Thursday, July 21, 2016

The honor of gammas

The Noble Sirs love, love, love to talk about honor, being honorable, and being chivalrous. They're always waving swords around, tipping fedoras, and saying "milady". Of course, they don't have a single fucking clue what honor actually is, being the most reliably cowardly men on the planet.
IowaCruzGirl @iowacruzgirl
Cruz is an honorable man & will lead the charge tonight to take down Hillary Clinton. I hope others will follow Cruz's lead

Matt Walsh ‏@MattWalshBlog
Yes but if he endorses the man who viciously slandered his father and attacked his wife, he is not honorable.

LeTim James @TimJen23
Matt is he honorable for lying and breaking his pledge to support the nominee?
What "honorable" actually means to the Gamma is "behavior of which I approve at the moment". In this particular case, the Gamma does not approve of Donald Trump, so therefore, a man keeping his word and loyally supporting the party to which he belongs "is not honorable".

And Ted Cruz just demonstrated his intrinsic Gammatude for the entire nation to see, when he "honorably" broke his signed pledge as well as the unwritten rules of the national convention when he accepted a speaking slot and then used it to attack the nominee.

This just shows that Gammas are always, sooner or later, going to Gamma. And because they are self-pitying and consider themselves to be martyrs, they often become psychological suicide bombers, they will attempt to take out their own side once they realize they have irretrievably lost face.


sapopular said...

"You went full gamma, man. Never go full gamma”.

Whisker biscuit said...

I honestly believe Ted Cruz imagined he strolled upon the stage last night carrying a cross, with his wife and Glenn Beck looking on in awe like Mary and Joseph as the noble lawyer sacrificed his career for his gamma, uh, convictions.

As the boos rained down, the earth shook and Cruz mumbled to himself as he exited stage left : "it is finished."

Haha. Does Matt Walsh know he's irrelevant after Vox and Dalrock smacked him around?

August said...

I'm sure he intend to run an 'I told you so' campaign in four years. Might even have his trilateralist buddies telling him they'll tank the economy for the next four years.

pdwalker said...

if you needed any further evidence that the man is dishonorable scum, look no further.

Midknight said...

You know, 47 Ronin wasn't a bad movie, and dealt with - admittedly a more existential - conflict of honors and oaths.

So they broke their oath for the greater good.

Unfortunately, if Cruz was imitating that, he forgot that, in order to honor ALL their oaths, they accepted the consequences of violating their orders, and took their own lives.

It doesn't matter if he had "higher principle" - he could have refused to be on stage, and / or not spoken against Trump through the election, and then LATER campaigned as a "true conservative". He could have followed the spirit of his pledge and offered public support.

He didn't. And it doesn't matter what other principles he was "following" - he broke his word.

Anonymous said...

This just shows that Gammas are always, sooner or later, going to Gamma.

Cruz' Gamma nature became blatantly obvious after he and Trump started attacking each other. The Indiana primary sealed it. Before then, in the crowded field, it was much harder to tell.

Unknown said...

Cruz, a gamma? Don't make me laugh. A white knight, blue pill male, sure, but gamma? Besides, Trump dropped his pledge to support the nominee too ya know.

Anonymous said...

@D Cooling

I suppose you're right. Rather, he may actually be a high-functioning omega, given his social apathy and creepiness.

Anonymous said...

(This is according to a hypothesis I have that an omega is a socially-inept or asocial gamma, and that a sigma is what you get when you remove all the gamma traits from an omega.)

Whisker biscuit said...

There's nothing wrong with dropping your support for the nominee; there's something wrong with going to the convention--under Trump's trust--and making a self-glorifying, virtue signaling speech with no purpose than to serve his own.

He got beat. The people decided. Now he's butt hurt and wants to throw a hissy all the world to see.

Mission accomplished.

little dynamo said...

Yup. Me getting My Way is far more important than what God wants. Far more important than what's good for the nation. Who cares what God wants or what's good for the nation when My Way is at issue?

Multiply by 100 million. Heat 'n serve.

Unknown said...

Hamilton and Burr shot at each other for far less in the way of insults. And Jefferson and Adams hated each other for decades for personal insults. Ace of Spades has a pretty good take on it, "Trump called his wife ugly and said his dad might have plugged Kennedy, why should Cruz bend a knee? At some point, you've insulted your way out of an endorsement."

As for why he went to the convention and said anything, instead of being like Rand Paul who is out literally curing people of blindness? I think it's ambition to set things up for a "see I told you so" if Trump loses.

Anonymous said...

@D Cooling
The point is, Trump beat him in the primaries. The primaries were a fight between the two, and Cruz lost. If you're beaten, you bend the knee.

But Cruz, being an unusually ambitious, try-hard omega with heavy gamma traits but without any of the social savvy and cachet that gammas typically have, instead went for duplicitous, passive-aggressive backstabbing REVENGE, and failed utterly.

