Tuesday, March 14, 2017

An unexpected benefit

It appears that purpose and meaning in life are physically beneficial:
Parents, take courage. If you survive the sleep deprivation, toddler tantrums and teenage angst, you may be rewarded with a longer life than your childless peers, researchers said Tuesday.

Fathers gained more in life expectancy than mothers, a team wrote in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health -- and particularly in older age.

"By the age of 60, the difference in life expectancy... may be as much as two years" between people with, and those without, children, they concluded.

Researchers tracked the lifespan of men and women born between 1911 and 1925 and living in Sweden -- more than 1.4 million people in total.

They also gathered data on whether the participants were married and had children.

Men and women with at least one child had "lower death risks" than childless ones, the team concluded.

"At 60 years of age, the difference in life expectancy was two years for men and 1.5 years for women" compared to peers with no kids, the researchers wrote.
Save civilization and society, discover the true meaning of love, and live longer. Not a bad deal in exchange for trading in your sports car for a minivan.


dc.sunsets said...

Other people's lives are an enigma. How does one find meaning without devotion to a husband or wife, without devotion to children (and grandchildren), etc.?

Devotion to cats? To causes? To hedonism? All look like a mental illness to me.

Revelation Means Hope said...

You can always buy a newer and better sports car later in life. People will be so jealous that they will have to put you down and call it a mid-life crisis. And you can smirk because you know that they're jealous and you still get to drive the sports car.

Harambe said...

Or you could do like I did and buy a Subaru Forester XT. All the fun of a sports car, but with a huge storage area and a 5 star safety rating.

Don't like Subaru? Look at the BMW X-series or Audi's Q variants. Everyone wins.

Jed Mask said...

"Other people's lives are an enigma. How does one find meaning without devotion to a husband or wife, without devotion to children (and grandchildren), etc.?"

@ dc.sunsets

... Ask the apostle PAUL that question. Devotion unto GOD: the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen!

"Devotion" to anything earthly in this life be it "causes" and even your flesh 'n blood children will lead to nothing but the SIN of *IDOLATRY*.


The last Scripture passage of KJV Ecclesiastes sums up this point:

KJV Ecclesiastes 12:13-14,

13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.


^ (Mentioned above): *THE WHOLE BODY OF MAN*.

All this "search" for the "purpose and meaning of life"; here is the answer O people of the world: LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Wha? Don't like? It's the TRUTH! Believe it or not to your disposition.

"Save civilization and society, discover the true meaning of love, and live longer."

Only *GOD* can do that Mr. Vox. Reverence thy Creator over the "creature", sir. Amen.

~ Bro. Jed

Anonymous said...

And if you get divorced, you'll die years sooner than your single peers.

tweell said...

Know the risks and rewards before you act.


Factory said...

I will NEVER trade my mx-5 for a minivan! Most emphatically not. That thing is driving Nirvana.

Bill Henry said...

Can you say Chevy Suburban? Full size american sedan...

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

dc.sunsets is onto something. The other night I was looking at yet another Facebook page of a woman I know whose life revolves around animals, not people. And I'm not talking about a rural woman who lived on a farm, but an urban dweller who goes on and on about "rescues." As I looked at the photos, it occurred to me that 20 or 30 years ago, people would have considered it a form of mental illness to have an obsession with pets while lacking kids and a husband. These days it's normal.

Haus frau said...

Since we had kids my husband rarely takes the motorcycle out. He told me he doesn't like the frivolous risk factor with young kids at home. Having children is a deeply personal motivation to avoid stupid risks and generally maintain one's health so not a surprising result.

Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club said...

"The association between having children and longer life was found in married and unmarried people, but appeared to be strongest in single, older men, said the study.

This could be because unmarried men relied more heavily on their offspring in the absence of a partner."

Ditch the bitch, keep the kids.

And a whole two years (at 80, the difference was down to 8 months)? So what. And why is the longest life expectancy some sort of holy goal? You're still dead at the end.

