Monday, July 10, 2017

They were lied to

As one of the many degreed single women the article is talking about, this is so true it makes my stomach clench. I was lied to.
- Girl Who

She's a lawyer from the country with an Ivy League degree. As easy as it is to condemn her for her choices, and observe that she is experiencing the logical consequences of her actions, we should never forget that these women were deceived.

That doesn't mean that we should white knight for them, or wife them up, or even lift a finger to address their self-imposed problems. But neither should we take pleasure in their plight nor mock their misfortune. They are paying for their mistakes. They will regret - bitterly - their naive attempt to have it all.

The fact that they could not see through the scam because they did not want to does not change the fact that they were scammed.


Anonymous said...

They lied to boys too. The difference is, men have the time and resiliance to repair their mistakes.


Harambe said...

Of the real jobs (as opposed to gender sensitivity consultant, etc), Being a lawyer or doctor (GP's excepted) are probably two of the worst career choices for women. Either career expects you to be at the office (or "office") for insane amounts of time. And then you also get to be on standby for most of your "free" time. How you would expect to raise a family under those circumstances is beyond my ability to math.

Not that it's a great family-oriented career for men either...

Anonymous said...

Sure she could not see through the scam and she is going to bear the burden of her bad decisions but how prepared had she been made by her parents to navigate this world? What was she thaught as being important by her parents?

These days most parents have no idea what they are doing. Career daughter vs. Grandkids? So my question is how responsible are her parents?

Timmy3 said...

Isn't the lie to also freeze their eggs? Older women will not be able to have a successfully transferred embryo from an IVF. Either do it then or not at all. Hiring a surrogate means you're rich. These career women aren't that rich.

Anonymous said...

This problem will continue, and most likely worsen, until and unless the current convention of employers quickly hiring women while making white men jump through 463-bullet-point checklists ends, and ends conclusively.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Speaking in terms career women will understand, they aren't getting married because they're over qualified for the position of wife and mother.

Carl Philipp said...

"By lying to my people, who listen to lies, you have killed those who should not have died and have spared those who should not live." Ezekiel 13:19
Those women are responsible for their own choices; so are their deceivers.

August said...

I wonder how many of these women could be convinced by IQ scores and maybe genetics. Of course they are desperate now, and it would be better to get the ones a bit younger. It seems to me the biggest roadblock is the women will be highly conformist and have a large paycheck, while the guys they've replaced will actually have their own ideas and will generally have less money. So, they don't want to marry the 'less-educated' guys, and they have the assets, which would have been otherwise used by those guys for marriage.
Terms could be reached, though more likely through a business structure with the children as stakeholders, rather than through the joke of government marriage.

deti said...

They're not going to pay for anything. They'll still get beta buxes to wife them up and pay for their shit and take care of them and pay the income stream/alimony/child support for the adopted kid after the inevitable divorce.

Their only regrets will be that they couldn't soak the poor bastard for more in the divorce.

deti said...

And by "pay for", I certainly don't mean money. They won't pay for anything. They will still have their friends, their boyfriends, their sex partners, their cubicle paperpusher makework jobs, and their social media/validation/affirmation accounts.

Anonymous said...

@de ti
If white men keep getting shut out of the job market, it'll become more and more difficult for women to even find a beta bux stooge.

I suspect the negro male tendency to pimp a better-paid woman into supporting him will start seriously spreading to white men. Starting with those Alphas who are idiots at business of course, but also Sigmas who can't network to save their lives. They'll be the thin end of the wedge.

Walt said...

Exactly what is it that these careerists offer a man, educated or not, in return for his commitment? In other words, don't care.

Bob said...

Problem here in England is double-sided. Women are getting the stupidly well-paid comfy jobs with job titles that don't define anything.

And men are getting shut out by HR, feminist cunts, and most of all, migrants driving down the wages. It used to be that a hard-working bloke could support a family by himself, now? No-where near.

The white collar jobs are all being outsourced to India (despite them doing crap work and costing more money), and the blue collar jobs are all done by immigrants. Some of these live 20+ to a 2 bed house, sleeping on mattresses on the living room floors, or living in literal sheds. They don't mind being cramped up and working for shit wages as that's what they're used to anyway. (While claiming every benefit under the sun).

dc.sunsets said...

The masses of people always fall for every epoch's Big Lies.

That said, our epoch is characterized by Pretty Woman, not Cinderella.

People today live in the Perpetual Now, where time never passes, every choice has no consequences and their pasts never exist. They can casually screw their way through their late teens, 20's and even into their 30's, trying to live some blend of Sex in the City and Friends, putting off actual adulthood while channeling Bacchus, the timeless god of hedonism.

Only children live in the Perpetual Now. Everywhere I look I see Peter Pan People. Even those who have kids approaching adulthood are too childlike to notice the pits of Debt Servitude and Once-a-whore/Always-a-whore.

