Monday, September 26, 2016

Home invasions

This is why you don't ever permit unattached men and women to move into your home:
A vicar has been betrayed after taking in a destitute alcoholic who then embarked on an affair with his wife of 29 years. Ivan Mascarenhas, 49, moved in with Matthew and Sandra Taylor in Northamptonshire, after he began drinking again and was thrown out by his wife. The vicar of St Mary's in Rushden took pity on him and gave him a spare room while he found his feet. And Rev Taylor even praised Ivan in church for battling alcoholism, not knowing that he was sleeping with his wife.
You're not being a "good samaritan" by taking someone into your home. The Good Samaritan put up the waylaid man at an inn. He wasn't foolish enough to bring the man into his home.

If you want to help someone, give them money. Don't sacrifice your marriage on their behalf, no matter how bravely they are addressing their substance abuse problem or how badly they were abused by their boyfriend.


Tatooine Sharpshooters' Club said...

Hey vicar, maybe the alkies' wife should have clued you in: never trust a junkie. The vicar's own wife doesn't sound like any prize, either.

OT: I clicked on "The Gamma Anthem" which didn't seem to link to what was intended, but it did bring me to this splendid example of 'Murica today (from Bodymore, Murdaland, naturally).

Richard Stone said...

"give them money"

For the homeless, not even this. Give them food or clothing and volunteer at a shelter.

Aeoli Pera said...

True, the unfortunate thing is that homelessness is now an organized racket and the disingenuous sign holders have pushed out the destitute ones. (They will burn in Hell for this at the very least, because they're exploiting the poor and Jesus had very clear feelings on this.) On top of that, the properly destitute often can't handle having money. Sometimes it's just a one-in-a-million matter of circumstance, but usually they're on the street because they can't manage money for whatever reason.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

White men are so fucking naive. I can't even.

Happy Housewife said...

Francis Chan found that out the hard way, too. Took a single homeless mother and her children into his home. They then proceeded to make the nicest, calmest man in the universe miserable. He wrote about the experience in one of his books, describing how his wife and children were in tears every day because of them. He finally had enough and kicked them out.

If he can't stand it, no one can.

liberranter said...

How fitting that this happened to a (I presume) Anglican clergyman. If any "church" needs to suffer blowback from its brainless secular humanist do-gooderism, this one is it.

liberranter said...

This is why you don't ever permit unattached men and women to move into your home

Don't allow attached people either. I found out the hard way several years ago that moochers can come in pairs too. More difficult to get rid of than cancer.

Never again.

Harambe said...


Anonymous said...

And yet fuckin SJWs want us to take in hordes of Muslims and Africans because "war and persecution". Is there really any fundamental difference at all?

Yeah, the Gamma Anthem link looks to be broken.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Cuck's gonna cuck.

sapopular said...

Almost felt sorry for him. Lie. Cucks deserve it.

grendel said...

She worked at a rehab charity. I bet it isn't the first or even the 4th time she's done this.

Escoffier said...

Aeoli Pera: as to homelessness being a racket? We spent three months in a large urban homeless shelter about two years ago. They kept trying to coerce us to say we had drug addictions because then that would open a federal money spigot. Also, I was in a dormitory with about 160 guys ten of whom were looking to get to work and get the hell out of there. I particularly hated when the various churches would set up tables outside to hand stuff out. The denizens would speak of them in the most contemptuous terms, it was pretty hard to take.

Aeoli Pera said...

Escoffier, I have yet to find a social institution in America that is NOT purely a value-extraction racket. I'm sure there has to be at least one, I just haven't seen it yet.

I've worked for McDonald's a number of years, where we at least produced something, but even McDonald's has an unlimited credit supply straight from the Fed.

KSC said...

Would appreciate a pointer to the Chan story if anyone knows where it is.

I've lived as someone unattached as a couple before, but certainly this is very wise in general. (Letting unattached long-term friends stay for a brief time is not quite the same.)

tweell said...

And the vicar forgives his wife. This is a first class cuck here.

Leo Littlebook ID:16216229492837658552 said...

All those homeless "veterans" can go suck a shotgun.

Matamoros said...

I would think it obvious that if she so readily jumped into the Alkie's bed, she has numerous? other lovers she is taking care of as well.

Johnny said...

Part of the problem is that we deal with this stuff on the level of a moral imperative, and the common implementation is to assign good or evil to the down and out. The net result is we end up being too generous under the "good" model and encourage socially dysfunctional behavior by rewarding it. Or we assign the "evil" model to the down and out and discard them to the extent that can be done. The result is either needless cruelty or promoting disfunction.

dc.sunsets said...

Broken people stay broken 99.99999% of the time.

A recap of a 2010 column describing the travails of a Do-Gooder woman appeared on AmRen:
In the comments, a man claiming to be the boyfriend who helped this woman escape the Helter Skelter cult ( stated that she eventually left him and slid back into submission to such cult-think.

