Monday, March 21, 2016

Great moments in Gamma

A Twitter user provides commentary:
>be a cuck
>offer to debate
>vox: ahem
>to cuck/not to cuck
>"I don't debate trolls!"
>secret king wins…
To explain: Matt Walsh bravely strode forth and issued a debate challenge to Donald Trump supporters. I answered the challenge, at which point he rapidly retreated and explained that he would only debate someone who had a podcast, or a show.

Then he manufactured an excuse and ran away. The secret king's undefeated record remains untarnished.

Don't be like Matt.


Anchorman said...

Most #NeverTrump people think Trump supporters are trolls, in one sense or another.

Seems odd to characterize them as such, only to run when one answers the challenge.

Dare I say? It's sounds like a troll.

Anchorman said...

I've also noticed the gammas and feminists have shifting, evolving "reasons" to explain behavior they know isn't right.

Take Melissa Click (Mizzou prof). She's shifted the reason she called goons to hurt a student several times since the incident and her termination.

Walsh is really just following the same course. He's looking for the "right pitch" to sound to justify why he ran away. This may not be his last "reason" why he's ducking the debates. Stay tuned.

Stephen Ward said...

The Open Brainstorms are a livecast show w/ an international audience. Does Walsh have a show or podcast?

Verne said...

I think he knew he was outmatched and did not have the balls it takes to say. I'm just not the debater you are and should have kept my mouth shut

Nilesblvd said...

Hey vox! Have you heard of kdramas? As a housewife they are a guilty pleasure of mine. There is a new series called Click Your Heart which is being released on Wednesday. I think its the perfect example of the alpha game you wrote about. Its sort of like those choose your own ending books we used to read as kids but in show form. The viewers get to pick who they think the lead female should choose and they have an example of almost every guy on your alpha game list. here's a link to the article about it:

The Sasquatch said...

Ate you looking to debate #NeverTrump folks? Or did you just want to make Mr. Walsh look dumb?

Or both!

liberranter said...

Yet another reason to pay no attention whatsoever to Mangina Matt (not that we need any more).

tz said...

I don't understand. Matts, like welcome matts, or other things to protect the floors that I can walk all over without a second thought.

tz said...

The only problem is that #NeverTrump is almost entirely the SJW screeching monkey contingent that there is no point in debating, if you call one side discussing and the other screeching debate.

Terrific said...

I think a worthy goal is to make the internet an UnSafeSpace for every asshat (gamma) who thinks the internet is his personal playground to get revenge for all the time he was bullied in the schoolyard by bullying everyone and anyone who expresses a different opinion.

I am sure this is not an original thought but it's still mine because I am pretty new to this whole talking with strangers through forums and facebook and twitter (not yet), and disqus, etc.

Just yesterday I had a guy jump into a comment I made where I asked the poster (on facebook) to provide the source for his chart trashing America as being No. 1 for every social ill in the world.

He challenged me to prove the negative, that the chart was wrong. I explained that as the poster was making the assertion the burden of proof was on him to defend the proposition. At this time I thought I was just providing insight and understanding to this fellow. He responded by first thanking me for the information but then said that since I was so articulate I had obviously gotten pussy fewer times than I had been called one! WTF?

Well, I took that as a challenge and quickly wrote a very weak rap that was nevertheless original enough to slap him hard. It went like this:

"Says the high school hero,
Serving burgers at the drive-thru,

To the nerd from gym class,
In a brand new Benz,

With the the lady in his lap, glad she sucking on his cap!

Wishin' you'd paid more attention, when they taught you long division,

But it's too late now cause you're kids they need the dentist,

Ya got nothing that you mastered so your life is a disaster and you hate on strangers 'cause you

Can't get laid!

Mic drop.

Hey, that was fun."

Needless to say the most he could do after that was sputter and spit and double-down on his pussy insults and how I lived in my mom's basement.

I was rather amused by it all as I just kept taking it back to him over and over, mocking him from his lack of originality and the cliche statements about my mom's basement, etc. He absolutely could NOT come up with anything clever or original or witty to say in response, in spite of my encouragement!

What startled me though, but I recognized immediately from articles and comments here and at Voxpopuli, was when he actually tried to challenge me by saying, "You have any idea who I am!" and "You have no idea who you are dealing with!" LOL!! I couldn't believe it!

Eventually though, I think I got downright mean, actually challenging his mental stability, vividly describing him as submitting to me as I spanked him and humiliated him and describing (too vividly) how he got sexual satisfaction from my dominance. SMH???

But he still would not stop replying! He couldn't help himself. I just took it back to him every time, building on my insults, layer upon layer. More than once he said HE was through with ME, but when I replied he had to reply back!

It's a sickness, isn't it?

I even began to mention he had an obligation to create more original replies because of ALL the people in the future who will read our thread will think badly of him if he doesn't. I said:

"I'm losing my faith in you, Robert. You are letting down everyone who will ever read this exchange in the future. Each and every one of them will say to themselves, "Wow! Robert really was an asshat, wasn't he?. . .""

Eventually he said he had to go to bed! I gave him permission:

"Thaaaattt'sss right, Robert. You can STILL go safely away. Even though you have continued to reply to me, you have said again that you are going away. This time to bed. Some place specific. Some place people will believe you really, really have to go. That you are not just running away from me like a scared little bitch. So that's good. Go to bed, Robert.

Good night, my little bitch-boy. Sleep tight."

If I weren't retired I'd think I have too much time on my hands.

Harambe said...

Well, Nate has a podcast...

Student in Blue said...

@The Sasquatch
Ate you looking to debate #NeverTrump folks? Or did you just want to make Mr. Walsh look dumb?

Walsh started it by calling out how he'd take on anyone who was a Trump supporter, implying that it was a completely indefensible position and anyone who supported it was a bad person etc etc.

So this was just calling a Gamma on his bullshit and watching him run fast and far away.

Old Ez said...

So when can we expect a regular Vox Day podcast?

Astrosmith said...

The Dread Ilk have a podcast which will be made available to our Supreme Dark Lord at his request.

Aeoli Pera said...

I answered the challenge, at which point he rapidly retreated and explained that he would only debate someone who had a podcast, or a show.

Did Voxic Shock not count?

Aeoli Pera said...

Or hell, Brainstorm?

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