Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The unsalvageable

Nicholas Peake describes the casualties in the War on Men at Return of Kings:
Over the years I’ve known a few friends (and, sadly, family) who at some point I began to see in a different light—these were men very close to me who eventually revealed themselves to always make bad decisions, avoid personal change and self improvement, fail with women (or get with terribly low-tier ones), and periodically need my help to get themselves out of a hole they had dug for themselves.

At the very least it was slightly annoying, but after bailing them out numerous times I become angry and frustrated with the lack of personal responsibility. I came to understand that these are broken men.

What I now call the “loser mentality” is not reserved for extreme cases like drug addicts, felons, and so forth.  Sometimes otherwise nice, decent people are actually living a “loser” life; not everyone is necessarily “bad” but sadly are still a net negative and will drain us of money, motivation, time, and more if we don’t make the hard choice to walk away from them.

There appear to be common traits among these types which serve as telling indicators of those who your good intentions are wasted on.
It's a perspicacious article and he makes some very good observations. But the key one is this: Never expect help when you really need it from those who have the loser mentality.... Losers cannot be counted on.  Ever. 

That's why I am very wary of placing any trust in gammas or omegas. They are like wounded dogs and won't even hesitate to bite the hand that is feeding them. And the moment I sense that I'm dealing with a gamma, I do my best to extricate myself from their web of drama and delusion.

Often, the fact that they have been mistreated and they do merit pity leads both men and women into misguided sympathy. But it is best offered in the abstract and from afar.

You can't cure any man with a broken mindset. About the most you can do for a man like that is give him a copy of MAGA Mindset, by Mike Cernovich, and hope for the best.


Gulo Gulo said...
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Gulo Gulo said...

The one trait that distinguishes a loser from a winner is persistence and grit. The loser has none - period. Personally Ive had many, many setbacks in my life. Some self-induced and some totally out of my control. To this day, I continue to have periods where I struggle financially. Im not fully where I would like to be. Yet- despite all of this, I have never given up -once ! I don't blame others for setbacks or come up with lame excuses. Instead, I grit my teeth and bust my ass to move forward. Resolving to do better and to improve my lot in life. Too many men don't have this grit and end up throwing their hands up , shrugging their shoulders and then giving up. With this approach to trials and tribulations they are doomed forever to loser purgatory.

John Rockwell said...

The only thing that is going to force them to change is threat of death. If for example they refuse to be self-sufficient in the wilderness then they end up starving to death. This is the only way to force them to change.

Sink or swim

Gulo Gulo said...

You might be onto something. At one point in my early 20s, I lived for six years in a cabin in the woods of Vermont. No central plumbing or lighting. Had to gather my water from a dug well, heated with wood and lit the interior with gas lights. It was during that time I learned a strong work ethic, and to confront and ultimately embrace loneliness. I also ended up coming to faith in Christ during that time. Prior to that experience I had been much more lazy, soft and a major whiner. That self imposed boot camp cured me of it.

Anonymous said...

Castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

Men will never unite because there is such dramatic asymmetry in the sexual market: a man can have ten children a day, women can have ten children a life. Thus there is every sexual incentive for men to cuck, disparage and denigrate other men, and there is every sexual incentive for women to cuck, deceive and ignore lesser men.

Society will have to collapse, focusing what remains of the western female mind on stable resources, before there is much hope of change. I suppose avoiding losers in the meantime is as practical advice as any.

I say all this as a happily married man with three children, but who works with millennial men and sees the environment they have to deal with with open eyes.

Aeoli Pera said...

While it's true that Gammas and Omegas are damaged goods and therefore untrustworthy, what the article is describing is more lower class failure modes than otherwise. Alcoholism, payday loans, drugs, that sort of thing. There's some overlap- e.g. excuses- but this article isn't about NEETs.

Aeoli Pera said...

The red pill is understanding that no one gives a shit, period. Not even your mom. You are disposable. They will work you to death and then excoriate your dead body for laziness. Honestly, it gets hard to believe any of them have souls.

Well, except for Jesus. He cares. But nobody else, except for what you can do for them.

Aeoli Pera said...

If there is going to be any hope for the church in America, this is precisely where it's needed. I have my doubts that the Cult of Nice is interested in associating with deplorables, but there have to be at least two or three of us left in this shithole.

Aeoli Pera said...

One last rant for the night.

The tragedy of homo sapiens is that eons of sexual selection for positive thinking has bred out of him the capacity for solving problems.

Anonymous said...

It is a dysfunction. I call it poverty mindset. Literally the exact opposite of MAGA or Gorilla Mindset. Their is no helping them. And he is right, they will never help you. They can't.

SS said...

I've been wondering about a friend of mine like this lately. Wasn't sure where to ask some questions about him, but this pretty much answers all of them for me. I never really tried placing him in a category, but often thought to myself, he needs to quit acting like a girl about this. The latest fallout has him not talking to me because he's upset (hilarious), but I think I'll let it stay that away and go my own way.

Anonymous said...

There not their ffs

jlw said...

I would love to hear what advice this blogger would give to the unsalvageable Omega males themselves? How to rig a reasonably happy life out of the absolutely losing hand that has been dealt them? Nobody cares about these guys; they are the largest body of people out there about whom nobody cares at all.

Cristo said...

I second jlw's comment above. As an Omega myself (though a professionally successful and socially responsible one), I would like to hear some advice.

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