Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Real pushback

The shitlords are entering the work force. The office may never be the same:
Encouraging field report from the pozzland of higher ed (grad level), had to attend an extra class about inclusion blah blah, it was 2 female execs trying to guide the class through a discussion about a fictional business scenario where a woman gets overlooked for promotion and ignored in meetings cuz she’s a woman. It didn’t go smoothly as they planned because several of the young white men kept politely but insistently questioning the underlying premises. For example, “How do we know she wasn’t just a poor communicator of her ideas?” The white men in the room were saying in as many words, “We’re not going to put up with your ‘white men are always at fault’ agenda.” It was glorious. I kept my mouth shut cuz I knew I’d get in trouble if I opened it, but I heartily enjoyed watching these young shitlords cause the 2 lady execs to stumble and mumble around. Everybody in the room knew exactly what was happening: REAL PUSHBACK.
This is good. This is right. Don't back down. Constant retreat is the path to certain defeat.


Dexter said...

a fictional business scenario where a woman gets overlooked for promotion and ignored in meetings cuz she’s a woman.

Pshaw. Anyone in the business world today knows the exact opposite case is true - women are promoted because they are women and worthy, hard-working men are overlooked.

Midnight Avenue J said...

Just another indication of how detached from reality these social justice causes are.

In college, I attended a mandatory seminar with social justice attorneys (they were using the term in the mid-late 90s) about immigration problems and how to prevent innocent people from being deported.

Like, what innocence? Laws were broken. Some of the people these SJ attorneys were advocates for had broken laws and were fleeing punishment in their homelands. Even then I knew enough to shut up lest I fail and ruin my GPA (another hammer they wield...but another day).

I rather like these fictive scenarios because they are open to precisely this sort of pushback. Fill in the details, though all knowing and seeing CEO! Or just tell me the answer you want so I can give it to you and move on.

Mr.MantraMan said...

No true conservative asks questions, those young men should be ashamed of themselves for such behavior. Note to said young men, get on the Lib/Con script don't ask questions.

If you ask questions of a Libtard you will find out sooner than later that said Libtard is pathetic and their script is equally pathetic.

Lucas said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like the die-versity trainers ran into a couple of white male pseudo-progtard moles.

And there are an increasing number of us around. For survival reasons, more than anything, since progs tend to corner the better jobs in this country these days.

Of course, it's best if you are able to barbecue progtard sacred cows while everyone listening assumes you're a progtard yourself. Sometimes having a 150+ IQ can really help things.

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

For what it's worth, these diversity/sexual harassment sessions always went over poorly in the workplace -- and I even worked at a newspaper where most of the employees leaned liberal. Back around 15 years ago, I remember the woman we had at our seminar got laughed at for several situations she brought up -- and there was no intent on her part to be funny. When she said "OK we're done, are there any qu..." everyone bolted out of the room.

The general feeling was that the entire "ordeal" (as one graphic designer called it) was patronizing and useless. Our rules were in the handbook, so why do they need to waste our time? I'll never forget one of the computer guys saying "Well, there's an hour of my life I'll never get back" within earshot of the "facilitator" as well left the room. Good times.

MichaelJMaier said...

Our director (my boss' boss' boss - fed gov job) made us put up signs why we were proud to be "public servants". I wrote in huge block letters in red, white & blue "BECAUSE I CANNOT WAIT TO WORK FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!"

She didn't like that and came looking for me away from my desk and tried - tried - to chew me out over it.

I ripped her positions apart on everything and she must have changed the subject a dozen times trying to get the upper hand. Didn't work.

I shot everything she said down and I could tell that she was shocked I wasn't backing down an inch. Everyone looking on kept giving me shocked looks, as if I was playing with fire or something.

I never initiated anything and only responded to her positions with words of my own. She couldn't defend any of her feels. After hanging around Vox' blog for over a decade, it was just too damn easy.

I started to feel like I was beating a crippled child at the end.

But attitudes like hers are what happens when you're never called on your feels.

Midnight Avenue J said...

An hour...I had three days of indoctrination at one company where I worked. Jewess daughter of the female veep at a friendly competitor had recently bought a Masters in some social something or other and was hired to conduct struggle sessions.

Man I hated that, couldn't wait to leave. And that was when I was still fairly within the range of normal thought.

Now I can't imagine what I'd do.

Aeoli Pera said...

Today I learned that even shitlib Millenials hate Boomers. 9/10 report that they'd rather get life advice from YouTube comments than their parents.

SJ said...

Of course the weak pussy cuck you quote would never dare to open his mouth cause he might get in trouble! Oh my gosh! In trouble from the two women running the seminar! Don't open your mouth weak pussy faggot! Why all women love a pathetic weak faggot who does whatever he told and never gets into any trouble!

rondolf said...

"This is good. This is right." Vox, are you making fun of the trans character in ME: Andromeda.

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