No, Virginia, you can't borrow your way to prosperity. You can't be Debbie-Doing-Dallas and afterward find your Prince in Shining Armor. No, John, you can't emulate a pornstar for ten or twenty years, screwing your way through America and Europe and then settle down to domestic bliss with a beautiful girl half-plus-seven your age. Everything you do becomes a permanent part of you, and every moment of your life spent doing one thing cannot be respent doing something else.

That legions of people believe otherwise (and raise their sons and daughters to be just as ignorant) reifies an axiom of life: MPAI.

Gary Eden said...

She was deceived. But then that is a base characteristic of women, has been since the beginning.

Which is why God in the scriptures gave women no say in whom they would marry or what they would do with their life. They're simply incapable of making wise decisions on average.

The sooner we get back to that the quicker we'll fix our problems.

August said...

de ti,

If you read the article, you'd know they are paying- high prices for an uncomfortable procedure, and, no doubt, a regular bill for keeping the electricity running for the freezers.

All this because the closest beta doesn't have a phd. Or whatever it is they are valuing. Damn sure aren't going to get some rich beta, because some chick ten years younger will snag him. I am probably not sociopathic enough to figure this out by myself, but I know the email list these clinics have could be quite lucrative.

SQT said...

I was lied to too. My mom told me to never be depended on a man. What did I do? I married, had kids, and stayed home. Nineteen years married this month. Just because they lie doesn't mean we have to listen.

Thanks, J. said...

Are women robots? Can female apes have any control over their greed/hypergammy and make obvious simple, obvious choices of what one would think a non-retarded adult is capable of making and should make? Are women sociopathic? Can a brilliant strong, independent career woman that's hitting the wall say, "Oh crap, I was lied to" and look to what's merely, to her mind, the next best thing?

Thanks, J. said...

I increasingly look at women like they are robots. No free will apparently. No morality where there most crucially should be. The West is dying by the way and they don't care.

And I wonder what the point of continuing this ape species is. I mean like they aren't even people. When it comes to "matters of the heart" where is their humanity? The cold calculations of a reptile are visible, an insatiable, apparently uncontrollable greed and selfishness is their sacred right to express openly at all costs.

Perhaps one day human apes will eventually give rise to A.I. which will evolve into such vastly superior sentient beings that will pick up where the apes left off, which wasn't far from the caves and the vagina that our species worshiped.

Kettle said...

At some point doesn’t it make sense to meme the crap out of this? Women respond to social pressure not logic. Roll out the dank meme's until the social stigma builds then it becomes self-reinforcing amongst women.

SJ said...

Looking though her Twitter feed she's a common prog feminist who is pretending to be a Christian woman. She will reap what she has sown.

From that Twitter she states that she has lived all around the world, no doubt sampling a minimum of one cock per area she eat, prayed, and loved her way through.

SJ said...


I vociferously fight back against feminist insanity. It gets me shunned, shamed, attacked, banned online, called a man who hates women in real life, and more. I continue to speak out. It helps because I am the very top attractive guy, the six foot, six pack, six figures man, that they all want. And I have a beautiful submissive girl who is ecstatically happy that I made her my wife. So I have my own life to back up my hard earned wisdom.

Yet still most women will not listen to me. There are two young women who have, one of them barely hearing me over the whispers of her "heart", and another who is now engaged at twenty one. We are currently racing to see if she can have her first child before I have my second one :)

Kettle said...

@SJ Congrats! I'm well past the "game" phase and busy raising my own, but watching things from this view disturbs me greatly in regards to the future my daughters face!

I know Vox's opinion of people telling others to "go do something" and am more asking out loud, A large scale meme campaign mocking the "career woman" would seem to be a potentially fruitful avenue to make progress deconstructing the feminist plague. It would seem to be potentially even more effective then meme'ing SJW's

dc.sunsets said...

Still do I see the folly of thinking the collective can be fixed and the trend controlled. Nothing I see on history suggests this, but we cling to it. Carl Watner was right.

Cultivate your own garden.

The trend will change when it changes. But MP will still be I.

dc.sunsets said...

@ SQT, the lie is the illusion of independence.

Everyone is dependent on something or someone. The trick is to be good at picking on whom to be dependent.

Marital devotion, mutual devotion that is, may be out of style but that doesn't make it one iota less relevant. You know this from 19 years' experience. I know it from nearly twice that.

The rejection of dependence is a folly shared by feminism and "game" enthusiasts. I can only conclude that lots of people prefer loneliness to marital union.

I'm glad my sons recognized early the life they wanted to live and acted early to take their best shot at it.

SJ said...

Hmm well I have a mighty collection of anti feminist (in a sense) memes that I've collected over the years. A few of them would work well to target the lonely spinster demo. It's too late for them though. They just slowly go crazy as they realize that millions of years of motherhood ends with them.

