been standing here and quite a few guys have said 'hi' to EvilGuy, but not one woman. What the flaming hell is wrong with you chicks? Why the hell won't one of you so much as say 'hello' to me?"

But believe it or not, there is hope for the gamma, even such an ideal form of a gamma such as NiceGuy/EvilGuy. Read the entire story, because there is a twist at the end that shows even the most hopeless gamma has the potential for change and potential advancement in the human socio-sexual hierarchy. The inchoate rage of the Nice Guy is not, as it happens, entirely hapless. In fact, one can even see the ending as an apt metaphor for the collective response of men to the socio-sexual changes in society that have taken place in the Age of Equality.


Anonymous said...

That was good but now I feel like a rape victim.

Steve said...

I used to feel exactly like the author. Reading this made me a little sick.

The Original Hermit said...

Indeed. There's a reason one shouldn't read other's journals/diaries/private thoughts. You think you want to know what they're thinking, but after you've read it all the brain-bleach in the world won't erase their words.

NateM said...

and for further edification of the reader:

About the same writers ex fiance, pretty much a how to of what NOT to do. Pretty much shows exactly what a gamma does when he gets with a better than average looking woman and feels like he can't lose her/do any better

Nate said...

This is absolutely the most bizarre thing I've read in a long time. Bizarre... pathetic... and really sad.

VD said...

Trust me, there is worse out there. MUCH worse. Tomorrow, I'll feature a link to a post by a self-appointed "natural alpha" that is almost guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Stingray said...

I think that is one of the most pathetic things I have ever read. If that is a gamma, what the hell is an omega? Does the omega hate women regardless of whether or not they show attention? No morphing back into "Nice Guy"?

Josh said...

There's worse stuff out there?

I almost think this niceguy stuff is parody or satire.

Josh said...


Omegas hate everyone, not just women. And true omegas are much rarer than gammas.

I'm not sure that it's a gaussian distribution, but that might be a helpful proxy to use when thinking about hierarchy groupings. From left to right: lambda, omega, gamma, delta, beta, alpha, sigma. Deltas being the most common group, followed by gammas and betas.

Praetorian said...

Glad you saw that post by ESR too, Vox. I haven't laughed that hard in *hours*.


ZT said...

I generally don't advocate homosexuality but evilguy might want to consider it.

JCclimber said...

You gotta be kidding me! Never in my darkest days was I ever that pathetic. Wow.

And yet, I know some men (using the term man loosely) who are like that. No wonder women instinctively ignore them.

Conan the Cimmerian said...

Congrats on the new blog VD

Praetorian said...

Speaking of hilarious game related stuff, check out:

I though this was a broadly correct essay and I'm sympathetic to the authors outlook, as expressed in this essay anyway, but then he has to go and make me spit Coke Zero all over my monitor:

I believe my generation will overthrow the arbitrary and brutal authority of corporate capitalism and bigoted conservatism in favor of rationalistic, libertarian socialism driven by a scientific approach and a concern for universal social justice

I challenge any man to read that without breaking into howls of laughter... Not possible.


Anonymous said...

This pretty much rings true for me and I'm in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Apprently NiceGuy married a Japanese girl a few years back. Go figure

Desert Cat said...

Well um, ah, heh. If that's a Gamma, I think I can positively, beyond a doubt categorically rule out ever having been one.

Women have been a lot of things to me over the years, but the object (as a group) of seething hatred? Never. Loved 'em. Dreamed big dewey-eyed secret dreams about them. Deeply, bone-crushingly hurt by them a few times, but they were always the mysterious mini-goddesses on pedestals despite.

In fact with the pedestalization/white knighting thing moved up into delta territory, I think that's the lowest I've ever been. My regard for women as a group has only dropped recently since learning some of the principles of game, and seeing how much they are hardwired to certain patterns.

I thought the invisibility thing was kind of cool though back in high school when I first noticed it. Finally being *seen*, and flirted with by girls starting in 11th grade came as something of a system shock. I was pretty content if not exactly happy in my little self-contained world between 6th and 11th grade.

Ultra shy delta it was then.

mmaier2112 said...

"I thought the invisibility thing was kind of cool though back in high school when I first noticed it. Finally being *seen*, and flirted with by girls starting in 11th grade came as something of a system shock."

Well, you at least recognized it as flirting.

Thinking back on various encounters, I (much) later realized "HOW DID I MISS THAT?"

Desert Cat said...

Oh I missed some. This lovely little Italian girl had a huge crush on me, but I couldn't see it due to the much more overt flirting of her friends. I still think back and wonder...

Nate said...

People will no doubt call me a hypocrit... but self professed alphas are an endless source of amusement.

to those casting stones I would simply note that I never self applied the term until several different others applied it to me first. At that point... I decided its stupid to deny it. Rather like VD claiming he's dumb.

modernguy said...

It's kind of ironic to think that some of you consider yourselves superior to this kind of guy because you might be more successful with women, when the guy most successful with them in this story is a morally degenerate drug-peddling semi-illiterate. The examples of choices women make in the most liberal SMP do not bode well for any men aspiring to a self-respect greater than that of a rat.

NateM said...

As foreign as it may seem to some, believe me, reading this I felt simultaneously amused, but also feeling sorry for the guy and how he just didn't get it. But more amused at the fact that he really believes japanese women are different. Trust me having been there, you can't fake gamma this well without at least having been there to know just what it's like, and I don't think this guy is self aware enough to have climbed out of it to make such an effective parody.

Anonymous said...

Personally, he'd much rather play billiards with an all-male crowd than have to deal with any feminine crap."

WTF? If thats deviant behaviour then paint me silly with the evil brush!

Wondering Goym said...

Hopefully this blog's writers will analyze and contrast the prima face similar behaviors and reactions between Alpha/Delta Sigma/Gamma, etc.

Self-deluded gammas might mistake their bitterness towards women for being ejusdem generis with a sigma's or some alpha's contempt for women.

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