Thursday, January 12, 2017

Alphas seek confrontation

This observation shows how those who are always advising politicians to chase the electorate are really revealing their fundamental inability to understand human nature or why people vote for one representative versus another. It is apparent that even though they don't like him or his objectives, the media is rapidly developing a grudging respect for the God-Emperor Ascendant:
"If you sent Donald Trump to Pamplona for the bull run he would quite possibly run towards the bull. And the beast might well, in such circumstances, do a quick U-turn and gallop to safety."
- Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
That's how people react to genuine Alphas. Alphas always steer towards open confrontation, they don't try to avoid it, or worse, engage in passive-aggressive sniping from safety.


Unknown said...

There will be more of this, as he continues to be the Donald Trump who fascinated them before he became their political enemy. They won't be able to resist showing admiration for particular acts, though they'll wrap it in disclaimers about how he's still totally horrible.

Saw a bit of that from Thomas Woods this morning (though he's not a leftist or a media drone, of course). He opened with a disclaimer about how he expects to hate many things Trump does -- but cheered for the way Trump treated that CNN reporter.

Happy Housewife said...

They have to keep fostering and whipping up their fear of him, otherwise they'd have no choice but to admire him. Seriously, he went up against the most powerful people in the country, and the majority of his own party, and won. When will they stop underestimating him?

Anonymous said...

The media of course had it wrong. Trump was the most qualified candidate for president in decades.

Jed Mask said...

Go Alpha! Lol Amen!

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