Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Alpha Mail: is this how it's done?

A reader wants to know if this is how it is done:
I would appreciate your score on this.  I'm yet to see it through to fruition but it seems promising.  I would appreciate criticisms.  Bear in mind that I would deliberately go out for a cigarette and leave about 7 minutes between most posts.
It was a joy to meet you tonight.  You are a fascinating and beautiful woman.  Hope to see you again some time. With a great sense of humour, I should add...

Hi X, thanks so much for your compliments. I'm really glad I got to meet you.

You're leaving soon? That's a shame.  I'm not interested in breaking up marriages but I would have enjoyed flirting with you. Flirting with an unavailable 9 is good practice.

 yes A 9 only??😳😃 ok I guess that's pretty good.

It's the game.  You twig their insecurity by calling them less than a 10, while also observing their desire to be seen as perfect.  Had I not brought you in on the strategy, I would be more attractive to you now than I was 24 hours ago, simply because you now want to be seen as a 10 in my eyes.
It's all psychology...

The sexy lesbian look does suit you, but overall the long blonde hair in your photos does you the best justice.  Although I cannot fault the figure.

Yes indeed on the psych stuff. Interesting what you think about the blonde. There were only one or two people in my world that shared your opinion. I just had to find out if blondes have more fun.

The hair colour isn't the issue, so much as the length.  There's a rule of thumb among unattached men that short haired women are damaged.  Girls that have been in bad breakups and are angry at the male gender in general, often cut off all their hair.  Women know that men prefer generally, long hair, so cutting it off is an act of hostility, masked as self empowerment.  It's a red flag.  Mind you in your case, the short hair drew attention your other assets, which were ample.

I would not have guessed you are a mother, twice over.

Yes. It was a very tough decision to go short. In my case it was not related to any of what you had mentioned but I can most certainly see how it may have been reasons for others who have gone short. 

Thank you for the compliment!
No, that is not how it is done. I'd give it a score of three, and that only because the "9" comment provoked a reaction, but "7" would have been better. First, way too flowery and complimentary. Second, way, way, WAY too wordy. This guy is turning Roissy's 1-3 ratio on its head and multiplying it by two.

The shaking-my-head aspect is that he thinks he's doing great because she's thanking him for the compliments, not realizing that he's being openly blown out. She's graciously accepting his homage, she knows she has no need to qualify herself to him nor any interest in him.

Look, talking about Game to women is not indicative of being a masterful player who is an expert on the fair sex, it simply informs them that you're a sperg who doesn't understand what he's read. That's like a woman telling a man, "you like my big breasts? Well, they're really just a push-up bra. And see, look how under my makeup I've actually got a really awful complexion."

Now, the guy showed the courage to put himself out there, he clearly attempted to outkick his coverage, he did (subsequently) push for a get-together, and he is seeking to improve via feedback. Hence the three. We're not talking hopeless here, but we are talking about Gamma based on the pedestalization and excessive floweriness. This means that the route to improvement and eventual success will begin with the self rather than the mechanics.

Care to predict how this will turn out?


Shimshon said...

The first rule of Game is, never talk about Game (to a woman)!

There's a lot of mansplaining going on here, of the worst sort.

Pretty cringe-worthy for exactly the reasons you mentioned. But he is trying, and seeking advice from an expert.

Matt said...

Cringe-worthy. It's funny if you imagine he's a propah Southern Gentleman.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Just no.

Harambe said...

Just lay it on nice and thick. Make her understand you're just playing and she'll play along. It's lots of fun actually.

Revelation Means Hope said...

Her very first response indicates that he was blown out. If he cannot understand that, immediately, then he has years of work ahead to develop his woman speak translator.

Any time a woman says thank you for the compliment unless it is clear that you were kidding and she is reacting sarcastically, it is a bad, bad sign. That you screwed up and complimented her.

Anonymous said...

Fails the Jumbotron Test.


Leahn Novash said...

So now the guy is gonna send you another email explaining why you are wrong, his moves were the best possible lines that were ever delivered in the history of mankind, and how if you just wait, with just three more exchanges the woman will declare her undying love for him. Or something on those lines.

And if she doesn't, it's just because she was fooled by some bad guy with evil intentions.

Anchorman said...

I would not have guessed you are a mother, twice over.

Knowing she had two children was a great setup to get her hamster rolling. Telling her she looks great after two kids is giving away the opportunity.

You could combine the two with a simple, "Most women couldn't hold at 7 after two kids."

Seems like a compliment, but she'll work to qualify herself - if you have a chance and didn't blow it earlier.

How does it end? My guess is he starts writing more and more, hoping to throw anything out there to regain attention.

