Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Roosh word-rapes Zuckerberg's sister

This is hi-freaking-larious rhetorical stoning of a feminist who bit off considerably more than she could chew.
Maybe one day we will encounter an enemy who is our intellectual equal, but today is not that day. Instead we must endure adult children who shriek out in pain as they strike us, whose blows effortlessly slide off us like water from a seal’s fur coat. And if Mark Zuckerberg is reading this right now, and there is a good chance he is because his arrogant sister bit off more than she could chew, I want him to know that she is now our “house ho.”

Mark, we have raped your sister’s mind with our ideas and our vigor. We have so burrowed a hole into her head that not a day goes by without her thinking of our ideology, our arguments, and our words. You can do your worst on Facebook, and hide reality to your heart’s content, but you cannot even begin to stop us from wounding your own family. What goes around comes around—you’ve manipulated the minds of millions people who use Facebook, censoring the truth from them, and now we own the mind of your sister.
If you don't want to get hit back, best not strike others in the first place. You'd think even Jewish feminists would be smart enough to realize that, of all people, a Muslim isn't going to back down the moment they cry "don't hit me because I'm a girl! And Holocaust!"


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Every jewess adores a Fascist.

Anonymous said...

How does she respond to that? Oh, right. She will double down.

Steve Canyon said...

Sometimes I think gals like that are like that because Daddy was a milquetoast type, mom was an overbearing ballbuster, and she's never really been exposed to a guy that told her to STFU and get her tail back in the kitchen in a menacing voice. Someone puts some constraints on her and enforces them, she might actually fall from the ranks of the terminally insufferable. Unfortunately, when you look like one of the protagonists from Spy Vs Spy comics after a few months of a diet consisting of oatmeal cream pies and scones, there's not a lot of dudes that will want to put in that kind of work for that kind of reward.

Viisaus said...

"Every jewess adores a Fascist."

See here for some real-life examples of that... :)


"Forbidden Love: Anti-Semites Who Loved Jews… And the Jews Who (Sometimes) Loved Them Back"

Among prominent nineteenth century anti-Semites, says Albert Lindemann, "an astonishing number of them had at some point in their lives not only extensive contact with Jews but also remarkably positive experiences with them -- close friends, respected teachers, even lovers and spouses!" [LINDEMANN, Antisem, p. 188]

Viisaus said...

This is also funny:

"A neurasthenic Yankee blue-blood, Lovecraft lived until age 30 with his remote mother and austere aunts in a small Rhode Island town. When he met Sonia Greene at a 1922 writer’s conference, he had never kissed a woman. A Ukrainian Jew seven years his senior, Greene was a divorced single mother of charm, intelligence and independent means, blessed with what her friends called “Junoesque good looks.” A hatmaker, she was a Donna Karan of her day—a Jewish girl making good in the rag trade. For fun, she dabbled in writing, a hobby which led to her encounter with Lovecraft.

They fell in love through words—chiefly Lovecraft’s, whose letters could go on for as many as 20 pages. Marrying two years later, they settled in Brooklyn, where Greene opened a hat shop. Lovecraft, however, soon objected to sharing crowded city streets, “where white men once moved” with immigrant Jewish hordes—“a loathsome Asiatic stock broken and dragged through the dirt for centuries.” Greene would interrupt his rants with gentle reminders that she, too, was a member of the tribe, but her chastising appears to have done little good. Lovecraft may have been even blunter in his letters than in person. “The only thing that makes life endurable where Blacks abound,” he wrote, “is the Jim Crow principle, and I wish they’d apply it in New York both to Niggers and to the more Asiatic types of puffy, rat-faced Jews.”

Greene, who famously described her second husband as “an adequately excellent lover,” must have tired of his tirades. Although they never officially divorced, their union lasted only two years. In 1926, she burned Lovecraft’s letters and left for the Midwest while he returned to the aunts up north."

Anonymous said...

Quiz for y'all: guess H.P. Lovecraft's sociosexual rank based on Viisaus' post.

Mocheirge said...

I'd guess probably lamedh, but maybe gimel.

Student in Blue said...


Unknown said...

Pressing a false narrative is akin to holding a handful of water - it seeps throughave despite the efforts to the contrary.

It lends satisfaction to watching the narrative crumble as the progs work furiously to not drip their lies everywhere.

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