Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The decline of Western woman

Roosh observes that most Western women are now less stable and feminine than the prostitutes of the 1930s:
In Iceberg Slim’s day, a normal woman with a stable family could not be turned out—only a girl who has already succumbed to vice would even allow him to approach her. But now we have an entire generation of women who are so broken that they race to an app like Tinder with the hope that a good looking pimp with smooth text game will turn them on for a fleeting sexual encounter. The moral defenses of women have been so destroyed by modern feminism that they mainly respond to men who use a form of game that pimps used not long ago, and this behavior is glorified in all mainstream television, books, and movies that are coming out of Hollywood and New York City.

Even worse, the whores in this book are more feminine and pleasing than what we have today. Yes, you would likely be happier dating a 1930’s ex-prostitute than an entitled “strong and independent” modern woman. There was only one incident in the book about a woman resorting to violence, which I can personally top with my stay in Montreal and other encounters in Washington DC where drunk women threatened to physically attack me. The amount of affection that whores gave to Iceberg Slim appears more than modern women are able to give today. Not only do we have to simulate pimp game to get laid, but we’re doing it on women who are of lower quality that actual prostitutes of old.

If you don’t believe me, here are some pictures of prostitutes before 1970. If they were placed in modern times, they’d easily be the top 10% among all women in terms of beauty, thinness, femininity, and class.
This is not progress. This is reversion to barbarism. As Roosh notes, this does not bode well for society.

Black pimping coincided with the fall of the black nuclear family, so we can safely assume that the introduction of “pimp mating” in white people won’t bode well for their societies.


Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club said...

This mirrors the way in which black men were squeezed out of the un- and semi-skilled labor market and black women ended up in low-paying service jobs, or more often, on the government tit (in one form or another), and how this was an obvious portent for the state of the white male working class of today.

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

If you really want to get depressed, dig up some old Playboy mags (they can be found online) and check out what women used to look like in the '60s and '70s. Thin, natural, no tattoos, almost no silicone, etc. They also had a different facial look. Rock critic Lester Bangs noticed a change in the late '70s and wrote that women's facial expressions in sexy pics were no longer inviting but seemed to say "Eff you." This has only gotten worse since then.

Gulo Gulo said...

The women in the old Playboys from the early 70’s are downright delicious. Feminine and natural.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading John O'Hara's Butterfield 8 (published in 1935), and came to a similar conclusion as Roosh; O'Hara's Gloria Wandrous, a degenerate woman in early 30s NYC, who shocked readers at the time, would be a bog standard womyn's studies graduate today.

Anchorman said...

The pics are open to selection bias. No one takes pics of heroin addicts or drunk whores.

That said, it is true. Folks weren't as fat or slutty years ago. Men and women.

They had missions to accomplish and stuff to do.

We're wallowing in luxury and self-destructing.

It's almost as if we forgot our reason for life. Christianity.

Anonymous said...

You need to stop reading Roosh, and look at who he is as a person. He's a bitter Indian guy who wanted American white girls to like him, and when they didn't, he devoted his life to taking them down. He attacked them as a stereotype at every angle he could, while meanwhile, he himself could not have seriously dated a white woman if he wanted to. He is a socially awkward, nerdy Indian guy who is very bitter and hateful towards women because of his own shortcomings.
So stop promoting his writings. You might as well take advice about women from a 400 pound video game nerd who lives in his mother's basement.

liberranter said...

Aritrea said...

And along comes (what passes for) a Western "woman" to offer confirmation of the Western Manosphere's observation of the obvious. Thanks, doll. How very thoughtful of you.

Anchorman said...

Who bitch this is?

dc.sunsets said...

It's tragic to witness first hand (or actually 2nd) the consequences of denigrating women's primal, primary purpose: bearing and nurturing children. Today's modern herd-woman places self-actualization (?!), career and economic independence way above child-rearing, so the TV and Game Console are the "village" raising her kids.

They show up in grade school habituated to spontaneous outbursts and unable to perform even the simplest tasks, utter products of Lord of the Flies childrearing. You have 10 year olds with "intimate" knowledge of how to play Grand Theft Auto, complete with obtaining health points by using a prostitute in game play.

There will be no salvaging an entire generation of people coming up through the schools, so bereft of child-rearing interest were their mothers.

Aeoli Pera said...

We really ought to reconsider evolution based on how few generations it took for whites to become an entirely different subspecies.

SirHamster said...

We really ought to reconsider evolution based on how few generations it took for whites to become an entirely different subspecies.

In what way?

SuperHudson1916 said...

@sirhamster. It doesn't look like we are evolving into something better. Rather, it looks as though we are degenerating into chaos and barbarism and infantilism.

Jed Mask said...

"...As Roosh notes, this does not bode well for society."

And yet he's still a major promoter and "condoner" of the wicked "hookup culture" that just goes to advantage of these damaged "Western women" he continues to "complain about".

You want "resolution" don't be a part of the *PROBLEM*.

Roosh and all those like him (PUA, playboy or not; doesn't matter) that continue to *TAKE ADVANTAGE* of these slutty, "whorish" Western women they continue to murmur and complain about all the day long are perhaps even the worst-end of the problem than the "messed up women" themselves.

Just "betas" failin' for the bait.

When Mr. Roosh truly endorses "pair-bonding" of men and women in healthy, natural monogamous *MARRIAGE* relationships will be the time I actually take the man seriously of his word.

Until then, every time I go by each of his blogs "Return of Kings" or "Roosh V" I plainly see how much of his own "crap" he's full of "banging girls" and then "complaining" about their behaviours LOL.

What do you expect!

Roosh knows a lot about women; but he's not really going after the solution but fulfilling his own "self-service" in the degeneration.

Point-blank: the time he stops getting his "privy member" wet with these "whorish women" he complains about (yet still benefiting from their "free sex" lol); perhaps he is actually "about something".

Mr. Vox on the other hand, has a more "matured take" on this I perceive; being a married husband and father and all; has more natural *DEPTH* on this issue than someone of the likes of a lingering fornicator like Mr. Roosh and his ilk in the "wet dream house". Amen.

~ Bro. Jed

My Dead Gramps said...

@Jed. You're a little behind on the times. Roosh aint the same guy he was when he started ROK.

Anonymous said...
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