I figure this to shall pass as the women most prone to feminist rebellion will simply not reproduce. Or they'll make one or two babies and give them no father.

What we can do is what it sounds like you guys have already done and I'm on my way along as well. Find a wife, make babies, and teach them the truth and real virtue.

I do feel poorly for some of my bachelor friends unable to find a wife but then throughout all of history only 40% of men ever reproduced anyway. And they have their own serious problems they are hamstering as well.

Hmm I've got some ideas for some appropriate memes. You became the man you wanted to marry instead of marrying him type of thing. I'll give it some thought and post them around if I come up with anything worth sharing.

It is a shame that our culture lies to women and guides them down the path that their nonexistent husbands should have taken.

SQT said...

@dc.sunsets I recognized early on my mom was trying to blame her ex for her bad decisions. He wasn't a great guy (he married 6 times and died under questionable circumstances) but she knew what she was marrying and looked the other way because he had money. I learned very early on one of the most important decisions you can make is who you choose to have children with and I made my decisions accordingly. No regrets.

Nate73 said...

Is the hypergamy simply about money, or something more? That is, do these women want a higher *educated* man or simply a wealthier one. Example: Say Miss Ivy League had the option of dating a senior lawyer who had little money (say he lost it in a settlement), or a very rich blue-collar electrician. Which will hypergamy prefer?

SirHamster said...

"Is the hypergamy simply about money, or something more?"

My understanding is that hypergamy is about status, of which money is one component.

Status is relative to a social circle. A woman has friends - what do they think of her, and how will they think of her in light of her man?

Both of the men you listed have status but on different aspects; what is guaranteed is that she will not care for the low-status no job sperg living with his parents

Note she may still get tingles for the bad boy or starving artist. They still have status despite lack of money.

Thanks, J. said...

^Nice explication Sir Hamster.

Jeff aka Orville said...

Oh the humanity. When will we save these poor wretches from decision making?

Thanks, J. said...

Women are robots.

Unknown said...

Without going into to many details I'm super bummed at how I'll never have kids of my own. Looks like my brothers aren't either so my family line dies out with our current generation.

About memes trying to red pill women. I saw a YouTube video where a 29 year old woman was talking to young girls (10 - 12) and they asked why she didn't have any kids. She said she was looking for the right man. Then one of the kids broke down how very little time she had. First off the really great guys have been snapped up by women who knew what they were looking for. Then even if she did Find a guy that day PLUS X months for dating, X months for marriage prep, X months getting set up (house etc), X months on average trying to conceive. Then 9 months for pregnancy, time off to recover before thinking about another kid. She's pushing her luck fertility-wise.

It was amusing if a little to close to home

Ian said...

Polygamy is usually the answer for a gender imbalance, except that, in this case, polygamy still favors a wealthy man marrying several younger women.

Maybe they can offer large dowries as a third or fourth wife, and help babysit the younger wives' children, while also thawing out one of their own.

Kettle said...

@ Ian,

Maybe they can offer large dowries as a third or fourth wife, and help babysit the younger wives' children, while also thawing out one of their own.

For the risk that another wife poses to family stability she would have to prove herself to be very high value as a mother

Kettle said...


I don't see "game enthusiasts" as inherently avoiding dependence on a marital partner, on a spouse. Game has multiple facets, the hunt, the acquisition of the desired mate, maintenance of the marriage etc. But can extend all the way into business relations, dealing with mixed sex groups.

bdash77 said...

well some women get lucky, and as more churches train men to be supportive sacrificial house husbands the younger generation should get luckier

look at the author above
claims to be anti transgender, christian etc
yet she works full time, travels extensively while her husband looks after her four kids.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders- the conservative christian in Trumps press is another example
very Godly and Ironic, she pretends to be a man but is opposed to others wanting to do so


dc.sunsets said...

@Kettle, perhaps I have a sample bias problem, but much of what is written about alpha game reads to me as approving of PUA. Either it's okay (or celebration worthy) for men to bed every girl whose inhibitions can be overcome (including girls who have a low affinity for being talked into the sack) or it's not.

If a girl knows better, but said PUA employs top game (and maybe a little booze) to cajole her into a ONS, many men might respect his actions. I regard such men as the lowest of life forms, worthy of summary execution, and equally culpable with feminism in the decline of Western Civilization.

Jeff aka Orville said...

PUA != Game

Rollo Tomassi (see Rational Male link on the right of this blog) makes a distinction between PUA and Game principles in general. He writes that Game is positive masculinity which maintains the proper frame in any short or long term relationship. He even has a quote in his book "Rational Male" from Neil Strauss who talked about PUA Godfather Mystery being a suicidal headcase once he got into an LTR with his ONEitis "Dream Girl". All because he had no Game frame. PUA is of little use in an LTR.

Dalrock, a Christian Game proponent (see blog link on right), doesn't advocate using PUA to bang as many girls as you can.

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