She was broken. He tried to "fix" her. She stayed broken, and all he did was waste six of the irreplaceable years of his life with the bitch.

Side-note: Though she didn't admit it in the article, it takes no discernment at all to know she was mudsharking and group-sexing with the absolute scummiest creatures on Planet Earth. She was irreparably broken, shattered into useless shards by her own false sense of moral superiority which dragged her into an inescapable pit.

Neither Edgar Allan Poe nor H.P. Lovecraft could conceive of how low women will stoop, or the horrors they willingly endure, once addicted to this inversion-of-virtue signaling.

Gulo Gulo said...

"And the vicar forgives his wife."

And in 99.99 % of Churchian congregations across the United State, this would be lauded as a wonderful testimony of the "faith" of all involved.
He may be a cuck, she may be a whore and the whole arrangement a sham but Hallelujah, praise the Lawd - the marriage "survived"

Jed Mask said...

"You're not being a "good samaritan" by taking someone into your home. The Good Samaritan put up the waylaid man at an inn. He wasn't foolish enough to bring the man into his home."

That depends Vox. I've been homeless. I know what it's like to feel as though the world doesn't give a "rat's inner sphincter" about you; like you're some despicable "worn, insect or creature".

Yeah, understand what you're saying in the Scripture example of the "good Samaritan" as the Parable of the Lord is commonly-called; in that case, yeah, the Samaritan man put the beaten man up in an inn for a place to stay.

Instead of taking your statements to heart in context, I'd rather say, anyone looking to help a homeless person or "worse-off" individual should simply exercise good judgment and discernment led of the Lord in prayer and thought concerning what help needs to be given said poor (homeless) person and to know one's own "persona limits".

It's true that some people are "stronger" than others and/or can make better provisions and/or risks to help people out in need. So I'd say a true and honest personal assessment of knowing one's "personal limits" when it comes to helping out the less fortunate is something everyone should instinctively realize.

In other words, I'll put it to you like that: I wouldn't trust you Vox to "help me out" if I was in serious need like this "alcoholic man" mentioned in this article. Obviously this man was "wicked" and TOOK ADVANTAGE of someone's KINDNESS for weakness; but that's what "dishonest" cheating folks do of all shades.

All I can say, Vox, is that you'll leave me to suffer in the cold while I would have you kickin' it in my place with food to eat and a warm place to be to as long as you need to get on your own and do as you need to (since I don't think you're the type to "live off" anyone for anytime longer than necessary; you're an independent man who takes care of himself and family I perceive).

lol Lord Knows how I treat people RIGHT when it's in MY POWER to DO SO. I treat people the way I WANT TO BE TREATED! I wouldn't do anyone wrong like that; if I was in that person's shoes. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Jed Mask said...

"If you want to help someone, give them money. Don't sacrifice your marriage on their behalf, no matter how bravely they are addressing their substance abuse problem or how badly they were abused by their boyfriend."

YEP, TOTALLY understand where you're coming from here, Vox. You're a married man and in so doing you are making the right call concerning protecting your marriage. Absolutely right. What God put together let no man put asunder. Amen.

Now, a single person has much more flexibility and versatility to help out poor and disadvantaged people, so then it really comes down to being led of God's Spirit, and knowing one's own personal limitations of how much and how far he/she is willing to help out the other person.

... However, as far as helping this disadvantaged person off you need not really "hand out money" and "send them away" lol... There's better approaches than that. For starters, depending on the context of the situation of the person(s) involved you can first tell the person(s) of any local resources they can go to from shelters, Goodwill, The Salvation Army, local food banks and homeless charities to give out free meals to the homeless. Always start out telling people where they can get help before just "handing them money". Be general, but ask folks what they need the money for? By your own good judgment you can often tell whether the (homeless) person(s) asking you for money or "help" is just using you to get cigarettes, beer, drugs or some other idiocy or if the person's actually truly needing the help.

If such person(s) is honest I'll direct them to the police, or authority officials or people I know can best help the person-in-need's situation but if they unnecessarily "back out" of my offering help; I know right then they have "sneaky", impure ulterior motives to "use my sincere kindness and concern" to "feed their habits" and use me. Then I politely and coolly "Alright then, God Bless" and walk on my way; but only after I've been "affirmed" in my mind and spirit said person is *LYING* to me about his/her own welfare.

It's not really all that hard to tell the difference between the (homeless) people who are in serious sincere need of help in contrast to the "lifestyle (homeless) people" who scheme and manipulate the compassion of people of good intention so they can "live off" the kindness of other people and "leech off of society".

I know the difference of the "regular homeless" from the "newly homeless-want-to-integrate-back-into-society" folks.

After that, you know who really needs help and who is just "using you". Amen.

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