Christopher B said...

The problem with any study like this is that it appears to select subjects at random but really doesn't. People with lifestyles that lead to early death (violence, drug abuse, mental illness) are also probably less likely to have children. The best you can say is that kids aren't a negative factor, which isn't nothing, but not nearly as dramatic.

Unknown said...

@Days of Broken Arrows:
Looks like the Crazy Cat Lady from the Simpsons has become obsolete.

Unknown said...

@Days of Broken Arrows:
Looks like the Crazy Cat Lady from the Simpsons has become obsolete.

Rex Little said...

What Christopher B said. In general, whenever a study shows a correlation between X and Y, it could be that X caused Y, Y caused X, or Z caused both X and Y.

Anonymous said...

"Not a bad deal in exchange for trading in your sports car for a minivan."

Ha! This cracked me up. As a young man I was convinced I was too selfish to have kids. (Not realising that everyone is, at that age, but having kids changes the way you look at things.) Needless to say, my thinking is now very different.

Wife and kids and I were all back in the old country for Christmas & New Year. We bought a second-hand 8 seater van for our 6-week hols and sold it when we left. I've got this great photo of all 9 of us (we also took our god-daughter) in the van.

Funny thing was I took it as we were leaving my sister's place, and I said out the window to her:

"Now, Luke, *I* am my father!"

When we were kids our parents had a Vauxhall van, a huge thing with a bench front seat you could fit four people on, and just a metal tray in the back. We put two single mattresses down on it and all 9 of us were mobile. So it was a sychnronicity moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I used to have a Golf, now I drive a 7 seat Sharan.

Midnight Avenue J said...

Haus frau, I occasionally kid my husband that he gave up his Jeep for me. He says Stop! and I know it's not true, it's banter between us, but there's some truth there.

He'd spent years welding and fabbing the frame and installing a roll cage and researching axles to get the gearing right for the larger tires. Thousands of dollars were spent so he could go mudding and have a heavy duty off-road vehicle.

I never ever said a word...the Jeep was his project and I loved him for taking the time to involve me in it. But after kid #3 was conceived, he just gave up on it. Sold Jeep, sold commuter car, and bought...minivan.

I know he will have a Jeep, or something similar (80s Broncos like he had in HS) again some day, to share with our kids. But he realized the time, money, and potential risks to life and limb just weren't worth it compared to the kids.

As one of my cousins recently said: "it's not about me, anymore."

No, it's not.

And that's why abortion is such a sticking point for me. Hey girl, you had your fun, ready for it or not, and this is where fun leads...but I'm straying into OT so I'll go now.

Acksiom said...

"Cuck," they cucked, cuckingly.

Sorry, neighbors, but unless and until you reform the divorce and custody laws, you can't be trusted to keep up your end of the marriage contract. Not the contract between the spouses; the contract between the spouses on one side and the community on the other.

That community being you yourselves. And when you rah-rah for marriage regardless of the potential negatives for men in general, and in some cases even women, you reveal yourselves as cuckservatives.

If the term doesn't cover that kind of behavior, it's meaningless.

Vox left that part of the deal out of the description, but the younger generations you're targeting know better. If you want them to participate, you're going to have to step up and fix the system first.

If you want us to be husbands and fathers, you need to better guarantee our marriage benefits first. My abusive ex-mother put me and my father through the divorce and custody grinder over the late 70s to early 80s. It's only gotten worse since then.

Fix the divorce and custody laws first. Only then will you be qualified to recommend marriage to us. Without that, you're just trying to cuck us over.

And to that we say: cuckservative, exploit thyself.

Manu said...

I have a 2 year old and another on the way. I kept the muscle car. Mostly, the wife's station wagon is the family hauler. But no reason the second car can't be hell on wheels.

Besides, my son loves it. Whenever he sees it: "Dada's car!"

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