Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Preemptive legal self-defense

Mike Cernovich explains how a Gorilla Mindset, combined with a Elephant's filing system, can help men defeat false rape accusations:
If you doubt that we live in a culture of false rape culture, consider this article by SJW “journalist” Jesse Brown. In “Why Did Jian Ghomeshi Keep Lucy DeCoutere’s Letter?” Brown accuses Ghomeshi of wrongdoing for saving letters, emails, and texts from women he had sex with.

    Jian Ghomeshi kept Lucy DeCoutere’s handwritten letter to him for 13 years. She was never his girlfriend. They never had sex. Given what we heard at trial last week, it’s hard to imagine he was carrying a flame for her. So, why did he hold on to it for over a decade?

Yes, why would a famous man save letters from women…Oh wait, Ghomeshi is on trial for rape and those letters and texts are saving his life.

Are you seeing what the game is? A woman who claims you raped her must be believed, no matter what.

    The materials he had were threatening enough to keep most women from going to the police. That threat was realized last week in the cross-examination of Lucy DeCoutere. One of my initial sources wrote to me that what Lucy DeCoutere endured on the stand made her feel relieved that she spoke to the media and not to the police.

Save text messages and photographs. “Journalists” may later criticize you, but at least you’ll stay out of prison.
Save all those old love letters and lingerie pictures, even if your wife or girlfriend don't like them. Just seal them up and store them in a box somewhere. You never know when you'll need them, especially in a system that is so stacked against men that even holding on to exculpatory evidence is dishonestly spun as an indication of guilt.


Sokrates said...

I have read the post by Mike. It’s great and recommendable for everyone.

Raggededge said...

Funny how there is a decent amount of the manosphere out there strongly discouraging men from getting married. Seems to me that living the PUA lifestyle is also fraught with danger. I'm risking half my shit and the ability to see my kids, while those who stay single playing the field risk ungodly lawyer fees and prison. I like the odds of marriage in that equation.

Harambe said...

@Raggededge. Just don't marry a cunt. It's not that hard. Women are told over and over "don't think you can change a man after marriage". Well, that advice works the other way round too. If she's a loud, opinionated bitch with a drinking problem, she will remain such til the day she dies.

tweell said...

Bill Cosby is undoubtedly wishing he kept evidence. CYA is the only way to go, it seems.

Dark Herald said...

Ladies never let yourself be alone in the same room with a male feminist like Jian Ghomeshi.

As far as I can tell from reading second hand sources. Ghomeshi is a Dom that can't keep it together. That of course being the big secret of the BDSM scene, those guys are basically highly self-disciplined rapists. So long as they can keep that shit to themselves, fine. They usually don't have any trouble finding women who are their opposite number call it Sub-dar.

But then there good feminists like Jian Ghomeshi. Who feel because of all their virtue signaling they are entitled to just a little bit more excitement than a willing victim can provide.

Artisanal Toad said...

It isn't just emails and texts and photos. Today, any sexually promiscuous man should be making videos of any sexual encounter he has, every time. Given that most STD's can be cured and male birth control is just around the corner, making videos that show the sex was consensual is arguably more important than wearing a condom. Especially if the woman in question is either married or has a boyfriend.

In fact, there's a good case for a lot of guys putting in a hidden motion-activated video security system in their own home, to include the bedrooms and not telling anyone about it. It isn't that difficult and for the guy married to a NPD/BPD woman it might just prevent a lot of pain and suffering. Nothing will save you from a divorce but some salacious video of cupcake banging her boyfriend in your bed might just have more value than you can imagine, especially if she's a churchian.

The variety of portable devices that will record surprisingly good video is mind-boggling and the price keeps falling. I can see how keeping such videos from the past would present a real problem for a wife or girlfriend, but that's what attorneys are for. Data storage is so cheap now that for the price of dinner and drinks you can have a terabyte or more of storage space.

Video is also tremendous leverage when the situation turns ugly and it comes down to "she said - he said" and you know the system always believes her. Possession of such video represents a threat to someone making false charges and can often be a decisive factor in refreshing a woman's memory and getting her to change her story. Anyone with a high income or high profile is stupid not to make such videos. Of course, they need to be stored securely (that means on a device not connected to the internet) so they are unlikely to be stolen or destroyed, but again, that's what attorneys are for.

The problem with making such videos is it's like carrying a gun. It isn't difficult to get licensed and trained, but for most people it's the part about actually consistently carrying the thing that's hard. So many times it becomes an inconvenience... but Murphy's Law says that the day you're not carrying is the day you'll wish you did. Same with video. It's easy to have a key fob or something like that to record with, or to have your own place rigged for video, but there are times when it's inconvenient and you'd rather just have sex than postpone or change location with the possibility of her losing the mood or flaking.

Would you bang the chick without a condom because it wasn't convenient to get some, or go someplace else where you knew you had some? With a woman you just met and don't really know? After the two of you have been drinking? It's the same with recording video and to me it's a no-brainer, but then I've had experience with the system.

Anonymous said...

Sage advice.

Robert said...

Ghomeshi is some feminist. His opinion of women for decades has been that they are so toxic and lie so much that he had better keep every record of everything every woman he ever met sent him, for his own protection. Wow, women sure are victims!

I wonder what kind of recording and filing system Scalzi has? Has he thought to disconnect it from the internet??

Unknown said...

Keep it all. Women scorned or risking exposure as a slut can turn to the dark side.

Anonymous said...

I have actually done the same thing.

About 8 years ago another co-worker would use the intra-office mail system to send each other racy little notes for about a week or so in big official work envelopes. Little ever came of it, as I discovered she had a boyfriend (whom she later married) but we did have a few wild nights as it were, though not as wild as I would have liked.

After we stopped contact, I was going to throw the notes out, but an incident with another co-worker (who accused me of harassment) made me keep them---because the charges by the second co-worker were ludicrous and untrue, but it was her word against mine, and she was a minority, and I had no written evidence to exonerate me, so I got into some serious hot water.

So even now I've kept the actual notes from the first co-worker AND scanned them into my computer. Just in case.

I would suggest any guy out there at this point in history do the same for any and all love notes your ex-gfs sent you. Scan and save. You don't want to be Bill Cosby'd.

En-sigma said...

"I do think some survivors at home watching this will look at their behaviour both before and after the assault and believe that they don't stand a chance and that they wouldn't want to go through a criminal trial. and they may not report it to the police," says Ellis.

Soooooooo....their behavior matters?

"Ellis also says the burden of proof is lighter in civil court. "We have to show that it's more probable than not. A criminal case has to show beyond a reasonable doubt. So it [civil court] is a better balance."

So we try and find a place where proof matters less, and feels matter more.

Mr. Trump...tear down this establishment.

SciVo said...

You never know when you'll need them, especially in a system that is so stacked against men that even holding on to exculpatory evidence is dishonestly spun as an indication of guilt.

obligatory link to explanation of kafkatrapping

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