Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gamma Fantasy Novel One

Act 1
GP (Gamma Protagonist) is awkward, unattractive, and misunderstood, but smart and snarky
GP discovers the heart of the misunderstanding is his previously unknown incredible gift
GP enters a whirlwind of an adventure of discovering his gift as people are suddenly after him
GP defeats some minor foes with his gift but doesn’t know how
MV (Male Villain) is introduced, an ass for no reason, is a jock, and good looking
MV has control over seductress Female Villain (FV) The FV is shown not totally responsible for being a villain

Act 2

First confrontation with MV who wants gift to be a bigger asshole, GP escapes
FV sent to seduce GP
GP has the greatest moral victory of all time, he turns down a hot woman with dark hair, and large breasts
FV found GP sincerity and respect for women attractive but must obey the MV
FV killed by MV since she failed and MV captures GP relishes being an asshole, brags about it, and has sex with hot slave women in celebration

Act 3

GP escapes with the help of a spunky, quirky, FR (Female Rogue) who doesn’t realize how pretty she really is
FR helps GP unlock his gift but is better at everything else than the GP and is more intelligent and wise. Effectively the FR has no flaws
FR beds GP unexpectedly and loves GP for his snark, mid-level intelligence, and ignores his stupidly childish antics, weird personality, and total lack of friends
FR and GP team up to beat MV
GP discovers in the final battle that his gift allows him to be powerful as the gods but he’s magnanimous about how he uses it
GP tells the FR a stupid joke at the end, she rolls her eyes, and kisses him


AJ Popo said...

The first act sounds like Spiderman

sapopular said...

I realized that a huge number of mangas and animes have a very similar protocol. Japaneses are gammas in the core

lowercaseb said...

At first I was going make a comment about the fantasies of adolescent boys but it dawned on me that these power fantasies are probably modern inventions as well.

As a follow-up...I'd be curious to see you plot out delta or alpha sci-fi. However, that may not be possible as the above examples may not be as formulaic.

It would be ironic that a large part of the gamma-fication of modern society just came from lazy writers that don't want to veer away from their tried and true templates.

Happy Housewife said...

It's a perversion of the classic Hero's Journey; where the hero is on a quest to save something bigger than himself, the Gamma finds himself bigger than everything else. Except the Female Rogue, of course. Secret King, indeed.

Ben Cohen said...

What type of hero is the punisher?

Anonymous said...

Sickening looking back on how many books were exactly that.

Harambe said...

Funny thing is this describes Monster Hunter International, which is NOT about a gamma protagonist.

Xmas said...

I could have skipped the whole Wheel of Time series...thanks!

Harambe said...

I realized that a huge number of mangas and animes have a very similar protocol. Japaneses are gammas in the core

I suppose that's because you exclusively consume shonen manga and anime, which is aimed at teenagers and are almost always analogies for boys' coming of age.

Shimshon said...

I can't wait to read the sequel.

Anonymous said...

Kinda reminds me of the first Jim butcher book about the wizard detective. I only read it because my housemate and uncle reccomended it so much. I found the protagonist to be such a weasely little white knight I couldn't really enjoy the book. Turns out that the guys who recommended it are famously bad with women... Huh...

Ron said...

what I'd like to see (or something like it):

Act 1
OP (Omega Protagonist) is awkward, unattractive, misunderstood, but smart and angry
OP tries to tell himself that the heart of the misunderstanding is his previously unknown incredible gift
OP half heartedly tries to pull this bullshit off, but can’t because he is just socially inept, not a lying cunt
OP on the other hand has GP friend that uses him for laughs and proof.
OP occasionally tries to do what GP “advises” doesn’t get very far

Act 2
MV (Male Villain) is introduced
MV treats GP like scum because GP made the mistake of fucking with him in public. Is a jock and good looking

OP sees this, and finally realizes he is getting nowhere with GP asshole, realizes MV is right

OP goes to MV who is hanging out with BP1, BP2, BP3. All of whom give some light teasing to establish boundaries
OP freaks out and runs away
OP tries again the next day, honestly asks for advice. BP’s all give well meaning over the top advice MV gives real advice, something simple

OP decides come hell or high water he is going to follow that advice.

MV and crew start to develop some respect for OP and patiently give him more time and advice which OP follows

OP eventually meets FV who is currently hooking up with MV

OP realizes FV is totally out of his league, gets friend zoned, and is fine with it because genuine human contact with normal women is a major step up.