Gulo Gulo said...

The guy is literally writing a novel for every one of his responses. She writes one sentence. It speaks volumes about his emotional investment.
Putting aside the ass kissing that fact alone doomed it.

IrishFarmer said...

He would have a better chance if he sent her a topless picture with the text "ur turn" although i wouldn't recommend that either

GB said...

Wait, what is the scenario here? Did the reader pull a number from a married girl and then text her the next day to tell her he wasn't interested in her? And that he could have used game on her to break up her marriage if he wanted but he won't because he's such a nice guy, and somehow he thinks this super reverse-reverse-reverse psychology fake-out will make her want to have sex with him?

Dafuq did I just read?

Anonymous said...

I do far better by not talking much about myself, and not at all about my feelings about her. They start to get intrigued and try to pry info out of you. If you give away the store, they have no urge to do that.

It also helps drastically to have an abundance mentality, i.e., the opposite of one-itis. IOW, if you actually feel like she's only one of several prospects that you're attracted to.

Alphaeus said...

Yes, the thing to remember is the guy is trying and willing to accept critique and to learn. Of course he made mistakes because he is obviously a gamma of some sort. Most men are gammas nowadays. He needs to work hard just to achieve beta status. What I do is focus on what I'm looking for for my self. I have a sort of minimum physical attractiveness requirement, but, because I get very bored very quickly with stupid people, I'd prefer a 7 with a brain over a 10 with no brain. I mean, I could always put a bag on her head for those times when her appearance really mattered, right? I also like girls who wear glasses, for some reason, maybe because it makes them look smarter to me, though I know it's stupid to think that. It's a subconscious thing, obviously.

Anonymous said...

I read the first 25% or so and lost interest in it so there is that, but good to see the guy wanting to self improve.

Had an interesting exchange recently. A girl wearing some hotpants had a tattoo on her upper thigh. I made a comment about it. She said something and then said most guys can't read what it says.

I replied, "Ofcourse they can, its pretty clear but they just want an excuse to look at your legs."

She replied, "Well I have pretty good legs"

I said, after looking them up and down, "They're ok, but I don't like your shoes"

She replied after laughing, "Your supposed to be looking at my legs, not my shoes"

Later she was fidgeting with her eye and I asked "What are you doing to your eye?"

She said something, can't remember and then said something like "Is it awkward looking into a girl's eyes close up" making a distance with her fingers of a couple of inches. I paused and looked at her with a bemused look and she laughed and quickly said, "if your that close you have already kissed her right".

Moral of the story, better to say less than too much.

Whisker biscuit said...

Guys shouldn't genuflect on their feelings while talking-up a woman. She'll immediately put you in the no bang zone.

Too wordy too. Keep it simple.

Anchorman said...

You know what would make this funny as hell?

If this was an exchange between Spacebunny and some dude.

John said...

Good on him for asking for a critique.

Only hope to salvage the interaction is to go absolutely dark on the girl by sending nothing further, and even then she will likely not follow up.

Still, it seems like a troll. "Look Vox, I got a short haired mommy to acknowledge my existence!"

Anchorman said...

Only hope to salvage the interaction is to go absolutely dark on the girl by sending nothing further, and even then she will likely not follow up.

I don't think he really thinks he can bed her. I think he wanted to practice his game on an unavailable woman (married, a "9" in his eyes).

Kinda pointless. First, why even dance with home-wrecking? There's no "win" in that when there are children involved. Next, why not practice on a woman that there's a chance, even remote? You need to practice the way you'll play. Practice on available women so you know how they'll react on the field. You may even get lucky, but you'll certainly learn more.

Unknown said...

Like the fat guy at the gym, at least he's trying. (And in this respect he's ahead of me.)

Maybe eventually the fat guy at the gym gets fit... Maybe this apprentice Mac Daddy gets a clue...

In both cases it's going to be a long slog.

But at least they're both trying.
Which is more than I can say for myself.

But my very inexperienced sense is that this guy seems to be trying too hard. Too much flattery and not enough aloofness & teasing. It all seems too eager like insincere unctuous flattery.

DN1515 said...

Women do not thank guys for compliments if they are attracted to them. They giggle, blush and flirt.

I doubt the "Only a 9" was anything but a bit of skepticism. He just dished out three compliments in the first line. If she's only a 9, who is a 10?

She tried to flirt with the "blondes have more fun" comment but the guy blew it by lecturing her on hair cuts.

SamJ said...

I thought it was a parody

the bandit said...

Reads like a caricature of my worst instincts. But this guy's still actively working on it, so he's got a leg up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


MichaelJMaier said...

This is rather painful to read. The important thing to remember is women are not red pill. Oh wait, NAWALT? Yeah... right.

