Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Nine Laws

THE NINE LAWS, Ivan Throne's uncompromising philosophical manual, is now available in paperback and casebound hardcover editions.

It is in acceptance of the preposterous nature of existence and appreciation of the inherent nonsense of form, that man rises beyond them both and connects with the infinity of the endless divine.

There is great challenge in understanding this.
There is bottomless absurdity in the form of all things, for they are forms only and not reality. This is known to all faiths, and to all sacred texts, and to all ways of spiritual growth that men have arrayed for themselves in response to the weird and terribly lovely fabric of time and space.

Yet in order to pass through daily life and not fall into a spiraling insanity of gurgling incomprehension, the mind accepts form as reality. We have five fingers on each hand. The sky is blue. Matter has mass, there are nuclear forces, there are mechanical, physical laws we can test and prove.

But this is a simplistic overlay to enable simple living.

Consider the depth of space and time.

The age of the universe is virtually beyond comprehension. Understand the scale of it, the breadth of it, the vast and infinite deep and the tiny, almost instantaneously negligible slice of reality that the presence of humanity represents.

It is preposterous to consider it as real. For with sufficient perspective, even the billions of eons of deep time and the swirling clouds of a billion galaxies that lattice through the visible universe are themselves mere immeasurably brief and ridiculously tiny hiccups within something else.

Where God is infinite and unbounded, how can He have a definitive image in which to create His children?

In the vast and staggering distance and age of the universe, how can there be purpose in such fleeting self-awareness of human beings who think and feel and experience?

How absurd to believe that we are alone in the universe, that the span of time and space are solely for our amusement.

How ludicrous to believe that life arises at all in a universe teeming with sentience but built upon entropic principle where heat death and extinguishment are foregone imperatives!

How can there be reconciliation between the provable operation of Newtonian physics and the weird and bubbling probabilistic froth of quantum foam that creates it?

How can we conceive of division by zero but be unable to approach the impossible answer?

The truth is in acceptance of the preposterous nature of all things. That division by zero results not in error and halted information, but laughter and delight.

It is silly to invest mortal seriousness beyond effective utility.

Preposterousness is the Eighth Law.


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