Act 3

OP now gets along with the BPs, is considered a trusted friend of MV, who broke up with FV and is with a new FV

OP crushes a bit on FV #1, is advised from MV about the concept of “process vs. goal”. Follows this advice because he has been focused on honest self development and is not an asshole.

OP keeps FV as friend, who invites him to party, goes to party, meets FR (Female Rogue).

OP asks FV for advice, follows it. It's shitty advice, but that's OK, because FR is actually as horny as OP, they make out

OP almost stumbles following FV advice, but fortunately MV and BPs set him straight
OP gets laid (either with this FR or another)

closing scene: OP is hanging out with MV and BPs chatting about life and generally happy. OP could be on the team, or just someone good to be around.

Ron said...

@Ben Cohen


pdwalker said...

do you realize how many books you've just destroyed for me?

Anonymous said...

The first act sounds like Spiderman

How? In the Sam Raimi films at least, Peter Parker wasn't snarky. And the heart of the misunderstanding wasn't his previously unknown incredible gift, the heart of it is that he was a dweeb. The new gift he got - not unknown but entirely separate from any innate qualities - helped him not be a dweeb by increasing his self-confidence and making him more attractive (ripped).

And nobody goes after him at first, HE goes after OTHER people. They only go after him after he starts interfering with their plans.

And the villain was a scientist, not a jock, who was maybe slightly above average looking, if that. There WAS no female villain.

I don't see it.

If anything act 1 is basically "Somewhither" minus the female villain. I hate Ilya. But Mr. Wright has shown some signs of recognizing his flaws and developing his character, so I remain hopeful.

Aeoli Pera said...

I can't wait to read the sequel.

The penis hasn't thought that far ahead, so the sequels will suck. All of this story-weaving is post facto rationalization by the penis. Dream logic revolves around wish fulfillment.

Aeoli Pera said...


You can tell an Omega novel because everyone is deeply flawed and often outright villainous. See George RR Martin, Joe Abercrombie, Chuck Palahniuk, Evangelion, Berserk.

Aeoli Pera said...

Eh, scratch Berserk from that list.

Whisker biscuit said...

Matt Walsh approves this post.

Unknown said...

Brilliant Post.

As other commenters have said it would be great to compare with templates of alpha, delta etc. writers.

Quadko said...

Played for humor like Tom Holt's early books (Who's Afraid of Beowulf and Expecting Someone Taller) can be fun, but all the deadly serious young authors... that's the trouble with "writing what you know (as wish fulfillment)".

Ron said...

@Aeoli Pera

I'm thinking more of an omega based novel geared to showing an omega and caring relatives a progression of getting out of that state. Because that is what I believe the purpose of literature is, to share wisdom, to share useful concepts, to show actual scenarios so that people can learn.

I have to agree with your take on Martin, I'd be inclined to say Gamma, but he at least has the honesty to show the idiocy involved in mindless white knighting. And gammatude is nothing if not subversion masked by fake white knighting.

So GoT is what a bitter hate filled Omega would write.

Ron said...

@Aeoli Pera

In any case, everyone is deeply flawed. That isn't the problem. The problem is most people do not have reason to believe they can advance out of those flaws. That is where faith comes in. "Faith" being defined as general belief that something, the universe, God, what have you, has your back.

The Omega I described went through terrible pain when the BPs teased him. He ran because he simply could not emotionally take it. But he came back "the next day", because something inside him believed if he tried he could make it. This is essential.

Until an Omega chooses on some level to have some kind of faith and stick with the plan, to try, he will stay Omega.

CarpeOro said...

Wait, is the plot for the last Star Wars, with the GP as a girl instead? Haven't seen it yet so hope this doesn't spoil it for me when it is free on cable.

S1AL said...

"I found the protagonist to be such a weasely little white knight I couldn't really enjoy the book."

Butcher hadn't hit his stride until the third book, so Storm Front is... decent. But one of the running jokes of the series is how Harry's white knight tendencies constantly get him into trouble.

"Funny thing is this describes Monster Hunter International, which is NOT about a gamma protagonist."

Yeah, because a 6'4" bar bouncer with a shotgun fetish who fits in really well with the main cast is just the definition of "misunderstood".

Daniel said...

So...The Name of the Wind, repeated with less drama in The Wise Man's Fear.

