Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The fire rises

The Chateau observes that white men are no longer interested in being lectured by their hypocritical inferiors:
There’s fight left in White men. The time is coming, very soon now, when the paper tigress of shitliberalism is exposed on the vivisecting table, and unapologetic shitlords stream out of their bunkers armed to the teeth with the liberating knowledge that the passive-aggressive snarl is all their enemies bring to battle, and behind that snarl there’s nothing but cowardly submission.

Speaking of a White fire rising:

A rare breed, two Pedowood shitlords, react to post-Wall harridan Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump self-aggrandizing harangue on stage. Look at the fire in Vince Vaughn’s and Mel Gibson’s eyes. These are men asking themselves, and the world, “Who bitch this is?”. They forge in the furnace of their unalloyed disgust a quiet and seething intolerance for the enemies of White men; a vengeance devised to settle the ultimate score — recapture of their homeland from degenerates within — percolates in their blood and radiates from their irises.

Look at those eyes brimming with righteous hatred closely, and multiply that look by millions, because that’s how many White men of the West feel the same way. And their numbers grow daily. White men are awakening to their planned and active dispossession by malevolent forces corrupting the creation of their ancestors. They see Meryl StreepThroat as another in a long line of preachy hypocritical reprobates shitting on their race and culture and values for fun and profit and the adulation of the elite bubble crowd. This rapidly coalescing army of normal White men and the White women who have not yet abandoned them for the wigger low life knows that attacks on Trump are proxy attacks on Whites.
Don't hide your contempt. Don't hide your total rejection of the daily SJW Narrative. Let them know that the fire is rising and it is going to entirely consume them.


#7139 said...

This is a strong meme. I like it.

Alexamenos said...

At peak angriness, white guys are quiet and steady...

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

Shitlibs think white guys have been angry for two decades, but we're just now getting there.

dc.sunsets said...

As long as the Cult was aligned with the Narrative, the dam holding in the Rage was solid. Rage flowed into the reservoir day after day, week after week, but the solidity of the dam caused those fueling the rage to think their realm omnipotent and permanent, so they built their castles in the valley below that dam.

The Narrative began to turn in 2000, and All the King's Horses and Men rushed the dam as it cracked, but two huge bouts of inflation (2002-2007 and 2009 to now) amounted to taping the seams and only provided the illusion of solidity.

No wonder those living in splendor in those castles in the valley are running about like ants whose hill has been disturbed. And like those ants, nothing they do will alter their fate. The reservoir filled far longer than imaginable 20 years ago, but it will not be dammed forever.

Happy Housewife said...

That look on Vince Vaughn's face. I would not want to be on the receiving end of that. He looks like he genuinely wants to choke someone.

Unknown said...

Men on our side take fair play and sportsmanship seriously. For the last eight years, we've watched the other side score time after time, dancing and taunting in the end zone with glee. They did it with a lot of help from the officials and announcers, which wasn't right, but we learned that the rules have changed. Sometimes we were even told outright, "That's what happens when you lose elections. If you don't like it, win next time."

So we did. And now we're being told that not only do we not get the trophy, we're not even allowed to celebrate, but should slink off the field in shame. They're going to keep dancing in the end zone and calling us losers, and we're supposed to keep taking it.

Yeah, this isn't going to go well for them.

JCclimber said...

Because their culture celebrates the chimpy displays of outrage and emotion, they don't recognize the seething rage building. They look at the Trump campaign stop turnout and completely miss the point, because the people at the turnout look happy.

Their entire diet of indoctrination is from mainstream movies, where the actors overemphasize their emotions so the camera can capture it for low IQ viewers. After watching that, and soap operas, their perceptions are deadened.

Now add in their steady diet of Music Videos from the diversity nation, where everything is amped up to an even higher degree, and their perceptions have become numb.

Watch old movies and you'll see much more subtle emotional displays.

APL said...
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APL said...

Nah! I just think Vince and Mel are just looking at Streep and thinking; 'She so past the wall she's in Peru', and consequently not prepared to take any crap from such a grotesque.

Jeff aka Orville said...

'She so past the wall she's in Peru', nice shiv!

MAGA - Make Acting Great Again

Zach said...
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Zach said...

If you don't like it, win next time."

"Elections have consequences." Make sure to say it with a smile.

Jed Mask said...

Let it out white men. Let it out. Amen.

~ Bro. Jed

Anonymous said...

I love Roissy's writing and agree with him, but I don't see hatred nor anger in Gibson or Vaughn's eyes. I see serious attention being paid. Am I just not seeing what most others are seeing there?

Anonymous said...

Well, Jourdan, I guess you need to learn to read faces better.

Here's another example:
The Don Will See You Now (The Trumps react to Cruz' RNC speech)

Desdichado said...

Gibson's face was almost more surprised than anything else, especially if you watch the video version. Like; "is she seriously saying what it sounds like she's saying?"

Anonymous said...

An industry of Falstaffs soon to learn not only the King has abandoned them, but the kingdom as well. Goodbye, Opulent Rot.

Anonymous said...



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Daniel said...

Randy Quaid openly attacks her:


Quicksilver75 said...

It does seem like 2017 is going to be one of relentless trench warfare in the culture. 2016 will seem like a mere warmup. Funny, but it seems laughable that Sarkeesian and Fem Frequency were actually a legitimate "foe" once. Now they seem like a pitiful paper tiger. The real foe is that the entire Legacy MEDIA-EDU blobulus have discarded their masks and will be openly sermonizing about Trump & white males as demonic. Even most of the CIA & military bureacracy is likely infested with SJWs and anti-western, pro-Cuck activists. This will be a long battle. Pace yourself!

LP2021 Bank of LP Work in Progress said...

What telling facial expressions!

Fire? Leo bitches have auto flame throwers! Streep and hollywood are worried as they are being bought up by China. China has hwood bitches, Streep is a farce.

Jack said...

'The Chateau observes that white men are no longer interested in being lectured by their hypocritical inferiors'

There was never a time that I was interested in that sort of thing. Just found your blog today. Great post.

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