Friday, May 20, 2016

Gauging your success

If you think like you’ve been making improvements in your life and increased your status here are some ways to tell.


Female retail workers go out of their way to help you, genuinely smile at you, and very friendly when they don’t have to be.  Yes, they are paid to be friendly and helpful but here are some signs: she makes small talk about your purchases and wants to know what you like, there are a couple of open registers and she flags you over to hers with a big smile, when helping you with something she makes unnecessary physical contact like a hand on a shoulder or standing close enough to press against you, if you appear disinterested in her small talk she tries multiple times to engage you in conversation. Most women in retail are three to six but since people generally try for two ranks above themselves add two to whatever you gauge her at and you get a rough idea of where you stand.

This is a good opportunity even if you have zero desire to actually go out with the girl to practice some game if you’d like. Don’t break eye contact first, say something slightly inappropriate, compliments, negs, etc. Remember there’s no downside here only opportunity. You’ll probably never see her again unless you frequent the store.

Work and community

You are invited to attend important meetings in and out of work and they desire your opinion when you have no obligation to attend. This isn’t an instance where you get roped into a group invite for a meeting, but someone specifically asks for your attendance and opinion on something only tangentially related to your job or area of expertise.

You are invited to attend social events by the higher ups at your company.

After a meeting at work upper management doesn’t give you that look to leave if touchy small talk ensues. The after meetings are where a lot of the important stuff is actually decided.

An attractive woman in the office brings in food and offers it to you first or only to you.

You end up with an invite to social events attended by the local politicians and minor celebrities in your area. (If you don’t attend and then get another invite you are almost certainly a Beta, Alpha or Sigma.)


You are in a social setting and go sit or stand by yourself for a moment and a small crowd of people you know starts to form around you. You suddenly find that younger and lower ranking men naturally gravitate to you and then the women follow. To be clear this is when you are doing your own thing, intentionally give yourself some privacy, but then people show up anyway to be in your presence. If you are indifferent enough they’ll figure it out and leave. Being an introvert I find this is mildly annoying because many times I’m by myself for a reason, but I try to use the opportunity to build relationships and solidify my status.

Since improving status is typically a long process many times other people will point out the change because it gradually becomes natural for you. Some men will “suddenly” be jealous of your female attention, women will comment on something important you did or just want to be in your presence. Only on introspection will you realize that people are treating you differently. 


Dark Herald said...

Regarding Shopping

Keep in mind this is a location to practice social skill and not Game.

This girl is being PAID to be nice to strangers.

There is difference between that and being genuinely aroused by you.

Eventually you can pick up a girl in the service industry, while she is at work but if you are in the early days of Gamma recovery avoid Gaming them. This will save you considerable embarrassment.

In the mean time simply enjoy the fact that this girl is interested in you.

MichaelJMaier said...

Never forget: bored women use anyone around them to amuse themselves.

You're the only person there in the store? She's probably going to talk to you rather than sweep floors.

I prefer to talk to any woman around out & about, not just the captive audience females. Interrupt them and disrupt their routine.

Ask the time, even if you do not care what it is.

Stand in the middle of the aisle in the grocery stores to examine the wares. I did this the other day without thinking and had some lady excuse herself to get by twice. The second time she said something like "I'm running you over!" My reply: "Yeah, you need to work on your flirting technique."

In the credit union yesterday, cute co-worker girl work with comes into line behind me holding an Arbys bag. I tell her "Thanks! You brought me lunch!" "You mean my leftovers?" Me, making annoyed face: "You need to better than that tomorrow."

Everywhere. Everyone.

Dan said...

@Calatilne Sergius:

The shop girl thing Delta Man points out is a fantastic indicator of where you are. When I'm in the depths of "omega-dom," it pains women who work retail to have to deal with me. When I'm not in the depths of that, things go better, and, in those rare moments where I'm content, things go much better. I think that illustrates what Delta Man is talking about; he isn't, in this post, recommending gaming retail workers. How they react to you is just a good metric.

Aeoli Pera said...

I'm curious how smartphones affect female psychology here. Surely every interaction with a human being now carries the opportunity cost of not pressing the lever on the affirmation dispenser.

ScottC said...

How should a Christian think about this phenomena? This focus on status seems very worldly to me, and it can easily lead to pride.

Jed Mask said...

@Scott C

"How should a Christian think about this phenomena? This focus on status seems very worldly to me, and it can easily lead to pride."

Hmmm... a great interesting question. And yes, I do agree for the "presumptuous" individual he can succumb to pride; which is something he has to be WATCHFUL to wisely avoid if he doesn't LET HIMSELF be taken into his vain temptation. You're right about that indeed. I've dealt with this occurence in "small doses" but I thank GOD I haven't taken such a "large dose" it fundamentally altered or destroyed my life thus far... Brother Scott (I'm thinking you're a Christian too, right?), I wouldn't call "building up and improving your overall (I'll call it) "life status" a "focus on worldly status"; this is about OVERALL higher "life status of living" than being "worldly-motivated".

I have a few ideas on this:

1. Socio-sexual status: A Christian man should ALWAYS been growing in HEART, MIND, BODY and SOUL in accordance to reading and studying the WORD OF GOD (King James Version Holy Bible [KJV]). Also a life of dedicated PRAYER, FASTING and LIVING TESTIMONY of your life in Christ will God use to reveal "you're different" than all the people they've encountered in life. For instance, the biblical Christian Alpha or Sigma male...

2. Socio-economic status: Build up a sustaining life of resources to take care of yourself and help out your family, friends, community and expand on from there... It's about EXCELLENCE in life being a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and doing your best by His Grace and Spirit to be a role model and counselor to all people who meet you and look to you for advice and direction. It's nothing about "the world".

Think about JESUS, how He had no "physical resources" He needed to perform His Ministry on earth being God Incarnate and yet healed people of all their problems; turned water into wine in "social gathering" as the marriage He did His first Miracle.

Multiplied fish and bread from a few pieces... and on and on... Lord Jesus led by EXAMPLE of what He did and the rest followed forth.

Well, because we're not the Lord Jesus Christ we can't expect to be as "extraordinary" as He was in Might and Spirit but in prayer and His Guidance of the Spirit we can also do wonderful works like He did; even exactly like He did if it's His Calling for us. Amen.

MichaelJMaier said...

This is why Christians annoy me... as if "pride" is really that big of a deal to worry about?

S1AL said...

Maier - Pride is believing that the rules don't apply to you. It's very important to avoid.

MichaelJMaier said...

Excuse me? Which dictionary did you pull that out of?

S1AL said...

That's the negative version, and the trait condemned by Proverbs: hubris, or a haughty spirit. That's the sort of pride that "puffs up", and is to be avoided.

Unfortunately, some mistake it for the other meaning - self-satisfaction.

357Delta said...

Scott C,

For the Christian the status is of no importance for your salvation, but that doesn't mean that you can't use it without becoming an idol. Think of it this way: if a financial adviser tells you how to better use your money do you suddenly have a love of money? No, but once you accumulate some of it, you might.

Just like money, social status can lead to idolatry. A poor man has different and probably less temptations than a rich man-- eye of a needle and all. If you find that your social status becomes an idol for you then you need to refocus on Christ and not yourself.

ScottC said...

That was an excellent answer, Delta Man, thank you.

dc.sunsets said...

Look around. If there's another woman near you, the odds rise that a female's interest is simply part of her war on all other women. I attract more attention when my wife is nearby. It's incredibly perverse.

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