Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Stop worrying about campus rape

Universities would do better to concern themselves with campus suicide.
A gifted student hanged herself after 'slowly unravelling' with depression, an inquest heard today. Elsa Scaburri, thought to be the fifth Bristol University student to commit suicide in one year, went 'downhill' during a year of studying modern languages abroad in Italy.

Miss Scaburri, 21, felt 'worthless' and came back to the UK so she could be with her mother in January this year where she was diagnosed with clinical depression.
Of course, it's harder to blame a woman's suicide on men than a woman's rape. And, of course, it's considerably harder to claim that a nonexistent suicide took place.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Seriously. What is up with white folks committing suicide? It's almost like an epidemic, especially among white women. Why this one in particular felt worthless even though clearly she was given every advantage in life puzzles me. May be its a good argument to send girls back to the kitchen.

Also, here's a girl who was driving drunk (or maybe high on cocaine, I can't tell) and livestreaming on Instagram. She had her 14 year old sister and another girl along for the ride. They crash and mayhem ensues. Here's the link, and if you're at work, definitely NSFW.


Nate73 said...

manuel: By that logic she would feel worth something by having children and a family!

dc.sunsets said...

I suppose they could always blame the vibrator salesMan for a woman self-raping...

dc.sunsets said...

Not to worry, men will turn out to be causal to women suiciding b/c grades=patriarchy & cishetwhitemale privilege.

Unknown said...

It's always the Patriarchy's fault. They should have given her "mental health leave", and if they didn't, just guilt shame them online. And yes, I wish I was making it up.


Dexter said...

@Manuel, it is the crazy drugs they're on. Major side effect of "anti-depressants" is increased suicide risk.

Aeoli Pera said...

Suicide is the point of universities, why would they want to stop it?

Anonymous said...

@manuel hernandez

Suicides among men are twice as high as for women.

I'm not sure why suicides are higher among whites (and East Asians) than for blacks and browns. It may have something to do with their worrying about the future.

Or maybe if whites or yellows get depressed they kill themselves, whereas if blacks and browns get depressed, they kill others.

Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club said...

Whites and yellows actually feel a terrible emotional pain when they have no real purpose or focus in life. Browns and particularly blacks are quite content to waste their days away in aimless, pointless living for the moment.

SQT said...

Maybe its a good argument to send girls back to the kitchen.

I'd argue that it is. If she hadn't felt the pressure to go to college and be a "high achiever" maybe she would have felt more comfortable opting for being a wife and mother- and she'd still be alive.

Unknown said...

VFM, you may be right there. Maybe I get the opposite impression, but in my defense, you don't hear much about boys or men committing suicide, unless it's liberal men who are "misunderstood". A woman commits suicide for the silliest reason, as everyone loses their marbles.

That's only part of it. I think it's also giving these girls the illusion of having anything they want if they dream it enough. Of course when they fail, either they're want time off, as quoted in the link I posted, start medicating themselves, or start popping open the bottles of cheap Merlot while stroking Mr Fussyboot's fur and watching another rerun of Bridget Jones.

SJ said...

Three of my cousins committed suicide during college. All women. All because hookup culture destroyed their souls and nobody told them that would happen. And after it happened they had nobody to tell.

So yeah this is men's fault as well. Really do you think girls are going to do anything to change this shit? Do you think that they even *can*? I've got some news for you. They can't. Women are water. They take the shape of the container you put them in.

Put them into a whore's container, after they know that being a whore is wrong and terrible, and what do you get? This.

liberranter said...

Unlike rape, suicide on campus is an actual problem. Academic institutions don't deal with REAL problems. Indeed, they do not and cannot deal with REAL anything. That 's why they're academic institutions.

dc.sunsets said...

Parental malpractice begins early, long before mom tells her daughter to make sure she gets "The Full College Experience" (AKA screw your way through the dorm...Extra points for banging professors, level up with an abortion.)

Anyone who sends their kid to college, enabling their sinking deeply into debt, especially for a useless degree, might as well hand their kid a bottle of benzos and a fifth of Stoli.

Spin the cylinder, put muzzle to temple and squeeze trigger.

dc.sunsets said...

Colleges sell fantasies, occupational & social. That's how to charge $100K to $200K not to mention opportunity cost.

Romance Novel level porn.

asylum said...

i would imagine the feeling of "worthlessness" could be derived from having so many socio-economic advantages and choosing to study "foreign languages" abroad.

one of the most depressed people i ever knew was a student at Brown University (very expensive private Ivy League type school) who came from a wealthy family. She was studying "Creative Writing".

No purpose. No agency. No value.

Alexandros said...

Diagnosed with depression and probably given meds which typically have the side effect of "gives suicidal thoughts."

Thanks, J. said...

OK I wont worry about campus rape.
I'll go one step further and not worry about rape.
Of women.
It wont do any good anyway.
Besides women take rapists over "racists".
The "ladies" have spoken.

Harambe said...

Get the Duolingo app and study "modern languages" in your spare time.

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