Friday, January 12, 2018

The cost of convergence

This is a good look at the problem with Google over at Men of the West:

"Convergence is a major problem in the Western world, arguably the major problem. Because inevitably, as an entity becomes more converged, its core reason for existing becomes increasingly neglected or even actively suppressed. For example, English police and social services – the people whose job it is to protect children –  allowed 1,400 little white girls to be raped, beaten and tortured by Muslims over a 15 year period. That’s not 1,400 little girls in total across England, that’s just in one small town. Many other towns and cities have suffered from the predations of Muslim rape gangs.

Why was this allowed to happen, even while tiny, vulnerable children cried out for help? Because the English police and social services are fully converged. Enforcing the law and protecting children might still be their official reason for existing, but as they’ve been taken over by the social justice hivemind their real purpose is now to signal politically correct narratives.

Google is now very far along this piteous path of poz, as anyone who’s ever wondered why they have Google Doodles for Mohammedan festivals, obscure monobrowed lesbians and random Third Worlders – but not for Easter – might have noticed. Not coincidentally, Google is also now full of blue-haired freaks, man-hating butterbeasts, polyamorous perverts, trannies, and all of the above."

The abandoning of the God-ordained order of husband and wife leads to more than just corporate losses. It leads to abject misery and even the violation of children, as Moira Greyland so painfully shares in The Last Closet

Game works because it is in line with reality. Anything that goes against reality will fail no matter how large its market capitalization. On the small scale, you have bitter feminists and limp men. On the large scale you have nanny states and pozzed corporations.

Read the entire article - it's a very good analysis. 


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Gulo Gulo said...
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Gulo Gulo said...

Wow what a total train wreck. Its obvious their current success is based upon the hard work done by hetero white males - in years past. Hubris is a bitch. I give this hollowed out corpse of a company less than 7 years before its toppled.

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