Sunday, December 18, 2016

Proof of Gamma

There are doubters about the socio-sexual hierarchy. But the more people pay attention to the way individuals behave, the less they doubt:
"It is interesting that the one thing that reliably makes people here go nuts is questioning the need to be egoistic or dominant and things like that - I can say almost anything else, criticize anything else, but not that."

They went nuts when you egoistically attempted dominance plays on someone else's blog. The thing is, and this is what makes it funny, you really truly believe you're not transparent.

Now, we can argue about your transparency; they are all saying "gamma", I personally don't have a label for it nor any interest in socio-sexual musings, but what it HAS proven to me, and I am tempted to believe that this demonstration to the audience was exactly Vox' intention, is that he has without doubt identified a behavioural category; you fit it; and his predictive model is working with such perfection as to call into doubt my... well, my doubt.
There is no question that "gamma males" exist, because it is a label applied to an observed behavior pattern repeatedly demonstrated by certain men. It's a taxonomic label, not a theory.


Aeoli Pera said...

Where is this from?

Retrenched said...

A good example of a gamma male in the news is Nate Silver. Rather than own his mistakes like a man, he keeps making excuses for them, coming up with ridiculous explanations proving that his very incorrect forecasts were somehow right after all.

The secret king is never wrong, never defeated.

Anonymous said...

Nate Silver has to progress from Lambda through Omega to get to Gamma. He is the poster boy for what Nicolas Taleb calls "Intellectuals but Idiots". Besides, he does not deadlift.

heyjames4 said...

I've been a gamma my whole life. With the help of this blog and other sources I'm trying to improve. But if I can't Pinocchio myself into being a Delta I'd rather turn Omega than stay a Gamma.

Krul said...
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Krul said...

Before I've noted that C.S. Lewis' character Eustace Scrubb is an example of the quintessential gamma type in childhood. Though he didn't use the word "gamma", Lewis definitely observed the same behavior patterns in men and boys of his own time, informing the character of Eustace.

Similarly, in the 1951 film Quo Vadis*, Peter Ustinov portrays the character Nero as what we would call gamma. Ustinov's Nero shows what it would be like if a gamma male were given ultimate power: Nero's speech. You can see the endless self-pity, the obsession with being "misunderstood", the comically fragile ego, the utter lack of self-awareness, and the unfathomable cruelty of the gamma.

*The book is better, but it doesn't have Ustinov.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Nate Silver. physiognomy is real. That dude does not get laid. Never trust a guy who can't get laid.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about Nate Silver's work is that it isn't actually that bad considering the lamestream media polling he was working with. It's weakened by his Gamma presentation of it.

Besides his ass-covering, I've noticed on interviews that he tends to talk way too much, including about things that aren't important. Similar to how Gammas post in comment sections, come to think of it.

This is something that Gammas (or Omegas, or Deltas) looking for jobs should keep in mind about interviews. Your work itself may be top-notch, but you could have not gotten the job because you did a Nate Silver with your presentation.

SirHamster said...

Aeoli Pera said...
Where is this from?

Tail of Gamma callout thread on VP.

Mooga Booga said...

What a pretentious maroon. Everyone knows there's lots more to life than fighting over status, but fighting over status goes a lot way to determining quality of life, unless, of course, you're 1) well set-up enough to be assured of a comfy place no matter what; or b) willing to keep your socializing to a bare minimum. The only third way out I can think of is to cultivate an otherworldly detachment. That is possible, I believe, but I can't believe "Mike" has mastered it. Bodhisattvas don't concern-troll.

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