By contrast, the gammas in the race (Jeb and Miss Lindsey) stayed away, because they at least were able to recognize that it would be a losing cause for them.

Unknown said...

Could you imagine Trump bending a knee if Cruz had won? No, and neither can I. Would you, VFM, bend a knee?

Did it backfire, likely so. But you have to remember the success Cruz had in building a brand with the GOP base as the only elected Republican willing to stand up to Obama. He tried that trick again and it appears it didn't work.

Johnny said...

Something a lot of people have overlooked is that along with the other stuff the speech was not very good. Not a big time moral issue but in politics that counts. Cruz is a also ran.

Audacity17 said...

Does Ted Cruz' vow to support Trump, 'trump' his vow to his wife?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I almost felt embarrassed for Cruz. What a prick.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I heard somewhere that as Heidi Cruz was leaving the arena last night after Ted's speech, Trump supporters were heckling her and yelling "Goldman Sachs!" in her face.

That made me laugh.

Darwinian Arminian said...

And Ted Cruz just demonstrated his intrinsic Gammatude for the entire nation to see, when he "honorably" broke his signed pledge as well as the unwritten rules of the national convention when he accepted a speaking slot and then used it to attack the nominee.

Even that much is giving him more credit than he deserves right now. Taking an open swipe at your enemy as an act of public retribution might be petty, but it usually has the virtue of at least being entertaining. On occasion, it can even be epic; Think Walder Frey and his infamous Red Wedding. By contrast, all Cruz managed to do was duck an endorsement and spit out a mealy-mouthed call to "vote your conscience" before shuffling offstage.

A true Gamma will find a way to make even betrayal boring.

Unknown said...

Wow, this whole comment crew needs to put down that coffee cup of Trump kool-aid. Learn a bit of history too, Reagan did the same non-endorsement of Ford, and please don't tell me he was a Gamma male. Ted Kennedy did the same thing to Carter, and Kennedy while a shitlib was an alpha in 1980 having been an ass enough to watch a girl he was going to bang drown and walk away. I am sure there are other examples I am forgetting.

1337kestrel said...

Cruz is just figuring he can pick up the die hard cucks, and the other anti-trump sheep following them. Heck, the vote your conscience thing may even reconcile the sheep to the flock.

1337kestrel said...

Oh, and Cruz is somewhere on the Sigma/Omega spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Cruz is somewhere on the Sigma/Omega spectrum.

Hence my insistence that he's omega.

Ted Cruz is a strange guy: 6 times he weirded everyone out, including when he celebrated his marriage with 100 cans of soup
Is Ted Cruz Really an Awful, Terrible Jerk?
Why Ted Cruz’s Facial Expression Makes Me Uneasy
(Yeah, I know two are leftie rags, but they still make some interesting points.)

The bottom line: if you're on the sigma/omega spectrum, going gamma is the kiss of death.

Aeoli Pera said...

No one here even knows what they're talking about. The definition of Omega is literally one click away.

Aeoli Pera said...

When did Richard Cytowic get fat? Anyway, Cruz is unsettling because he thinks he's the second coming of Napoleon. I will allow that he's about to become an Omega. It'll be good for him.

Steve Canyon said...

Ford was fairly toxic back in '76. His pardon of Nixon didn't sit well with the public. Endorsing Ford would have been political suicide. I haven't seen much of Ford in his prime, but he doesn't strike me as an Alpha. A less cartoonish Joe Biden with a penchant for falling down stairs doesn't scream "Alpha" to me. Carter definitely wasn't an Alpha. Maybe a Delta or a Gamma, again, I wasn't old enough to see him in his prime, but no Alpha says "I committed adultery in my heart" in a public forum. The Alpha would probably be the one actually committing adultery, and it'd be with the likes of Marilyn Monroe or her equivalent.

It's different when an Alpha declines to endorse someone who is not an Alpha than it is for a non-Alpha like Cruz to decline to endorse an Alpha. The latter is suicidal. The former is politically and socially shrewd. An alpha's endorsement of a non-Alpha usually is for pragmatic reasons that benefit the Alpha. A non-alpha's endorsement of an Alpha signifies that you're part of the team.

John Doe said...

Love seeing all the so-called "alpha" bad boys groveling around a New York liberal, just because they think he is alpha. He could be Hitler incarnate and they would follow him around, panting at his alphatude.

Anonymous said...

No one here even knows what they're talking about. The definition of Omega is literally one click away.

He's an omega/gamma hybrid, which apparently does exist (see here and here).

He's not purely omega, not having had the secret king complex beaten out of him, but he's not purely gamma either. Gammas tend to collect a network of gamma friends. By contrast, everyone in Congress reportedly hates Cruz. He's also routinely described as creepy in a way that Jeb and Miss Lindsey aren't.

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