Monday, April 4, 2016

Pay no mind, redux

Solipsistic woman will say ANYTHING, no matter how ridiculous, in order to justify their life choices:
Women aren’t even aware of their own fickle nature. I once had a cranky feminist (I’ve never met one who was happy) tell me that women who are virgins prior to marriage were more likely to cheat as they never experienced having “fun” when they were young. But studies have shown the exact opposite. It was obvious to me that the pixie-haired broad was insecure about her slut status and wanted to encourage all other women to fall to her level.
In fairness, it is that patriarchal male SCIENCE that has shown the exact opposite, so obviously it's wrong. Clearly embittered women who have never been married and don't like men are the reliable experts to be trusted when it comes down to knowing who is faithful to their marriage vows and who is not.


dc.sunsets said...

Everything we do becomes a part of us. There are no memories that disappear.

This is why sexual promiscuity is a vice for both men and women. I will never, ever forget an acquaintance telling me that his wife was not the woman with whom he had the most passionate affair. In essence, it was the slut who put on a full-porn act (the purpose of which was to put her face on his every subsequent orgasm) who was embedded in his mind as the peak of sexual passion. He let the witch cast her curse on him.

Small wonder he's now divorced.

This is why I tire of reading that women should eschew sexual experiences (so they don't embed memories of otherwise "throwback" men) while it matters not how many manipulative, Oscar-winning-actress whores a man embeds in his memory. The same holds true for porn. How many men embed the fiction of pornography as an expectation template for real life?

Never have there been so many ways for women and men to embed experiences that lead to lifelong misery.

Oliver Märk said...

Right, it is just the other way around as this feminist thinks. If you start getting used to be a slut you are more likely to keep on practising this filthy lifestyle. A slut doesn’t wake up one morning and decides to be a good women and stays on that track.


Jew613 said...

The sluts try, rollo calls it the epiphany phase. But it eventually wears off, they start remembering the fun times and destroy their families so they can go back to the fun. When they are 50 and have only cats for company they have no one to blame but themselves.

Aeoli Pera said...

Listen everyone, the PATRIARCHY has been holding me down! I mean, holding US down! Treating me like property, sexually objectifying me, treating me like garbage. Holding me down with its powerful influence and dominating me. Ah yes, dominating me, DEGRADING me with humiliation and abuse. Ah! Holding me down and RAVISHING me with its powerful gaze.


Where am I? Sorry, what were we talking about?

JCclimber said...

dc.sunsets - that is a shared fault.
He should have inspired his wife to passion through upping his game.

And SHE should have had passion for the man she chose to become married to for life. Unless of course she was already so jaded from a previous ride on the alpha cock carousel that she just couldn't even fake some passion with her husband.

Most men are not looking for porn-star sex after marriage. They are looking for willing and eager sex, on the regular. Women have no idea how low the bar actually is for most men, yet they don't even bother to try and clear that low bar.

Unknown said...

It's not about being a misogynist, but once you've swallowed the Red Pill there's no going back.

dc.sunsets said...

JCclimber- true, couples fail due to errors of both.

Modern commercial culture treats sex like a commodity when in fact it is much more like private performance art. Couples benefit most by seeing themselves in a duet, enjoying each performance while exploring ways to raise the quality, bit by bit, in cooperation.

Our youth-obsessed culture seems devoted to ignoring the fact that the best music duets improve as the partners converge on their evolving harmony.

I find the shallow, box-checking focus on physical intimacy (while studiously eschewing emotional intimacy) akin to a string duet without the strings. All popular culture is a map that leads everywhere but happiness.

Matamoros said...

JCClimber@ "And SHE should have had passion for the man she chose to become married to for life."

Exactly. The idea that a man has to game his wife constantly to keep her love, and allegiance is stupid. Love is NOT an emotion, it is an act of the will. Passion is an emotion, but passion rises and falls with hormones and situations.

The problem is that women are not taught loyalty and love by their parents, and so replace it with the idea that passion should be every ongoing, instead of moments of ecstasy. Love is ongoing, but requires a commitment of will.

Thus loyalty in marriage must be to the marriage, regardless of her feelings to her husband at the moment. She must will to fulfill her vows and commitment, and to love her husband even when she doesn't feel it.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

In other words, she needs to put in some work as well.

dc.sunsets said...

Work? Isn't that sexist?
Like the term "dress shirt?"

Anonymous said...

"Exactly. The idea that a man has to game his wife constantly to keep her love, and allegiance is stupid."


The flip side: "The idea that a wife has to constantly work to not get fat in order to keep his love and allegiance is stupid."

It's part of the animal side of human nature and therefore something we have to deal with. We're not pure spirits.

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