Unknown said...

The real trouble with narratives like these is that so many guys consume them and expect their lives to resemble them, at least as far as the basic rules for how reality works.

Then, the come into conflict with reality and realize 1) they have no special gift and 2) no uber-cute rogue girl is coming to get him out of a jam.

When that happens, they have no option but to join the fight to remake the nature of reality. Thus, we get the numale SJW. The goal for a lot of those guys is not "social justice," but a world in which they can be attractive to women with no effort.

Kat said...

Can't...stop...laughing. This formula is why I stopped reading fantasy after Junior High.

Anonymous said...


I like your plotline better. What you described is an Omega-to-Delta transition.

You could emphasize a bit more where OP temporarily tries Gamma advice, while being the Milhouse of a group of Gammas (and it would have to be against his better judgment, otherwise he'd be simply a Gamma himself), which of course bombs. It would actually go a long way toward guiding him toward where he needs to go.

Meanwhile, in the sequel, our ex-Omega protagonist would be prone to undergoing a Delta-to-Sigma transition. Being an Omega all his life, he pushes himself into improvement to make up for lost time. But while he gains more self-confidence and experience, he finds his own personality, interests, and quirks don't lend themselves well to being an Alpha's follower. So he goes off by himself.

But unlike a GP, our new SP respects Alphas and Betas even if he doesn't see eye-to-eye with them much of the time, but has a seething contempt toward Gammas.

Anonymous said...

sapopular said...
I realized that a huge number of mangas and animes have a very similar protocol. Japaneses are gammas in the core

This his rather dependent on the Manga/Anime. Hideo Kojima - Metal Gear is basically "I'm bad as fuck and going to kill the lot of you"

Dragon Ball is almost the same of absurd power on top of absurd power. Gurren Lagon is a great serious of a kid grows to be a man but the kid has to learn first from a man. Bleach, Samara Champaloo, Cowboy Bebop, all start with "I am bad as guy let do this"

Don't get me wrong there are plenty of Manga following this Gamma formula but I would actually side with Japanese Manga being less gamma then what many of today comic books are putting out. Problem is the US Gamma's snap up the Japanese gamma Manga and it dilutes the numbers.

L'Aristokrato said...

It would be nice to see this in tandem with a list of popular books/comics/etc. which generally follow the formula. Would be great to spread it around and mock.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my junior prom.

Joe A. said...

Brutally succinct truth.

Bob Loblaw said...

GP escapes with the help of a spunky, quirky, FR (Female Rogue) who doesn’t realize how pretty she really is

Where are these unicorns who underestimate their place in the spectrum of female attractiveness? Young teenagers, maybe? From what I can see just about every woman gives herself at least a two point mulligan.

Anonymous said...

Wow - this perfectly describes the plot of "Ready Player One." That book was far too long and nowhere near as good as the reviews claimed it to be. The 70s and 80s references got old fast and the narrator . . . well, he was Gamma to the core.

I didn't bother with Cline's second book.

Dexter said...

Harry Potter fits the schema minus all the seduction aspects. Harry is a GP and why any of the girls at Hogwarts are attracted to him is completely incomprehensible. Certainly he doesn't DO anything to attract them - all he does is simply "be Harry Potter".

The final books in the series demonstrated that Rowling didn't understand male sexuality or teenage boys AT ALL.

ace said...

How I hate the Female Rogue. Hate hate hate. I hate her more, even, than the protagonist. At least the gamma protagonist is based off the pathetic author and, therefore, has some sort of sense to him. His pathos has a human quality to it. The FR is just fucking unreal. These days a book has to be really good for me to read it in spite of an FR.

Anonymous said...


The other difference is that Harry isn't snarky at all. That's crucial. Even the first time he tells off Malfoy he's very chill.

ScottC said...

Delta Man has been unmasked!

"FR beds GP unexpectedly and loves GP for his snark, mid-level intelligence, and ignores his stupidly childish antics, weird personality, and total lack of friends"

That's pretty funny. For a lark, someone should write one of these gamma sci fi stories, but show how the gamma would actually use (abuse) his gift. What would a gamma do if he had some special power?

Anonymous said...

The trouble with Ron's suggestion for an Omega novel is that it isn't an fantasy adventure story, just a chronicle of self-improvement in an everyday, humdrum setting, so it isn't at all in the same category as the Gamma story outline of the original post, which has a fantastical gift and a villain who kidnaps and kills people. I'm sure Omega self-improvement could be mapped onto an adventure story, but that wasn't it.