Years after we broke up, I casually told an exGF that the reason I was so charming on our first date was because I'd read the COCKY & FUNNY Dave D. stuff and was trying it out. And that I had a blast doing so. I just was being honest because that's my nature.

She said "So I was your guinea pig?" I said "Yeah", not thinking. She was PISSED. Nevermind it worked. Nevermind I gave her a great first date and we both had an amazing time, including a first kiss that was right out of a romantic film. Nevermind that I am certain her panties would have come right off if I'd taken her to a nearby hotel after our dinner and kiss. Nevermind that we had awesome chemistry, a fun LTR and great sex life.

Nope. The magician showed how the trick worked and she hated it.

Better to maintain the mystique.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think he wanted to practice his game on an unavailable woman (married, a "9" in his eyes).

There's the rub. I suppose it's all right for practice, but I should point out that he practiced on a woman who was married with kids, rather than a single one.

This (apparently) highly attractive woman had no bitch shield precisely because she was married with kids, and had no need for one. If she was single and available, the bitch shield would have been up full force, unless and until such time her hindbrain was satisfied that the man in question was not a Gamma. Or even, if she was hot enough, above Delta.

Unfortunately, he shouldn't be aiming high like that, because an attractive but satisfied, taken woman will give him misleading information about his own attractiveness.

Ceasar said...

She is married. If she continues to lead this guy on, its only to make her husband aware she has orbiters to try and make him jealous. You know just like what would work on her if her husband was playing dread game. I seriously doubt she is a 9 let alone 10. 2 kids? You probably don't want to see her when the spanks come off.

She wants attention and will suck up as much as she can get and but will move to the next beta. Rather quickly.

Anonymous said...

When did teasing go out of style? You could, in a way, boil game down to teasing with sexual tension.

There was no tease, so no sexual electricity. I'd move on to another target, especially since she is a mother (why raise another man's kids?) and she's married.

Hit on available women. If you can't win the prize, you'll never really try.

steve said...


Unfortunately, he shouldn't be aiming high like that, because an attractive but satisfied, taken woman will give him misleading information about his own attractiveness.

Can you please expand on this? Will the misleading information lead him to think he is less attractive than he actually is? As most taken women are just time wasters and validation seeking around when they give iois.

Daniel said...

There were other, attainable women at the event to "practice on."

He was "practicing" by skipping junior varsity two-a-days so he could play Maddens to get the inside track on a lucrative pro career.

Needs to stop fooling himself.

My bet is he won't do that but will instead now explain how if only we understood the context better we would see how smooth he was on a dry run. If he can eat the lesson in small bites, I will be impressed.

And surprised.

Kat said...

Definitely call her a 7 next time. My husband once called me a 7.5. I cried for two hours, then went on a diet. Everyone is happier now.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's all right for practice, but I should point out that he practiced on a woman who was married with kids, rather than a single one.

And here what I mean by "all right" is that he had no chance with this broad.

Stick with unmarried women, y'all.

Can you please expand on this? Will the misleading information lead him to think he is less attractive than he actually is? As most taken women are just time wasters and validation seeking around when they give iois.

No, an attractive married woman would lead the Gamma or low Delta into believing he is more attractive than he actually is, because she would have no bitch shield. She wouldn't sleep with him... but she would be nice to him, and not blow out his flirting with her. She already has a man and is satisfied with him, and so has no need to be "rude" to interloping men.

An unmarried attractive woman, by contrast, would be expecting to be hit on, and would be ruthlessly screening out Gammas.

Therefore, if a man wants to know his own standing, he should only grade himself by how unmarried girls treat him, and forget about how married ones do.

S. Thermite said...

Too painful. He's doing tricks to try and land scraps from a richer man's table, and rightfully ending-up with less than what she gives her husband's dog.

Aeoli Pera said...

Spergs need Roissy a lot more than they need Mystery.

Aeoli Pera said...

I've heard a lot of aspies praise Krauser as well, but I've never read much of his stuff.

(NB for OP: Roissy goes by Heartiste now.)

Kat said...

VFM #7634 is absolutely right. I've never once seen a taken woman tell the truth about a guy's attractiveness. I knew the woman in this post was taken from her first response, because no single woman would be that nice.

I'm completely guilty of this, myself. I had to just stop answering the question.

Anonymous said...

@S. Misanthrope
I would add that the friendliness of attractive "taken" women also extends to single moms, older women, and other such alpha widows. That, coupled with the tendency of these sloppy seconds to be considerably hotter than the single girls that low-value men could get, would nicely help explain why such men are prone to wifing them up, oftentimes to disastrous results.

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