Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The flawless Gamma tell

What is your reaction to being banned from commenting on a site:

  1. Ignore it and keep commenting anyhow.
  2. Shrug and stop commenting there.
  3. Quietly appeal for another chance.
  4. Attack the individual responsible for banning you as a coward, a liar, and a fraud who is scared of you.
For some reason, Gammas always, always, always go for option four. It's remarkable. And I have absolutely no idea what they're thinking. I have no idea what they think they're going to accomplish. 

But if you see someone react poorly to having their commenting privileges limited or removed, you can be certain that you're dealing with a Gamma. Interestingly enough, women tend to behave very much the same way, although they tend to stalk the site much longer than the gammas do.

This might be useful for women attempting to separate the Deltas from the Gammas. Just ask the man if he's ever been banned from a site, or from an organization. If he laughs and shrugs about it, you're fine. If he bursts into tears or spends the next hour complaining about how unfair those terrible, no-good, very bad poeple were and how horribly mistreated he was, you've got a Gamma on your hand.

And if he bursts into an angry recounting of every wrong supposedly done to him over the last ten years, then explains his detailed plans for revenge, run. Then call the police. He's an Omega and he's a ticking time bomb.


liberranter said...

Ignore it and keep commenting anyhow.

If they're still able to post under a given user name after you've banned them, you might want to check your site admin settings. Blogspot SHOULD (still) enable you to filter.

Some Gammas go to even more extremes and either launch a blog or website devoted specifically to tormenting or venting against their adversaries, or devote whole series of butthurt rants on their existing blogs. The hilariously ironic thing about these is how much verbal vomitus they'll spew in the Gigabit range to the effect of "I'm done with that insignificant piss ant!" or "(S)He ain't about shit!"

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

Another variety of this is being blocked on Instagram.

ScottC said...

Men who crave control are dangerous. The omega will probably never be in a position of power where he is able to influence people, but the gamma and the alpha will. They are both narcissists and have no scruples.

The gamma wants control and you took it from him. But you shouldn't give these men so much attention. Banning AND ignoring them is the best medicine for dealing with narcissists.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I've been banned from so many sites now, I've lost count. I suppose it still surprises me that people get so agitated by what to me are sensible, if strongly expressed, views. The key is to laugh, and move on.

With several exceptions, the commentators at your other site who call themselves "The Ilk" seem quite suspect to me, so it's no surprise that Gammas, perverts, and future serial killers blend right in there.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

We're a bunch of gammas? You're so full of shit your eyes are brown.

Gulo Gulo said...

If you want to see what a gamma with a lot of power looks like - look no further than Adolf Hitler. A total sexual (and social) reject who left his country in ruins. If you had a real alpha running the show there would never have been a second world war, Merkel would be running a shop selling Lederhosen and the German people wouldn't be fending off stone age hordes.

Anonymous said...

A similar discussion could be done for how a man reacts if he gets banned from a bar or club, or even if he gets banned in the first place, and under what circumstances.

There are whac-a-Gamma incidents all the time over there, and the perverts are quite clearly over in the SJW dens. Maybe you're mistaking the Omegas for Gammas.

I do get told all the time I look like a serial killer, though, so I suppose you're not entirely wrong.

@Mountain Man
Stalin too, I understand.

Rex Little said...

This might be useful for women attempting to separate the Deltas from the Gammas.

Does a woman really need help with this? If a man's behavior and attitude turns her off, he's a Gamma (or Omega). If it doesn't, does she (or should she) really care if other men think he's a Gamma?

Shimshon said...

My uncle has sort of banned me from posting on his Facebook wall (he Feels the Bern but is also NeverTrump so He's For Her). Does that count? My reaction was #2.

Zhi said...

Vox, you usually post some good articles, but lately you've been dropping the ball. First off, if you are banned from a website/forum, you aren't able to comment, AT ALL. If the user is able to comment then he isn't banned. Second, a person who bans someone for having their views challenged is the definition of a coward since he fears confrontation and his views might not be as strong as he believes, this is basically SJW in a nutshell, SJWs love to block, shame and use guilt tactics to shut other peoples arguments.

John Doe said...