Rafael Ramus said...

My first thought when reading it: "Harry Potter seems to fit most criteria". Except it lacks the FV trying to seduce the protagonist (she is dark haired though), and the MV traits are scattered throughout several male villains.

I ended up hating the stuff by the way (each movie is worse than its predecessor, maybe because it becomes awkward to watch the GP as he grows out of childhood).

Amy said...

Richard Rahl, certainly.

Amy said...

This functions the same way as romance novels do for women. Fantasy wishes come true. The FP in a romance novel is usually some Cinderella whose beauty nevertheless goes unseen, an she's secretly an heiress or something. An alpha targets her, EM or meddling ago g woman tries to stop FP and AM getting together...was ri de repeat, happily ever after, usually with lots of graphic sex disguised in coy language.

The film Armageddon also comes to mind, but iight have a special hatred for that movie be a use I was dragged to see four times it by an ex BF who idolized such stories.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear more about how "The final books in the series demonstrated that Rowling didn't understand male sexuality or teenage boys AT ALL." I remember the way in which Harry falling for Ginny was described seemed weird and inaccurate to me, but as a woman, I don't know exactly how or why.

Amy said...

Ginny was infatuated with Harry from early on. Despite attending the Winter Ball with Nigel and being in the wings more often than not, her attraction to Harry's cache as an unwitting celebrity in the wizard world gave her cause to bond to him...being in the same house and, presumably of the same intelligence and values, and her relative youth to his experience, gives more than enough plausibility to the attraction and eventual mating.

It was an expected, foreseen, and even logical outcome. Ginny was no beauty but she was pretty, scrappy, capable, brave, feminine but strong as required and for the right reasons...and...and...the little sister of Harry's best friend. What that last point might mean I don't know; I am no ones younger sister, but I can't help but think that non-purely genetic family bonds matter. Harry's often uncertain yet indisputable courage are mirrored in Ginny. Hermione is competition, equal, not helpmeet. gGinny presents as one to be saved but who is also worthy of salvation not just in body but in soul. She is grateful, aware of her own strengths, but willing to take orders even if it meant her death. Harry could not have had a better mate than her. She can help him deflect the pressures of fame; help him raise upright children; help him have the normal life one in his particular situation could afford. Ginny ishe Everywoman Ideal.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean the fact that Harry and Ginny got together, I meant how it was described when he realizes he likes her: like he was possessed by a monster or something.

Anonymous said...

Also, I'm asking for a man's opinion on the matter, if possible.

Amy said...

I don't know that it doesn't work like that. Sudden realization, or whatever. Romantic, no? I'm not certain eminent pragmatism factored into any decisions in the HP world. Or in any human dimension, fictional or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know that it doesn't work like that."

That's why I'm asking a man.

GB said...

Sword of Truth, Name of the Wind

JonM said...

That's The Lightning Thief in a nutshell. Rick Riordan built a career out of writing this book over and over for young boys. Writing this stuff for kids is a particularly spiteful action, given how it poisons their minds. You have to wonder how many deltas got dragged down to gamma-hood by the messages in Riordan's books.

ScottC said...

What about Woody Allen's comedies?

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean the fact that Harry and Ginny got together, I meant how it was described when he realizes he likes her: like he was possessed by a monster or something.

Rowling had part of the truth. I suspect this is because Rowling is writing from a woman's perspective, and this is what happens to a women when they run into an Alpha.

Men who react like how you're describing -- I'm only going by what you're writing, I'm not going to thumb through the books right now -- are most likely to be either Omegas or Gammas, or very young Deltas. They're the two ranks most likely to be hit with a serious, all-consuming infatuation. And of course, they almost always fail, which might help explain why men and boys might be scared of infatuations and consider them "monsters".

These kind of infatuations, and the consequent humiliating but educational fallout, can be a good thing... but only if they are mature and humble enough to be open to learning from them.

Alexandros said...

You just essentially described the plot to Monster Hunter International.

If only the author stayed away from the dorky romance, it would have been excellent gun porn.

Prospero said...

@Alexandros - I am reading the first MHI now and came over to make the same comment! The character is very likeable and badass, except when he's a simpering jellyfish in the romance department.

SciVo said...

This sounds like it's specific to something I haven't read.

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