I HOPE I'm not a gamma. Sounds icky. But as a free speech advocate, I think anybody who bans somebody from commenting is a Nazi closet faggot. Sure, if they comment a hundred times and don't let anybody else get a word in edge-wise; wait, I can't think of any other reason. IF what they say is so stupid it will be evident to all right thinking men. If you just disagree with what they say, or are offended by it, then you are a little faggot/SJW for deleting what they say or banning them. [Let's see how you respond to this criticism...gonna ban me too?]

Nate said...

"Vox, you usually post some good articles, but lately you've been dropping the ball. First off, if you are banned from a website/forum, you aren't able to comment, AT ALL."


Stg58/Animal Mother said...

The Tao of Zhi

Mr.MantraMan said...

Probably be more interesting and fun to ask the usual Gamma types to explain why they think or feel they are better than you and then of course such wild swings by Gamma will make it easier to land to land the knockout.

But that is just me anti-authoritarian for 5+ decades, "By what accounts makes you a secret king?"

Whisker biscuit said...

Ah Marty. Your preemptive moral high ground posturing is gamma. It's the move of a "faggot" who can't criticism.

It reminds me of Taylor Swift. She writes a song that puts in a line "haters gonna hate", in hopes that any criticism leveled can be chalked up to jealousy, fear, or control.

You proved Vox's post.


Leo Littlebook ID:16216229492837658552 said...

what they say is so stupid it will be evident to all right thinking men.


liberranter said...

The textbook Gamma is also a hypocrite who, while taking great offense at being banned from someone else's site or blog, has a "banned list" for his or her own site or blog larger than those of all other sites combined.

Just for tbe benefit of the terminally obtuse (not many of those hang out here, but for the tiny handful who do): a blog or website is the property of its owner, who is free to ban or allow whomever he or she chooses to ban or allow, at will, and for any reason or none at all. If you want unlimited freedom of speech, START YOUR OWN BLOG. Grownups don't expect it on anyone else's.

Larry said...

I was just removed as an admin from a FB group dealing with police accountability. The special snowflakes didn't like my anti-BLM opinions and they were very loud about it. Fine, I don't care, but I warned the group owner that the SJWs would double down and now they're trying to have me removed from the group completely. And they might just do that. One of the page owners is a writer for Occupy Democrats, and he's gone fully insane.

My reaction to getting booted will be the same as it was for getting demoted, chuckle about it, knowing what's in store for them and shrug it off.

Aeoli Pera said...

I finally figured out who LBF reminds me of: Sweet Pete's business partner Dane Baird from The Profit.

Gunnar Thalweg said...

Well, I was not just a king, but an emperor of a whole galaxy for more than a billion years. It all started when a group of charismatic explorers called the Overlords stopped on a remote planet and got it in their heads to enslave a small race of sentient- and quite-intelligent insect-like creatures that we called Insects.

What the Overlords didn't realize is these insects are sort of a mixture of your workaholics and drug addicts. Work gives them a high. They work incessantly. They chase work like a heroin addict chases a fix. If you want to punish one, you prevent them from working, which is nearly impossible. The result is the Insects basically take over wherever they go. They will literally find every possible thing to do and do it faster and better than you can do yourself, and then come up with every possible way to make it more efficient so that they can take over something else. It was only the Overlords realization that these "slaves" were reducing the Overlords to utter dependency that saved their civilization.

They cut out some work for themselves and their children, and began to work more collaboratively with the Insects. Within a thousand years, the Overlords, who were leaders, diplomats, artists, scientists and engineers, and the Insects, who did everything else INCLUDING all of those things, took over the galaxy. The Overlords looked to me, because I do not age and do not die, as their emperor.

We conquered a trans-galactic empire (50+ galaxies), simply because the Trans-Galaxians captured some Insects and thought they would make nice pets. Yeah, before you know they are taking out the trash, fixing the furnace, repairing the roof, planting gardens, cooking food, farming and ranching, investing new labor-saving devices, breeding like mad, running starships, building stargates, and before you know if they'd taken over all the work in the TGE. Heh. Because of their arrogance.

The Insects turned it over to the Overlords, because they love to hang out with the Overlords, and the Overlords turned it over to me. But despite my advanced age, I am no more intelligent than your average human, and running a TGEwas too much for me. I kept asking what time it was in the Empire, and the joke got old, and eventually I was either deposed and exiled here, or I left on my own, it's always hard to know one's motives. I have lived among you for about 50 years.

I am in fact quite relieved to be rid of all that responsibility. Here I have to do my own work, of course. I wish I could bring a few of those Insects here. But that would mean the end of our civilization. Within a generation, none of you would have anything to do. It's very difficult to deal with beings who are relentlessly helpful. On the other hand, the Insects would take care of the Muslims in a week.

Oh yes -- gammas. I would like to hear more about how they see themselves as a secret king. What does that mean? That they are not receiving their proper respect and due--that all should bow to them, and the only reason people are not doing it is because they don't "realize who I am."

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

What the fuck are you talking about?

Gulo Gulo said...

LBF - a legend in his own mind !

Laramie Hirsch said...

"Some Gammas go to even more extremes and either launch a blog or website devoted specifically to tormenting or venting against their adversaries, or devote whole series of butthurt rants on their existing blogs."

I did this, more or less.

I started a blog to be an extension of my presence on some forums. I got banned by two of them, and since I had no platform to argue my case from, I used my blog to examine what happened and the nature of the moderators. Afterwards, I would continue to examine moderator issues on my blog, gaining some readership--not to mention moderator criticism--in my posts.

My model for this: Vox Day's reaction to the SFWA. I was trying to emulate what he had done.

After I started to realize the moderators would not respond to me, and that most forum members simply didn't care that I was gone, I figured my reaction was ineffective from the beginning. Though, to her credit, there was at least one forum member who seemed to change her ways after some blog-to-forum dialogue.

In any event, after being ostracized and not really having any kind of a regular contact with my old online associates, I feel like it's all just wind and fury signifying nothing. I've been shutting down the blog in spite of growing traffic numbers. The whole thing just seems to be an exercise in gaining "atta boys," which doesn't interest me.

But this post and one on Vox Popoli does cause me to ask a question: Why isn't Vox's reaction to the SFWA considered a gamma response?

Anonymous said...

I think the more important question is why Vox Day is such a cunt that he feels the need to block people.

Gunnar Thalweg said...

Some of you are proving his point.

I have been blocked several times under different names on one particular web site. I tend to shrug and keep going.

Attacking the moderator really is pointless. If you are that angry, step away from the computer, take a deep breath, and do something else.

Laramie Hirsch said...

"Some of you are proving his point"

Well, yeah. Hence, shutting down the blog and hopefully moving on.

Gulo Gulo said...

Holy shit ..dont people have more important things in life than this. Angry and agitated about being blocked from a blog? Are you fucking kidding me. Hit the gym, go for a hike, start a business - whatever it takes; get a life. !

Laramie Hirsch said...

"Holy shit ..dont people have more important things in life than this. Angry and agitated about being blocked from a blog? Are you fucking kidding me. Hit the gym, go for a hike, start a business - whatever it takes; get a life."

In the moments between tasks, it fills the time. There is no gym down the hall.

Aeoli Pera said...

Gunnar, that was pretty awesome. I'm glad I came back and saw it.

JCclimber said...

absolutely beautiful. The over reaction to the idea that people are banned for being relentlessly annoying little $hits is funny, enough for a short bark of laughter.

for all the little gammas and clueless deltas, the blog rules have a posted link. Okay, vox popoli has a blog rules link. I don't see one here in the 10 seconds that I wasted looking.
here is the link at VP:

Sometimes the banning is the source of days of amusement for the Ilk. Like the annoying little gamma in boarding school who kept trying to hang out in your dorm room, even after forcibly being thrown out, then being forced to drink castor oil, etc...actually no, we felt sorry for those guys, eventually as they were really omegas.

The gammas are the ones we had to beat up physically. We could tolerate the omegas to a limited degree, because they mostly knew their place, and we did feel sorry for them. They really couldn't help what they were. But the gammas. They were a joy to beat academically, in sports, in music, in getting the hotter girls. Most of them tend to avoid our reunions. I guess life didn't award them the secret kingship and they're still waiting for it.

GFR said...

I figure that if they ban you and you didn't say any rude words or make any threats - then you just WON the argument...
Which is about the only way you CAN win an argument on the internet.

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